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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tiring and Pissed

well i m blogging now simply becoz i have not done so for quite some time. Hey its so long that i even forgotten my user ID... it took quite some amount of effort to finally log in.

Quite sianZ. The IO trial is just over, despite trying to put up with a hard fight, we just do not have enough data to back our findings. With no hard data --> little credibility --> audience not convinced --> lose. SianZ 1/2.

Also I am quite pissed off with my dutch lecturer. He like to ask us stuff in very very complex english...hey its a science course not an english course. often we have to guess what he is talking about. Let me give an example

Today he wanna ask, "Is Fractals a geometrical dimension that is chaotic?"

His actual phrasing was so chim that i can't duplicate now even when i try to...haiZ mabe i will try tomorrow when the quiz results are out. I really do want to do well in this module but when I gotta guess wad the lecturer is tokking abt, its really a challenge. Hey man, he claim mRNA is equivalent to flash memory....rite when flash memory wasn't even mentioned during lecture -_-". NO, in case u were abt to say it, I did pay attention.

I was also pissed off today on the bus to FASS. Its raining and we are trying to get onto the bus, a silly prc student tried to get into the bus with his opened umbrella. WTF. how can someone be so silly. As i was "tailing" him, I kena the rain la when we was trying to bring his opened umbrella in.

I am also damn stressed, Chris effectively finish writing his ISM liao when i m still trying to get more convincing data. I supposed he did his writeup during the holidays when I was busy with my history essay. Although I have a chance to catch up now(he got Jap studies essay to do), I doubt Dr Cremers will be happy with my relatively "slow" progress of work arrgghh. :(

My ISM plan will be like this in case I forgotten.

1) Inspiration
2) Literature Review - Diamond Model
- Vinerian Trade Concept
3) Methodology
4) Empirical Findings
5) Analysis/Evaluation - Economies of Scale in Vinerian Trade
- Intermediate Goods as an explanation of increasing Japanese exports
6) Conclusion

oh crap, I may not be free enough to have my SoB game with Junxian liao.

P.S. Remember my economic arguments vs GST hike months ago, someone make the same argument in channelnewsasia. Yay!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

haha taking a break again

after running a fierce regression for fri's appointment with Dr Cremers, I can finally take a break! HaiZ, hopefully she will be impressed by my results. a bit sianz coz half of the results disagree with that done by Wall (2002). Also quite funny coz the answer for FE method differs from traditional gravity model.

One question. Should one only be friends with a person because he/she is useful to you. I kinda sianZ coz i felt so being used by one of my "friends". originally i tot we could have been gd frens but now he is so cold to me. quite hypocritical also coz got gd stuff neva tell me then got daiji immediately ask me for help. I m very disappointed

Monday, February 05, 2007

how cum no one challenges me?

its quite sad really. nowadays the international gaming community just take things for granted, no one challenges the tactical advice of veterans anymore. I have recently posted some anti dwarven tactics using tk, i expect tons of counterarguments and a heated debate. in the end, nothing. like dat how to imporove sia.

why am i so free to blog on a weekday? this is becoz i m all shacked out and i need a break. i have spended virtually 3 days doing my regression stopping onli to eat and sleep...sianz due to lonng hrs of typing in a bad posture(table too low) i hurt my back. really injured in battlee lor. i hope i can recover by friday's soccer match man

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Sovereign and I

[tune of wildlands pass]

I serve the Emperor
He is my Sovereign
Under his glory
I attain salvation

Holding his banner
Wearing his colours
I am honored
To serve the Emperor's Legions

The nobles stand on his right
The bureaucrats stand on his left
Bourgeoisie surround him
with the peasantry behind

The Emperor gives us glory
he gives us purpose
he banished barbarism
and bring civilisation

I shall serve the Emperor
For he's my Sovereign
I shall serve till my last
With every drop of my blood.

More Imperial propaganda.

Armies can conquer a hundred nations
but Faith alone can pacify a thousand worlds