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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Zhenning is looks like Cai Chun Jia

lol today i saw zhenning's profile on friendster. Yup the Yang zhenning from Pri 2D and chinese orchestra la. my erm 4th "Love" hahaha . now damn hot la. no bf also. lol but i doubt she cannot recognize me liao coz i go thru so much thick and thin liao, face so longer the little boy and anyway no one calls me YongZheng ani more. :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Today I see FIRE

She zoomed pass my sight like a thunderbolt
Imprinting herself onto my conciousness
My senses were overwhelmed by her presence
I was immoblilised by her piercing eyes
Numbness spread across my limbs

Monday, August 08, 2005

warhammer latest priorities

1)Test out new Tombking tactics

2) Do DE chariot crew

3) Sell Fabian skeletons if its cheaper for him to do so

4) Do Dragon

5) Do Black Guard

6) Do Cauldron (if my technique improve)

.... 40k sianZZ

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Rameses's Narrow Escape

...written by Rameses III, guardian of the Western Borderlands, Conqueror of Araby.

I am completing the journal instead of my scribe because the latter had been pierced and brought down by a goblin bolt thrower. Imhotep himself was knocked out by greenskin magic and was only saved thanks to the newly acquired Gem that we had fought three battles for. Even now the Lich Priest is discussing with me on future operation.

The Orc Warboss is one of the most cunning of his kind I have ever seen. Originally I had an easy time as his troops were extremely cowardly and many fled the battlefield whenever the cavalry and chariots attempt to charge them. In addition a screaming skull had smashed a single bolt thrower into pieces...unfortunately the other one killed my scribe. Hoowever the cunning enemy of mine sent a sucidal unit of goblin wolf riders and somehow they were brave enough to charge me in the unit was nearly annilated and I had to join Seti's squad for the rest of the battle. The worse was that when my archers countercharge, those fools fled, Only to destroy my archers in the end when I was busy elsewhere. Silly Goblins...I will hunt them down all if I have the time(But i must award the Skeleton Archer Champion who killed 2 wolf riders by melee). But anyway the main battle was against the orcish infantry as well as the strange creatures know as squigs. The squigs destroyed the scorpion king but were in turn were dispatched by the heavy Cavalry which in turn were wiped up by the Orc General's bodyguard. I then charge in with Seti as well as a unit of Chariots. I managed to drive the Orcs away(Killed 12 Orcs) but I did not pursue as I wanted to kill the other greenskins unfortunately, that Warboss rallied and I actually had to charge a second time(alone this time) to finish him off(which I did). Seti charged another Orc unit in the flank and thus securing a victory.

This battle taught me 3 things. Although the will of both me and Seti were sufficient to deliver blows into opposing really pains us without the resurrection spells of the priests. I think i really need the Banner of Undying LEgion. Second, before I chopped off his head, the orc warboss actually said that my two chariot team is weak. If he had enlisted the help of the black orc boyZ says he, their great strength can easily cleaved my chariots into two. Much as I do not want to admit, what they said is very true. Althogh my squad is designed to take such devastating attack, Seti is not. I will consider this carefully. Third, Horse Archers are important. I need an extra unit to take out lone characters and fanatics, etc.

Overall the battle was won. Once Imhotep is fully recovered we will sail for home. Beyond the straits are Nekheharan lands and I doubt I will be opposed. I have decided not to request for an Ebonian unit from Lord Settra. Their primitive shields will look out of place when marching alongside my Elite Infantry. I do not want to lose face in front of other Tomb Kings. Seti volunteered to lead the Heron Legion next time. If he performs well, I will used the resources meant for building chariots to equip my tomb guards.

----Rameses III

No matter wad i have decided to do with the tk, my de chariot crew will b painted first

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rameses Into Athel Loren

By a priest of the mortary cult, serving his Majesty Rameses III, Tomb King of Khermi, Settra's guardian of the Western Nekhehara......

