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Sunday, June 18, 2006

boring update

just for the record, after its withdrawal to ulthuan, the penal legioncrush an greenskin horde and push back an army of selucid elves. after a while, the 3 yrs term is up and the penal legion return home to join the main darkspear army without ceremony(but its achievements r noted)

4 wins 1 loss

Friday, June 09, 2006

Two post in a day?

Yeah!!! I juz read stuff written by rasputin....he CMI manZ. of all things teach people cheesey tricks like Asur's "huang feihong" and the eagle tricks.

reallie....warhammer players often use such technical details to compensate for their lackof tactics and strategy. and as they r the majority...GW tot its accepted behaviour as modify the rules to become less realistic but more friendly gaming wise. kaoZ...this is not 40k manZ. of coz people like me...who play for the "cloesest to real-life" exerience r generally cross...and pissed.

today i muz bring my laptop to the rest r spared of my druchii. but i still have my sisters....fight dom? hahaha mabbe should kill sme space marines today...

Long overdued thought on P and P

so the two broke up after....6-12 months? erm erm its abt time for me the make my comments...

As a mutual fren of the two of them, i really find them incompatible....pang is like a mouse at the mercy of a lion. its his first relatonship vs Peis's goodness dunno how many(c'mon how many bfs did she had when we were in army). if Pang says its a good experience...i suppose he is rather blessed not to feel the full impact. been insulated is a fortune.

look at peie now...attached again. In my opinion, she got into relationships too easily, as a fellow Geminian, I understand how easy it is for us to get sentimental and to be in love. We also possess the fire to seize what we want and often we get it. The tragedy i dat we get bored easily and break up soon. Peie should be aware of this weakness of hers and control her emotions and actions...i wonder how many men had suffer under her liao.

Sometimes I wonder whether people like her have a sense of guilt. Dun u feel dirty. Am I simply too harsh on myself or am I juz enlightened.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Narses Tactics

Although I have not been posting for ages, I have actually been playin lots of warhammer...just that i m too busy to blog.My 7th edi Druchii army has been around for some time liao...PERFORMANCE NT BAD, 4 wins one loss but i admit i did nt fight top tier armies.

I have been applying Narses's tactics a lot lately, archers at the flanks and blocks in the center. its veery effective but i doubu it will be so if rxb were replaced by bowmen. although one can arge that during narses's times....range of the bowmen were greater(warhammer is limited by being a tabletop game). regardless by having overlapping fields of fire, i can easily take out threats like infantry, light cav and chariots. i have nt fought mass knights and heavy chariots yet...especially if they go for my flank instead, that will beinteresting.

also i realise that i have been losing cavalry in every game...perhaps cos they r nt in the formation and tend to be forward. i will play more games w DE(yup changed my mind) although i doubt there will b chancewith all the new 40k stuff