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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year End AOS Battle with Lawrence, Elmer and Fabian

This is the Age of Sigmar, the end of the Warhammer World

Grimloq usually prefers to kill Skaven but when given a choice between skaven and stormcast eternals, the choice is clear.  It is time to stand together with the ratmen and resist the AOS-spawn of GW.  For the glory and honor of the old Warhammer world!

So we had an AOS game today.  It is one of our yearly end year games.  For this year we have we and lawrence (Lizardmen plus Skaven) pitted against fabian and Elmer (Asur-Lizardmen and Stormcast Eternals plus 1 night goblin shaman).

We had the special mission where the attackers (my opponents) had unlimited reinforcements till the trigger of the special event.  The special event in question was that the defenders managed to uproot part of the battlefield (4 feet length wise) of the ground forming a plateau (on a roll of 5+ from end of turn 3 onwards...end we got it at turn 3).  All attacking models not on the plateau were count as destroyed and attackers no longer had fresh reinforcements.  The game will then end 3 turns later where defenders wins if attacker had no models within 6 inches from defenders' table edge.

I do not have much to say other than it was a fun game with lots of trading of units.  We hardly had the pile-in in the center this time.  Probably due to the big space and most of the fights being cavalry fights.

So here are the pics.

My army

Fabian army, not all deployed yet

View from my team's side

Elmer/Fabian sight

enemy sighted

Fabian's side from another angle

It ended with a victory.  We actually lost more than our opponents but we secure the objective.  Law lost all his troops and here are my survivors

New Year Resolution

To be a better Christian
- Clear the Bible studies, revise them especially "to love with your heart"
- be friendlier, use resources to make friends.  Be generous
- Spend more attention to the kids

Be a better friend
- Be generous
- network
- help other

Work improvements
- Better in theory

Hobby Related
- complete 20 skinks, 15 templeguard with characters as stretch target
- complete 1 unit of horse archer, 2 units of kislev lancers and 3 units of cossacks with characters as stretch target