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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flamer Tanks

I have finished painting some flamer tanks which I will be using them as Hellhounds.  The good thing about these is that being so small, I did them in just 1 day 2 nights, not considering that I spend most of the day cooking and bringing the family out.  Anyway here's the pics

Here's the background of the Hellhound in the 40k universe.

The Hellhound is an Imperial Guard flame tank, based on the chassis of the Chimera. It is armed with a large flamer known as an Inferno Cannon, discharging lethal self-igniting chemicals to flush out infantry in dense terrain and urban combat zones. It is feared by all enemies because of its ability to cover a wide area with flames and cause horrific losses to units that cluster together.

Hellhounds are typically organized into either dedicated Hellhound Tank companies or support squadrons for armoured or mechanised companies, but will rarely fight together as a complete unit. Most commanders take a flexible approach to Hellhound deployment, attaching them to other units in an ad hoc fashion as needed.
A select few Guardsmen have the foolhardy bravery (or insanity) to willingly volunteer to crew a Hellhound. Those who do take perverse pride in their reputation, claiming others simply "can't take the heat" as they gun their vehicle towards the largest concentration of enemy forces with pyromaniacal zeal.
The Inferno Cannon mounted on the Hellhound's turret has a short range, but can spray its chemical fire over a wide area, filling every nook and cranny with flaming death and incinerating troops sheltering within buildings or behind cover. It is fed by a large Promethium tank in place of the Chimera's troop compartment, with a large enough supply to give the Hellhound amble endurance during extended battles. While the large capacity overcomes the typical ammunition problems of other flame-throwing weapons, it does make the Hellhound a tempting target, as enemy fire can easily ignite the stored promethium and create a huge, super-heated fireball. For this reason not only is the fuel tank armoured but the Hellhound itself boasts thicker armouring than found the Chimera, along with a much larger engine.
In addition the Hellhound is also fitted with a hull-mounted Heavy Bolter, though in some models this is replaced with a Heavy Flamer or Multi-melta.

The Hellhound is used by both my Baran Siegemasters and the main Death Korps of Krieg armies.  It is ideally designed to support the guardsmen in assault.  In the DKOK armies, the hellhound is the only assault vehicle that can keep up with the fast riding Death Rider squads.  I was at the receiving end of the Hellhounds many times in my Warhammer 40k games, it is good to be on the other side in Epic 40k!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Griffons done

Yeah my first Epic 40k unit, the Griffons are done.

Here are some official background of the Griffon from GW

The Griffon Heavy Mortar Carrier is an Imperial Guard artillery vehicle based on the Chimera chassis and a cousin to the Basilisk and Medusa. It is designed to provide close to medium-range artillery support.

While the Griffon remains the most frequently-employed variant of the Chimera chassis,[2] Imperial commanders have increasingly allowed the Griffon to become something of a relic.[3] This is because of perceived drawbacks in the design, and so Griffon losses are not replaced, leading to the manufacturing rates of Griffons on many Forge Worlds to fall. Despite this trend towards eventual extinction, Griffons still remain a part of many regiments' inventories and still see combat on many worlds. During the Taros Campaign, many regiments fielded batteries of Griffons, including those of the 114th Cadian Mechanised Infantry Regimentwhich led the drive to relieve Hydro-processing plant 23-30.

Critics of the Griffon claim that its main weapon is too small to warrant its vehicular mounting, while tying up fire control and observation assets needed by much larger pieces. For its supporters though, the Griffon is the ideal compromise between weight, firepower, mobility and ease of use.[3] Its heavy mortar is excellent against infantry and light vehicles, freeing heavier artillery for use against more appropriate targets, and can maintain a high rate of fire. The vehicle is also capable of keeping pace with rapid advances for which heavier vehicles like the Basilisk are too slow to maintain.

Indeed, despite the many weaknesses of the Griffon, it is perfectly suited for supporting my Baran Siegemasters in offensive operations.  Its mortar is useful to assist the infantry in assaults while its heavy bolters can help during close range firefights.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Lim army is buying new arms and equipment

So I finished up my Byzantine unit (see the historical blog).  Being inspired by my friends who are doing Flames of War, I have put aside my other projects and start work on my Epic stuff! So here's my first model, a griffon.

Even as I start on my project, I am still thinking of the additional cool vehicles that I can add onto my existing collection.  The cool thing about small scale gaming like Epic and FOW is that as you collect, it really feel like amassing an army with the large number of tanks and other vehicles.  While theoretically you can do the same with 40k and other 28mm games, it takes far too much resources (especially time to paint and real estate).  Anyway I digress.  Yes, I am now on the hunt for more vehicles and hardware to supplement my collection.  Two website that impresses me are

Due to huge painting commitment (WAB, WM, 40k, WHFB and Epic), I must be really careful in buying new stuff...but I can still do window shopping for now can't I? :)