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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Titanic AOE2 Battle

On the 24th July, Sunday, I had an awesome 3 vs 3 session of AOE2. My forces include the Turks (led by the nicknamed General Lin), the Vikings (lead by Gen Inoue) and myself controlling the Huns personally. As usual, I gave myself some limitations, I reasoned that my Hunnic Hordes have such a long supply line (stretching all the way to the Eurasian Steppes) and thus only a part of the army will arrive in time for the battle against the rebellion forces consisting of English, Teutons and Byzantines. As part of the limitations, I had only 6 units of knights and the rest of the army has to be supplied by local militia forces thus consisting merely of tarkans, light cavalry, archers and halberds.

The battle began with a disaster. Both the Turkish and Viking standing armies were swiftly crushed. Rarely had I experienced a battle of AOE2 where both my flanks were collapsing (I supposed if I myself was at a flank life will be easier). I tried to counter with cavalry assaults consisting of my meager knights, light cavalry and tarkans. While I could take out a trebuchet or two at times, many of the castles from our side were destroyed. I lost 3 castles including one for my forward camp while the Turks lost 2 castles that were its main form of defense (basically I take out the trebuchets while the castles take out the troops). Its damn amazing especially considering the fact that the enemy were simply spaming infantry (ok got some Teutonic knights) with some light cavalry, skirmishers and ranged troops for support. I think the disastrous effects on my side was mainly accrued to the Turks for not producing anything much other than spearmen and onagers…where are the famous light cavalry and janissaries. Does this mean that the newly appointed General Lin really suxes? Anyway Gen. Inoue did well despite overwhelming odds, she managed to keep the Byzantines and British at bay, losing ground surely but slowly. Note that we are still losing on all fronts, I rarely manage to destroy entire field armies without fortifications.

However the tide turn when I sent a cavalry horde into the Teuton base. I decided to hit the strongest of the 3 in a devastating raid. Lo and Behold, I seize 2 relics from my foe. Although my entire army was destroyed (gangbanged by English), the two relics make it to my base safely. Subsequently another raid into the teuton base by me then the same army rush into the Byzantine base and obliterate the Byzantines. Fluffwise, I decided earlier that once the first foe is destroyed, I would gain full access to my tech tree. Finally now I can build knight! It was at this point in time that the teutons finally succumb to the vikings and some meager Turk force. The English were left and we just flood in.

Friday, June 15, 2007

June 16

The Emperor gazed on the long possession from his throne in Changan. It's the day of the Eternal Blue Sky again and tribute was being collected from all over the empire, exotic woods from palestine, wool from the British Isles, polished furniture from Gaul and gems from Turkestan. Not all tribute are in commodities, some are in blood. Several cities within China itself were sacked after their inhabitants attacked the convoys hoping to claim some booty for themselves.

The Emperor is extremely happy today, not because the tributes are exceptionally rich this year. The fact is that for once, some of the "gifts" weren't tribute at all but truly gifts. Sincere friends have remembered the time of the Eternal Blue Sky and sent tokens of appreciation from distant lands. A slight smile appeared on the Emperor's face.

It's good to have friends.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Where I want to go

After talking to Yixian, I am inspired to jot down the list of places i wanna visit
(not in any order)

1)Beijing (plus chengde -->GReat Wall)
2)Tokyo and/or Osaka (mabbe keep it for honeymoon)
3) Turkey, istanbul and Ankara (plains of Antolia anyone?)
4) Iraq - Ruins of Babylon and mbbe Nineveh
5) Jerusalem
6)Egypt and of course the Giza Pyramids

arrhh all places i have heard abt since childhood and filled me with dreams and allow my imaginations to wonder