His Majesty has been talking about this trip for a long time. We finally traced the location of the Gem of Everliving, even its exact location within the glades of Athel Loren. Guided by Hierophant Imhotep, the Khemri "retinue" make haste to reclaim the gem. We barely scraped up a unit of chariots for His Highness Pricnce Seti IV [I think its the 4th, I did not really bother count the other Seti's from the lines of other Kings], who will be joinning us for the first time since the Southlands Campaign.

The Wood Elves hit us in an ambush just as we were crossing one of the most difficult crossings of Athel Loren. It seems the forest cannot protect itself from the magical gaze of Imhotep. who never got lost. As a result, an Asrai force atacked us. I used the word Asrai loosely as there are many who look like elves but radiate the energy of spirits similar to us. There are also many forest spirits supporting them. King Rameses and Prince Seti squeezed the chariot teams into a small clearing in our right flank, they have to survive the bombardment of archers to reach the enemy, fortunately one chariot unit is blessed with the mirage standard giving the soldiers confidence[it never came into use]. At this moment in time, a junior lich priest, the ushabtis and a light cavalry unit were away.

The wood elf ambush came fast and hard. Demon-lke Elves on steeds came rushing into the flank of the Heron Archers who barely had time to reform or shoot. Fortunately they survive for quite sometime. Elves on hawks as well as their elite infiltrators attempt to assassinate the Hierophant Imhotep fortunately the cavalry troops had formed a solid screen and took the shots themselves. The heavy Cavalry in turn punch into the infiltrators and eliminate them, they then turn and fought the Asrai Elite Cavalry-Elven-Demons.

The Elven Demons could have dominate the day had it not been due to KIng Rameses ingenuity. But moving the two chariot units around. Both King and PRince form a deadly team and take out key Elven units rapidly.First King, Ramese, then PRince SEti, then King Ramese again one after another dish out hurt and massacre the Asrai Demonic Cavalry. The Scorpions came out as planned and finally drove off another Demonic Elf on foot but unfortunately the creature managed to take out Imhotep who have to revived after the battle with the help of the Gem(fortunately we won the battle, if not it will be disastrous). A lesser demon as well as the hawkriders also tried to do the same trick on me but his many arrows merely grazed my shoulder. At one point I thought my time has arrived when suddenly the sky cried out loud "GIVE ME A SIX". My steed suddenly reared and block the arrow with its skull. Its a close shave. Prince Seti finally helped me to drove off the hawk riders and killed everyone of them. The flaming chariot we gave him works well. Unfortunately we went too far into the lines of the tree spirits who destroy his chariots and scattered his magical essence. He needs to recuperate a few days later. We won the day thanks to the generalship of his Majesty and his utilisation of the Chariot teams.

The reinforcements barely arrived and we barely bring back the soldiers when the Gem's true guardians suddenly awaken and fought us. The guardians were extremely tough and we had trouble dissipating their magical energies. As Prince Seti is still down and we managed to repair just a few chariots, we had only a single chariot team. King Rameses charged into the demons but fail to destroy them thoroughly. In the end half of the Gem's guardians were fighting him. We tried to send the scorpions to assist but in the end all failed. His Majesty felled but for the first time, we truly witness his power. The main demonic guardian's body is suddenly covered by a tar-like substance and in an instance, the creature began to disintegrate. At this point His majesty's body began to break apart into sand, dust and locusts. The Demonic guardians then managed to take out many of our guards and cut down our junior priest who just returned. But Imhotep and I managed to get away with the support troops(archers, light cavalry, carrion and catapult).

As Imhotep has the Gem with him, we manage to have his Majesty back with us faster than usual. Prince SEti is also back in good shape. Under his majesty's orders, we hasten back to our ships and prepare to sail back. A messenger is sent to our ally, LAdy Veronia of the Druchii to inform her of our success. However, merely a few hours before, we caught side of an Greenskin horde trying to block our way. We will attempt to persuade them to move aside but if that fails(as expected...), we will offer battle. the Lich Priest of his Majesty, Rameses III.