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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Pursuit

Remember the story of Don Juan and his rebels. Today we will focus our attention to the far north-eastern borders of the empire where the tribal warlord Timur is trying to escape from the authorities.

The story so far: When the Varaethian kingdom declared full scale war on the Empire, the great Emperor himself lead an expedition force to punish his northern neighbour, leaving the governance of the heartland to his feudal lords. Taking advantage of his sovereign's absence, the governor of Samarkard, Timur the Lame(ok i know i m not very original with names here) launched massive raids into the lands of his neighbours. Upon receiving news of this, the Emperor dispatched two of his best cadets from the officer corps to deal with the rebel cheiftain. The story belong is about how the rebel warlord tried to shake off his pursuers.

"Capture Timur! Bring me the rebel's head." screamed Lieutenant Azusa as she released yet another arrow at the group of fleeing horsemen. The arrow narrowly missed the rebel chief, only to struck and shatter against the shoulder pad of one of the bodyguards. LAughing, some of the Samarkand horsemen turn and fire a couple of shots back, each one hitting his mark and dropping the imperial horsemen.

"We can't defeat those horse archers like this." Kaoru remarked to her collegue, "We need a plan."

"I can't believe the Emperor's elite Wilderness Light Cavalry couldn't outrun nor out shoot these vagabonds." Azusa grumbled. Turning to her troops she commanded,"Faster you fools, push your horses if you have to or you gonna face my blade."

While Azusa was screaming at her men, Kaoru analyzed the situation carefully. They could never catch up with the nomads, the only way is to corner her foe. Kaoru commanded, "Squad Greyhound, at my command, give up the pursuit and dash straight for the Oxus River garrison. Order them to demolish the bridges. Squad Leopard, shift your position leftwards, fire your arrows and force the rebels to veer to their right, we got to force the rebels to make detours to provide time for the bridges to be destroyed."


The imperial troops has been pursuing them for hours without much progress. The rebel horsemen will stop after every hour just to let the imperials catch up only to be range for the former's composite bows. Already a full quarter of the imperial cavalry was taken out by a small force of a dozen nomadic archers.

Timur laughed and remarked in Merkit, "I wonder when the Emperor will learn to use men who fight like lions rather than soft sheep like these. Training Nihonese into mounted archers is the sillest thing ever. No wonder half of the tribes listen to me now. Haha"

A cautious man, Jebuchu remarked, "They may not be such fools my lord. It seems that they are driving us towards to banks of river Oxus just like they way our men herd sheep. We must be wary. I believed there is a crossing to the northwest, we should be able to reach there in an hour."

And so the nomads went, charging head on towards the crossing hoping to vanish into the vastness of the steppes and join up with their army. They receive a rude awakening in the form of a crossbow volley just as the crossing was within sight. The Imperials had this arranged!
Seeing himself trapped between the hammer and the anvil, Timur made the next most logical decision, he charged straight into the Imperial Cavalry.

"Charged!!!" The rebels screamed in Merkit, firing their arrows and drawing their sabres moments before contact takes place.

"Timur's head is mine!" Azusa shouted and she reined her steed straight towards a middle aged man dressed in yellow silk, the mark of a chieftain. Her hope for a swift victory was dashed when Jebuchu came slashing suddenly at her with his sabre. Azusa parried with the blunt end of her spear but her long weapon was too clumsy in short quarters and before she could ready herself Jebuchu has ridden out of range jeering. Frustrated, the imperial lieutenant chased after her new foe before realising when its too late that Timur had escaped!

Indeed, the rebel warlord seem to have a trait for survival. Kaoru was observing the warlord's movement all these while and couldn't help acknowledging the latter's skill in horsemenship, dodging swordblows and lance strikes, remarkable for a man of his age. Just as the traitor was going to ride out of the confusing cavalry melee, Kaoru made her move. She aimed her crossbow carefully from the back of a stationary horse, therefore negating her disadvantage of not being born and bred on horseback. Kaoru squeezed the trigger lightly and observe her bolt streamed past masses of fighting horsemen and straight towards her target...only to see Timur steered into a different direction in the nick of time!

Kaoru couldn't believe her eyes! Dazzled, she looked helplessly as the rebel warchief rode into safely, laughing all the way.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hello people

yes i am back, and yes...I remember my last post was a long way past that's y i decide to post something now while waiting for macro class to start.
First things first, warhammer...7th is out but sianZ i had a very very bad first day. i gave a minor to tsui(he's lucky plus i get a little screwed up by lack of complete knowledge of the rules). I also gave a massacre to both andy and derfel. both r due to miscasts were so bad that they cost me the game...a miscast by tesela stripped me of the superinfantryman unit while Veronia died in a miscast vs Derfel. I was also very sway vs derfel shooting was very bad and my fleeing distance was crap resulting in tesela and her spearbodyguard being run over by a crappy asur chariot. my druchii list was very tied in terms of points in the 7th edition. hard hitting power was even more emphasized in cavalry. you can no longer throw sucidal flank charges with light cav now as charges is that they will flee into enemy units and get my game vs andy. this is a "secret" that onli i know at the moment. given the risk of flank charges, cavalry has to be either very hard hitting or one must secure the flanks of the battlefield very well. my druchii army is still very troubled by whether i shuld drop the darkriders or the rxbmen unit. Warmachine hunting is getting more and more difficult nowadays, i hate to admit it but i have a problem fight derfel's warmachines given his large number of cavalry and chariots. Derfel's army isn't an infantry based its obvious that they dun mean a thing. however the list did show the usefulness of many fast a way its a lot more effective than AHX's chaos list. AHX might b bringing chaos soon, I can't wait to face them.
I am currently very broke. the timetable and sheer number of readings meant i have to spend a lot oof money on zapping notes, transport and dinner. Not to forget that i have been dating some gers lately...more money gone. whhich is sad as i am unable to play a decent 40k game. as i was proxying my exorcist...its difficult to trace LOS. I think i gotta get my 1st exorcist assembled asap which sadly also meant painting most of it.
Urgent stuff to buy and paint.
1)Exorcist (paint)
2)Warhammer Rulebook (will re-evaluate whether its necessary)
3) 2nd Exorcist
4) beginnings of my chaos army. can wait but i dunno whether i shuld wait till chaos book a not.