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Saturday, March 17, 2007


[the following is what happen when you study too much Jap history, read too many fantasy books, being too imaginative, being bored]
To his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the Empire,

I hereby write to you my rightful liege about the unfavourable situation that the empire is facing. Our empire has faced many foes throughout the course of our history but rarely had we faced foes so organized as the two superpowers at our doorstep now. It is no mystery to our citizens that the sky fleets of the Yc Empire were raiding our colonial possessions while the Varethian Empire in the north is reuniting and getting more and more dangerous. These I would like to emphasize to you my lord, has resulted in dire situations for our empire.

I understand that measures were adopted to stem the tide of aggression somewhat but these half hearted attempts were insufficient. Your Majesty sent regiments of DOW troops and hired mercenaries of the merchant guild to engage the sky fleets. However they were far too few and too expensive for an enterprise of this scale. This will sap the financial strength of our empire. With regards to the threat of war with the Varethians, raiding parties were sent. Unfortunately this move only serves to antagonize the enemy while doing nothing to sap their strength or eliminating the threat.

I implore you my lord, to be more aggressive, consistent and committed to our policies. Our Empire has the potential to be strong. Despite the massacres of the SOB regiments and the failure of the Vampire insurrection that we supported, our nation has recovered quickly from these setbacks. We should once again muster our strength and react. I suggest adopting at least some of the following policies to halt the tides of darkness.

1) Subdue the Shimazu clan and remoblise the resources of Nippon
2) Adopt the policies of General Nina Aikia and push for greater consolidation in the north
3) Make peace with the Yc empire since they are the strongest of our rivals
4) Build a national army and stop relying on feudal levies. Being the overlord of all who live in felt tents, your lordship could easily use your rights to build the beginnings of a national army.

I sincerely hope that your imperial highness would consider my proposals

- Your loyal subject, Uesugi Takamori

Friday, March 02, 2007

Haha I am blogging again

yes, I am blogging again.... I have FINISHED Riyanto's research work! There is only some holes to fill and that' it(mabbe require a week of rearranging?) I am now waiting for the IBM career talk to start. Alan is with me at the moment, playing Chinese Chess with Elson.

Actually quite a lot of econs guys are damn cool. It turn out that Ron also likes old chinese as well as hokkien songs. Yeah ManZ, we had a gd time listenign to those while we work thru the afternoon. Yao4 Ping1 Cai2 Hui4 Yin2!(is one of the songs also).

Haha actually despite wad some may say, IMO my fellow classmates r cooler than those silly people at the streets. Many of them do not really have an opinion and often their views (on both serious and non serious matters) are affected by mass media. Shame on you little kids lol.

Being cool means have ur own style, not just following the mannerism of others :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Day of Conflict

wah i heard some super uber cheesy asur rumores today. Heroes can ride Dragons!!! even if they can rider drakes (manticore stats 5+ armor saves), its uber cheese as no hero lvl mount should have armor saves. although someone in rebutted the rumors, I am not sure whether the rumors do go thru. Hey man, we all know GW likes to release pockets of false information to test the mkt. Damn u GW.

By the way, with regards to the dodgy statement by my dutch professor, its "Are Fractals geometric analog to Chaos?" anyone knows wad it means? wahahahah. Lucky i got 5/5 for the test in the end :)

Today Zhiting asked me out. Stunned tio. lol. Apparently her life wrking in silkair very shiok leh, come home everyday lol. Anyway, we agreed to meet on 12th :)