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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Epic Baran/DKOK army completed

I actually completed my Epic Baran Siegemasters/Death Korps of Krieg Army in March but was too busy to post.  Here's the pics
All infantry and support teams

Infantry command

Support teams

Entire Army shot

Just some simple fluff for my army.  The army was a private force managed by Inquisitor Lord Vondire (My general in 40k).  Vondire had always been deeply involved in the business of launching wars of faith to re-conquer lost Imperium worlds.  However with only a meagre sister of battle forces under his command (the Order of the Southern Cross is only about 1000 strong), Vondire had often have to rely on frateris militia volunteers or assistance from other branches of the Imperium.

Vondire concluded that he needed a private army of his own.  Having obtained approval from the Ordos Hereticus (so that no one can accuse him of rebellion), Vondire wrote to the Adeptus Ministorum requesting for resources to build his own army.  It took very long but finally he was allowed to raise forces from the planet of Baran, a colony of former Krieg soldiers.  Ever since the end of the Baran wars about 80 Terra years ago, Baran grew to be a prosperous colony largely involved in farming and industrial activities.  Throughout this long peace, the planet contributed to the Imperial tithe of guardsmen while the planet's PDF regularly conduct raids against the feral orks of the planet (they were never subdued) to keep the latter in check.  And it was from pool of experienced soldiers that Vondire raised his new regiment of Imperial guard.  Vondire named the regiment the 1st Baran Regiment although they were more commonly known by their nickname, Vondire's Death Korps.

After a few skirmishes, it was clear to Lord Vondire that the resources from Baran were insufficient to deal with the attrition from the many battles.  In addition, the Baran Siegemasters tend to overly focused on defensive tactics and were inexperienced in launching offensive against sophisticated opponents.  After a few rounds of negotiation with the Adeptus Ministorum, permission was finally granted to supplement the regiment with troops from other Krieg worlds.

Thus the 1st Baran is a regiment that comprises mostly of Baran Kriegsmen supplemented by soldiers from other Krieg planets.  The latter usually provide specialised services of manning equipment that the Siegemaster were not accustomed to, such as the Leman Russ battle tank and the Macharius Superheavy tank.  In addition large number of non-Baran Kriegmen form the huge deathrider companies, spearheading the assaults of the regiment.  Of course, as Vondire's original intention, many non-Baran Kriegsmen also served in the infantry, reinforcing the infantry companies that suffer huge losses.

Inquisitor Lord Vondire do not intend to have the 1st Baran do not operate alone.  The idea is to have the 1st Baran to form the professional core of Vondire's crusading forces while being supported by of Frateris Militia.  On top of these structure, Lord Vondire retain the service of the Adeptus Sororitas, whose primary duty is to guard the inquisitor lord himself as well as to serve as an elite reserve.


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