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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finally a chance to update this

Finally I manage to find some time to update my blog. I am filled to the brim with commitments...let's see.

Work, women, church, warhammer, studies...and leisure (non existant)
I am so occupied thAT I do not have time for all of these activities in a week, and every week something must be compromised (excluding leisure). As the bible say, the sleep of a labored man is the sweetest...perhaps sweet dreams are my only consolation.

What an irony, for a guy with no sales experience, I ended up in marketing and I am learning more abt finance than anythig else. Learn to do stuff like conduct company interviews, read financial statements. Of coz there is the marketing component but the rewards aren't there. The going is tough especially when one meets unreasonable got worse when sometimes u r to reject a customer even when he is offering millions of dollars to u. Totally illogical in economic terms but you gotta be in my boat to understand.

Got screwed a few times by being force to disclose the bad news to customers. What happen when u go to a restaurant for a steak and found that the beef is sold out...u walk away rite. but over here u got complained instead. I am kinda sick whenever I have to made economically bad decisions (but correct in strategic terms), it pains me to work against the mkt but I got no choice.

Warhammer: what is warhammer, the rules r so bad now that its not even worth pumping $ in. Yes u guess it...warhammer got one of the greatest beating from my heavy schedule.

haiz I still remember last week, kena slam by Alvin on the internet for "not attending class gathering again". Well I am not born with a silver spoon and if I have extra time, I rather use them to upgrade myself or spend them with the loved ones that I m neglecting. No thks to accompanying old classates :(