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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Draw wif Kenneth....Again

In my 4th attack on Kenf's beastmen, I tried to use a more balanced list[in my own opinion], which includes 2 nobles mounted on a chariot each(aka the Twins Effect). The result is great-> i killed the shaggoth! but kenneth's mass no of troops and his "first turn move first roll" make my life difficult and in the end, he has enough units left to force a draw. Damn the chariots many of them...if i move first they will be dead. The move first thing is very impt though, kenf expected to win by turn 2+(his shaggoth got defeated by turn 2 ). unfortunately despite punching thru his first line, a series of countercharges by his chariots cost me many of my troops. shooting and magic is quite bad in first turn too. Thw Twins Effect is quite good but i do not know if it can totally replaced the manticore thing totally. This army is extremely vulnerable to cannon users. but to think abt it if both chariots were gone, i could make an uber spearmen unit! perhaps i shuld take on YQ again. Fought kenf so many times that i think i can call this matter to rest liao. We r equally matched!

Anyway distractions aside, the chariots' effectiveness and real life budget issues has forced me to postpone the hydra unti first. I will do up other druchii units first.

the list of priorities will be

-Finish up corsairs
-TK Scorpion II
-DE Chariots and Nubian Spearmen concurrent depending on which models i will have at hand.
- DE executioners( i will buy the relevant models the financial situations allow it. 1 command pack).
-DE Blackguard
- DE hydra or black dragon or Cauldron. the final projects. i will use the time to see if i m getting something else for the hydra model.

ok i guess that shuld be all. THe coming GC minis I will but the BG and the TK skeletons(VC skeletons if i do not have enough bare heads)
Blitz order - 1 Light Wizard, 1 Hydra Apprentice as Charlenos.

OH finally casualties for the week

Charlene Choi(Charlenos) is knocked out plus her chariot team destroyed. 10 casualties
50 Cok(despite bravery of the champion who stoped a chariot for 4 rounds of combat...well done!)
50 Harpies(there are more from where they came from)
100 RXBmen
200 Spearmen
20 RBT teams

50 Darkriders and 10 harpies flee off table but they return. I think the 10 COK champions too but i wasn't sure. It seems like it. Well done COK once more!

therefore total losses = 500
Total dead casualties = 430
Total Army (excluding Veronia and Tesela and the Twins) = 560

Wow so many dead, especially the DE warriors. but my mages r alive again!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I finally won Tsui!

Yes I beat Tsui in a fairfight! He showed no mercy and still loses! granted I got massacred by ahx earlier on the same day but I still beat Tsui!

Tsui shooting is great, unhorsed my Tk in his first turn and shoot up my chariots till onli 1 chariot left. but that is my standard bearer...holding the banner of undying legion, he wreak havoc into tsui's flank despite having onli a single chariot(the champion got resurrected and then shot to death repeatly). the unhorsed tk then charged into a nearby forest and destroy tsui's woodmens and panicked tsui's 1 mage and his 1+ armor save hero. that turnt the tide as it means Tsui magic defense will be compromised from now on. Through the usage of the light cav and Tk, i eliminate both mages later thus giving my magic a free rein. in short i can say that the chariot is the unit of the match despite not killing much. its contribution is purely strategic. oh ya. the mightly tk then hold up a single unit of flagellants for the rest of the game. {trying to trap me Tsui? end up me trapping u}. the scorpions did the usual war machine hunting thing although 1 never turn u and the other took a long time to do the job. fortunately the last scorpion managed to kill off the pistoliers and retake a chariot banner from the humans.

despite so i will not have beaten tsui if not because of a screaming skull that hit the griffon banner unit and panick it off in turn 5. strange that that warmachine was destroyed in turn 1. i resurrect it in turn 5 and immediately it Li Da Gong. in the end i won by 500 - 600 points. a minor most probably...maybe a major but never count the details. anyway I have won Tsui and that's enough. for 4 yrs, i m the onli fella that never beat tsui that's history. well done Rameses and it clearly proves that playing an army u r experienced with can do the job. my problem with my de lately is that i always experiment around...and scrap the plans when they dun work...thus not being fair to my troops.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

History repeats itself

In yr 2000, I pledge by luv to WJY. WJY rejected me due to several reasons. It is an extremely humilating experience and i felt really stupid trying to salvage a losing battle. Now the same has happened to Yixian. this one is worse. I thought I was winning until she found out that i had a different faith...more specifically a different interpretation. I always knew that my stand with regards to religion will face opposition but to face it from the woman i like...

I have done all i could and i have made my stand. I pleaded for a 2nd chance. can't even tok to her on phone and have to rely on a lousy sms. Whether she replies or not depends on, ironically it seems, on FATE again. No matter how hard we try, we are still not capable to defeating fate. We can try our best to fight and pray that that's the path that have being laid out for us. that's all.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Manage to stop my losing streak.

My Dark Elves has been losing consecutively for three games. 2 games r fought last week. I lost to victor who uses tsui's tk(vic's rolls r cheesy), i also lost to tsui's empire(he simply had too many men).

today i fought Alan, i m actually quite happy with my performance but 2 things cost me a massacre. Cok going stupid in front of grail knights( i have set up a trap!), due to another interpretation of the rules, the realm knights gets a "free flank charge" on my witch elves...its an unfluffy and a stupid rule. in both cases i need a double one to pass which i failed. in other aspects i tried to kill as many knights as possible but armor(especially armor), and ward saves save him. i try to kill Alan's mages in the last turn but my dices r not cheesy enough. lol. Alan's dice rolls r awesome. above average. he killed many spear elves thru shooting. overall, he won by 1792 with a total of 400 bonus points. I killed a total of 3 Grail knights, 8 realm knighs, 10 bowmen and 10 mounted squires. not bad. one cheesy thing abt brets is that mounted squires with bows are 80 points....

my losing streak is broken by fighting YQ's dwarves. he has forgotten one unit of miners and he forgot to take away 1 PD of mine in turn 5. these may have turned the tide although me cannot be sure. YQ is hampered by dominion and rbts(destroy his thunderers). but he actually lose the game because he lose a combat to harpies and D.riders with his crossbowmen. despite out wounding me by 1. he failed his break test twiice by rolling 9's. today's game is won by darkriders who provide the bulk in break tests as well as the crucial musician. this allows by cok to exploit the gap and crush his infantry blocks in the flank one by one(dominion facilitates this)

All in all in 2 games, Darkspear clan loses

1 manticore
70 Cok
280 Witch elves (a lot of new Harpies)
90 Harpies
50 Crossbowmen
110 or 130 Spearmen (i think 130 shuld be the correct no)
80 Darkriders
20 RBT teams

most casualties r taken in the first game and YES the characters r alive(the beastmaster flew offboard in first game. YQ killed the manticore with cannon and a lucky stone scatter in turn 1).
I m happy with the casualities. Veronia and Lilth have been alive for 3 consecutive games! even vs Tsui!(truly alive as in game)