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Friday, July 31, 2015


Do not ask how.  Some how I ended up doing a new warhammer army even though I had an untouched wood elf army.  I guess it is the fear of OOP price hike.  Anyway here are the things that I have purchased from ebay and painted

Ta Da! Lizardmen.  Guess I love them all along.

Anyway I took these guys for a spin @Age of Sigmar

My army.  A Druchii and Lizard alliance initially.  However my opponent wanted a bigger game so I got some dryads from Derrick

I move the dryads into the woods on the right while the majority of the army kept to the left.  The idea was to use terrain to shield myself from the worst of the shooting.  Turn out that my opponent has a formation bonus that allow him to deepstrike and charge.

My crossbowmen were tied up by his liberators while his green knight tie up my saurus and kroxigor.  Another unit of liberators slowly wither down my dryads.

Using a very dodgy rule (IMO), my crossbowmen shoot in combat and kill of the liberators.  By this time his lord has joined in the fray.  And while being tied up, my troops were cut down by his shooting.  I actually lose more guys to shooting than CC in this game.

The remnants of my forces before we end the game.