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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy 7th ed game at Kenneth

I had a 7th Ed WHFB game today.  I am really happy to bring my "new" Cold One knights and converted dark riders today.  In fact this is my dark riders first proper warhammer battle.

I had a difficult game even though my opponent had a rough time too.  I brought

1 Lvl 4 and 1 lvl 2
1 hero on chariot,
1 hero on cold one

12 Rxbmen with shields
11 rxbmen
20 spears
6 harpies
9 dark riders w shields (lost fast cav)

8 Cok
13 Executioners
6 shades

2 rbts

We fought till turn 4 when my opponent request to call it a day. I lost
1 lvl 2 (fled)
all the rxbmen w and w/o shields
1 harpy
5 darkriders
3 cok
10 execs
6 shades

Pre-game shot of druchii cavalry charging into the beastmen hordes

Druchii Turn 1

In other news, I am sending Emperor Basil back to Constantinople from Slaver's Lair, since the Byzantines were having a minimal role there.  Governorship of the island is temporarily granted to Veronia Darkspear.

I also realise i have no names for my lizardmen and wood elf characters yet.