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Monday, July 08, 2013

Update since Eldar Release

I have painted all the Eldar necessary to update my Eldar army to the latest codex.  I have several more unpainted Eldar but they are not essential for now.  Anyway here are the stuff

"Only four miniatures?  Where are the wraithguards?  The new plane or even the huge wraithknight?"

Indeed, none of the new kits are present.  There are two main reasons for this.  The first reason is that given my commitments, these are the only miniatures I can do up in a month plus.  I actually wanted to complete the seer council but given time constraint I only do the bare minimum amt of warlocks necessary to lead my guardians as well as to count as (proxy) as a spirit seer to lead my now completed wraithguard squad(I finally have 5 now) into battle.  The dark reapers squad is also reinforced to 5 men.

The second reason which is the main one is that I have run out of opponents!  It is an amazing development since I was complaining of pressure by friends to play the game just months ago.  Suddenly they stopped playing at all.  What happened was that the store chain that my friends frequent at Fusionopolis closed down at that location and to add salt to the wound, the company's remaining store at Orchard Road insisted on painted figures only.  This is the death blow.  Ever since the great split years ago, these active 40k friends of mine have been indulging in the gaming aspect of the hobby and did minimal painting.  Even the most garang painter had not get a single army done.  So now the trio has to pay for their slackness.  So what did they do?  They move to card games.  Fair point if you ask me since I know they lack the discipline.  The problem is that this leave me without my main 40k and WHFB opponents.

Strictly speaking there is Soo and YQ but their gaming day is sunday which clashed with my church day.  Theoretically there are AHX and Victor but it is hard enough to get them to play warmaster much less 28mm.

So I have no choice but to scale down my 28mm to the minimum.  No new purchases while slowly clearing my painting debt.  But the bigger question of course is what to do with my painted stuff?  Well I have a history of floor hammer so that will be my main fix of course.  Now that Chris' sleeping habits are stablised, I can easily use the 10.30pm-2am window for my games.  I will not bother to spend more money so I will simply use the latest ruleset that I have, namely 6th ed 40k and a hybrid of 8th ed fantansy and 2nd ed WAB.  When friends want to play, I will obliged to play using the latest ruleset of course.  One tricky thing is my Byzantines.  As they lack opponents and I do not intend to build another 28mm historical army, I am thinking of using the miniatures to play a WHFB army.  Currently the DOW army suits them best but there are some minor compatibility issues to iron out.

Painting priority:  Now that my Eldar is updated.  The next priority will be Warmaster following by Wood Elves and then Byzantines.  Of course when GW updates Sisters, it will be shifted forward to be updated just like the case of the Eldar.

Trival:  I realise that Repanse did not update on the Woodies and the Warmaster.  The woodies came about due to a cheap sale at the company mentioned earlier in this post.  As all know I intend to build a good guy fantasy army while slowly phasing out my Dark Elves.  The Warmaster are Kislev and my interest came mostly due to the Fire and Sword game shown to me by Lawrence.  I am not keen on 15mm but I realise that if I do it on 10mm, I can play this cool game plus warmaster plus other historicals ruleset,