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Sunday, July 22, 2007

As the dust settles

I have not been posting about a month plus. It is not because noting significant took place recently but rather the scale of things is so great that documentation is almost impossible. We are talking about 2 or 3 games of warhammer per week(fantasy & 40K) as well as a series of 1 shot games on the computer.

Basically I have sent the darkspears into the great forest to take part in the Nemesis Crown campaign. It is a disaster, although my druchii had 1 win, 1 lose and 1 draw not all are 1 on 1 battles. Most games being played lately are mass games due to space concerns and its tough for me to get a win or two. MY only win is simply an old battle fought a mth ago or so. Yesterday i had 3 games, 2 for mighty empires and 1 mass game which i will be using for NC. Its fierce, druchii and tk overpowering magic could not translate into clear victories, although we cut doen my lizardmen and ogres from range, we were slaughtered when the enemy charge in. I only remember winning a combat or two, mainly those fought by my core...a series of light skirmishes to remove skinks, leadbelchers. However the superinfantrymen did well, killing many with their crossbows and finally charging in and routing 3 units (manage to finally hit the saurus in the flank but it was in the last turn). Other mass games includes a ogre game w victor(VC) vs AHX (WE) and YQ (chaos). I Also win victor in a 1 off game (my chaos vs his beast...chaos knights ruleZ) but as these are non druchii games, I can't log them in.

Overall although i had fun, the campaign is a lost cause. The Tor Thana thing is a shame. Although i wasn't trying to reclaim the fortress, I make a mistake in fighting too many battles there (coz i felt since asur were there i could have made an impact). In the end the druchii were losing in so many battlefronts that we swiftly pluged into the bottom of the table. With the mighty empires campaign at kevin's coming in, I gotta pull back the darkspears. They will be quitting the great forest, the latest battle buying them time to make the withdrawal complete. The darksears will return to Nagarroth for their premature but well deserved rest.

Warhammer aside, I have also fought a few battles on the pc. A few Warcraf and AOM skirmishes as well as an AOE3 battle that ended abt 15-20min ago. I had quite some fun playing diablo on my pc....but the graphics card seems to be turning cranky again.

Overall the Lim empire is secured, despite a high commitment in war material, her enemies were pushed back and the realm finally safe. Its time for a rest cure.


Work. OH shit. There has been quite a few minor cases lately that i have left out in my organiser. I hoe they do not come to haunt me in the future. I have made a mistake of spending too much time on the big cases and negating the smaller fishes. Its time to do something :(