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Monday, September 26, 2016

Wood Elves

I have been working on wood elves (aka Wanderers in AOS) since my completion of the bulk of my lizardmen force.  These guys will be my AOS primary army.  Here's the pics

Glade Guard

Wood Elf Eternal Guard Highborn aka Nomad Prince

Altered Noble aka Wayfinder in AOS

Alarielle model as my Wood Elf mage

Back view

Wild Riders

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lizardmen stocktake

Here are the pictures of the lizardmen minis that I have done.  I have completed a 2250 army but do not have pics of everything.

Below is my skink priest and temple guard.  There are no pics for my Oldblood and skink skirmishers.
Skink Priest

Temple guard nusician


Entire Temple guard unit

Monday, March 21, 2016

Update in March

I have done quite a lot over the months, in fact I am to complete my lizardmen army (less troglodon) by end of June!!!

Unfortunately I was so busy that I do not take pics.  These are the only pics I have now

I am working on the temple guard now, very slowly though as they are very complicated.  I will try to remember to update this blog with the pics asap.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Saurus and Skinks. Year end-year start painting update

Those who are sharp eyed will notice that I have 1 more unit of saurus painted for my battle last month.  That's my saurus warriors with hand weapon shields.  Honestly I did not do them up from stretch, when I purchase them from ebay, they already had the primary colors on, albeit the shields are missing.  So what I did was to touch up the scales, eyes, tooth and bought shields from ebay from them (cost me quite a bit...teaches me not to look at pics carefully).

Since the year end battle, I have painted up another unit of skinks, this time with blowpipes.  They will serve strictly as skirmishers as blowpipes cannot be used in a skink cohort.

Don't really like the pose as it's almost impossible to make the skinks pose in a firing position.  A limitation of the kit
I am now working on a Skink Cheif with stegadon helm.  A relatively expensive model but a lot nicer (though more serious and less cute) than the old classic model.  After that I will work on a second skink skirmisher unit, this time with javelins, before posting another painting update.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year End AOS Battle with Lawrence, Elmer and Fabian

This is the Age of Sigmar, the end of the Warhammer World

Grimloq usually prefers to kill Skaven but when given a choice between skaven and stormcast eternals, the choice is clear.  It is time to stand together with the ratmen and resist the AOS-spawn of GW.  For the glory and honor of the old Warhammer world!

So we had an AOS game today.  It is one of our yearly end year games.  For this year we have we and lawrence (Lizardmen plus Skaven) pitted against fabian and Elmer (Asur-Lizardmen and Stormcast Eternals plus 1 night goblin shaman).

We had the special mission where the attackers (my opponents) had unlimited reinforcements till the trigger of the special event.  The special event in question was that the defenders managed to uproot part of the battlefield (4 feet length wise) of the ground forming a plateau (on a roll of 5+ from end of turn 3 onwards...end we got it at turn 3).  All attacking models not on the plateau were count as destroyed and attackers no longer had fresh reinforcements.  The game will then end 3 turns later where defenders wins if attacker had no models within 6 inches from defenders' table edge.

I do not have much to say other than it was a fun game with lots of trading of units.  We hardly had the pile-in in the center this time.  Probably due to the big space and most of the fights being cavalry fights.

So here are the pics.

My army

Fabian army, not all deployed yet

View from my team's side

Elmer/Fabian sight

enemy sighted

Fabian's side from another angle

It ended with a victory.  We actually lost more than our opponents but we secure the objective.  Law lost all his troops and here are my survivors

New Year Resolution

To be a better Christian
- Clear the Bible studies, revise them especially "to love with your heart"
- be friendlier, use resources to make friends.  Be generous
- Spend more attention to the kids

Be a better friend
- Be generous
- network
- help other

Work improvements
- Better in theory

Hobby Related
- complete 20 skinks, 15 templeguard with characters as stretch target
- complete 1 unit of horse archer, 2 units of kislev lancers and 3 units of cossacks with characters as stretch target

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy 7th ed game at Kenneth

I had a 7th Ed WHFB game today.  I am really happy to bring my "new" Cold One knights and converted dark riders today.  In fact this is my dark riders first proper warhammer battle.

I had a difficult game even though my opponent had a rough time too.  I brought

1 Lvl 4 and 1 lvl 2
1 hero on chariot,
1 hero on cold one

12 Rxbmen with shields
11 rxbmen
20 spears
6 harpies
9 dark riders w shields (lost fast cav)

8 Cok
13 Executioners
6 shades

2 rbts

We fought till turn 4 when my opponent request to call it a day. I lost
1 lvl 2 (fled)
all the rxbmen w and w/o shields
1 harpy
5 darkriders
3 cok
10 execs
6 shades

Pre-game shot of druchii cavalry charging into the beastmen hordes

Druchii Turn 1

In other news, I am sending Emperor Basil back to Constantinople from Slaver's Lair, since the Byzantines were having a minimal role there.  Governorship of the island is temporarily granted to Veronia Darkspear.

I also realise i have no names for my lizardmen and wood elf characters yet.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Small changes

Due to developments in the family, I am finding it harder to play warhammer at ho me. I will be painting more and PC gaming more.

Storywise I am assigning my Byzantine troops out of Slaver's lair (Since they will hardly be used for Warhammer and aos which will only be played outside for now). Basil is still in charge of the island with some of his countrymen as honor guard.

Other news, I have also created a WAB-8th hybrid for home gaming. No idea when I can play it though.