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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Rise of Ah Hiong

The bonfires on the northern plains seem to be a reflection of the constellations in night sky. The ground was filled with the singing of women, drunken shouts and boasting of warriors and well as sounds of children wielding toy swords. Tonight a new lord of the Hung will be appointed, a new warrior to lead the warriors of the plains.

For the first time in centuries, the crowning of a new warchief was witnessed by its former enemies. The darkspear clan, which has been guarding the northern border for countless centuries has given its blessing to the new warchief. Lady Veronia Darkspear, together with her ally King Rameses were present to witness the ascension as well as to seal a permanent alliance.

Lord Ah Hiong, meaning the fierce one, had served the Cult of Slannesh armies in the storm of Chaos, and with the end of the war, he had led his fellow comardes in arms back into the northern wastes to seize a realm of their own. Armed with druchii discipline and tactics, Ah Hiong finally managed to form a semblance of a civilisation in the north. When Lady Veronia Darkspear returned to Naggaroth from the exile from the old world, she revealed much to her former comarde in arms, information of the Empire, the other chaos warbands and the fool Archaeon.

Ah Hiong has thus decided to reunify all the surviving Hung warbands and oust the Kurgans from their position as the greatest of maurauder tribes. He swear to crush all opposition and to rule all men in felt tents. But to do that, he must first secure his position in northern nagarroth, and recognition from the Druchii will provide him with the recognition he needs.

Ah Hiong look at the waves of warriors streaming into his camp, it seems that words of his deeds has spread far and wide and many are willing to flock to his banner. Soon it will be time to unleash his horde westward to the lands of the kurgans and beyond....

....( ok i ran out of ideas. basically i wanna write abt Ah Hiong Coronation...but i guess the build up to that will take far too long given my bz schedule)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A 40k Story

I have not been writting for a long time, part of it is due to work(sch minis) but the main reason is that my PC is having a lot of problems lately. As I am using my laptop in university at this very moment, I decide to contribute a little 40k literature to this post-starved blog.
The war in Medusa V is going well, Imperial guard armored companies manuveured swiftly across battlefields bring their heavy gus to bear on the chaos hordes while Space Marines deliver death from above. The Orks and Tyranid incursions were pushed back repeatedly while the Tau and Necrons only enjoyed limited success. In-fighting among the Xenos only meant victory for the armies of the Imperium. The only Xenos that r having success are the eldar who had wisely arranged a mutual understanding with the imperium which allow both sides to secure their objectives.
"The Imperium's many successes only serves to make me look stupid," though Inquisitor Vondire. Vondire had earlier advocated banishing the Astartes from the battlefield stating the the Imperium do not need mutants like them but as the war drags on, it seems that the Astartes are helping to bring in the much needed success. In addition, Vondire's own Order of the southern Cross had met little success. An attempt to break into the Emperor's Children traitors bases had met with a Pryhic victory. A desperate counterattack on a Tyrandi brood had caused many sisters to be killed with Katherine as the onli survivor...the order in fact had to request assistance from other Imperium forces to save their senior officers from "consumption". Vondire's misofrtune continued when his southern cross assault a Lost and Damned Legion only to be defeated by a single Leman Rus Tank(heroics are present on the Sororitas side but a defeat is a defeat). Finally in a final desperation, Vondire hurled his forces at a salamander chapter citing discrepancies in their doctrine to justify his assault. It turn out to be a bloody draw and to VOndire's anger, the marine commander claimed that the Inquisitor himself is a heretic himself, using his position to eliminate his political opponents. Fortunately other members of the Ordos has intervened and neither side has decided to pursue the issue further claiming it as misunderstanding of each other's interpretation of the Imperial Creed.
Vondire knew that he needs a victory more than anything else. A victory to raise the prestige of his Sororitas although their morale were never shaken. The Southern cross must spearhead the advance of the Imperium and break the siege of Hive Perseus once and for all. Last night, Veterean Superior Yi mentioned that another Tyranid force is apporaching the hive from the north and Vondire prayed that his chance will finally arrive at last.
now everyone so cheesey ---(points at ahx hint hint)
its very difficult for my sisters to win victories unless i began to divert from my fluff. will i follow the dark path of kenf or will I gain victories and win glory for my Sisters of Battle. Stay Tuned