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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Americans mass rout

Here is another picture of a huge american force routing from my French/Indian army. This army is mainly the same army as the previous post (I added some cavalry). After the defeat of Britain, I send my colonials back home into America.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

French Republic and Indians in action.

Ok I want to talk about this picture today. What is cool about this ETW pic is that I have to accomplished 3 tasks to achieve this. 1st I need a French revolution, proven by the french republic flag. 2nd, I need to raise a large indian force and 3rd...this battle is not fought in the americas but rather Scotland. Yes I have kinda destroyed England's possessions in the New World (only caribbean left) and have now sent my New World army to bring the war to his homeland. I have kinda surrounded the English army here, as you can see from the masses of English flags in the top center and rows of French troops in stretching to the right, there r troops in the left too but they cannot be seen. I have simply adopted a pincer manuveur, hit his flanks and force him to collapse into the not charge in but merely pepper him with gunfire. The cool thing about skirmisers such as indians is that they can present the full firepower without having to form a line formation. This mean that I can put them in awkward positions...such as in this case I place the unit along a low wall, in the intersection between 2 French line infantry blocks.