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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Land Assault in Star WArs

i can launch a land base assault on star wars.:) i rely very little on cruisers this time. one thing to note is that i m genosian...with superior infantry i can do a lot of dmg. but i think the key to my victory are the tanks. the can take lots of hot while dealing a lot of dmg. i have onli 2 or 3 per assault. but combined with regiments of troopers. i manage to clear enemy infantry, jedi. i also had anti air support. a well balance force i have...easily crush the one dimensional armies the AI sent against me...ok maybe 2.5 dimensions...troopers plus cav plus fighters. surprisingly the mechs in star wars resemble modern tank warfare quite well. unlike other games where mass infantry is pointless. and mass tanks is the way. star wars have quite a gd balance of land is surprisingly well done. too bad in order to follow the sci fi theme the aircraft rules are not great. the cruisers and "prummels" are not realistic too but of coz u can minimise their usage.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Marius Reforms

This two words meant a lot for the last few days.

i send a spy to europe...saw the excited and sent an expedition force over. I was hit hard at the beach, not by romans but thracians. damn i never bother to take a look at them..and they ended up outnumbering me 2.5 to 1 in the battle. i drove off many units but gradually my cataphracrts were tired and my arrows were spent. i tried to withdraw but i wasn't given the option. so there is entire expedition force massacred not by their intended targts but by a faction that i missed out. My mistake was not in underestimating my foes but my over confidence. i tot my squad could take anything, any size. i m kinda wary of barbarian forces now. as long as they outnumber me they can do lotsa dmg to my forces even though i kill even more of them. this kind of warfare is dangerous when supply lines r long. fortunately i can substain my war in Greece with my greek territories.

anyway i gradually landed 3 armies in Greece and drove my foes back and fought the legionaires in a few battles. THey are hard but the same rules apply. a mass flank charge with persian cavalry can still do dmg...not to forget abt cataphracts. Of course I had to choose my battlefields very carefully given the hordes of armored enemies. stone throwers still work...haha and i actually found a way to make them coordinate with horse archers. deploy them far apart. let the latter lead the enemy around while the former pound them. even if the enemy decide to focus the stone throwers anyway. a couple of coordinated charges will do the trick.

I was actually sick for the last two days. THks to the game...but the irony is that the game led to my recovery.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Onager Trick dun work well with horse archers

Yeah i had far too few infantry to shield the onagers. once i even nearly lost one machine to a bunch of chariots charng straight at them. I guess for cavalry army..just stick to arrows. ;] dammit manZ its nearly 200 turns yet the romans still have not undergo Marius Reforms. The forces of Brutii are just across the Agean Sea. Well it means that i will have to get more cataphracts and persian cavalry. nothing to do anyway. AHHH maybe An elephant

HMMM i hope Jinlian turns up for lecture tml...if not me and ahx will be light bulb again. if jinlian around hahaha neutralise wanling and benny