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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ragnarok Tanks completed

Yes I have completed my Ragnarok tanks, the main battle tanks of my Krieg army.  I am really happy when I first got these crude looking but (IMO) beautiful tanks,  Hey man, these are exactly 40k versions of Russian tanks (especially the KV-2).

Here's the official 40K fluff (slightly paraphrased)

The Ragnarok is a heavy main battle tank of the Imperial Guardthat is mostly used by the Guard's siege regiments or when there are no Leman Russ battle tanks available. The Ragnarok, much like the Siegfried light tank, was first developed by the regiments of theDeath Korps of Krieg during the 500-year-long civil war that consumed Krieg out of necessity. The Ragnarok was the largest and most impressive of the vehicles designed during that conflict and was intended to replace the many Leman Russ tanks that were lost by the Loyalist Krieg forces during their battle against the Traitors. As the war progressed it turned into a deadly statemate.  The forces of the two sides confronted each other from their trench-lines and fortified bunkers.  The no man's land between the two forces was a sulphurous quagmire littered with the burnt-out hulks of ruined tanks and the rotting bodies of soldiers.  As the war turned into a battle of attrition, it became clear that victory would go to the side that fielded the largest number of troops and guns. It was under these circumstances that the Ragnarok was developed, an alternative to the Leman Russ but tailored to the circumstances of the campaign.  It was decided that the Ragnarok need not to be fast but it had to be able to cross the deadly terrain of no-mans-land and reach the enemy's lines. It was never intended to be used for long-range combat due to the pollution-choked atmosphere of Krieg limiting visibility, but to be easily and quickly built. The Ragnarok's ease of construction allowed the Loyalists to build so many so quickly that they could crush the enemy with their sheer weight of numbers. The result of this slapdash process was an ugly, slab-sided vehicle that performed above expectations and was a major factor in the Loyalist forces winning the war for Krieg. As a testament to its solid design and other redeeming qualities, the Ragnarok has been completely restored to service by the Siegemasters of Baran, who still use it to this day and affectionately call it the "Mark 1 Mobile Bunker".

Within Vondire's Death Korps (my epic army), the Ragnarok tanks are actually much preferred to Leman Russ.  Its inspiring size and ruggedness suits the taste of the Korps much better than the more versatile Leman Russ.  However due to scarcity to numbers (Ragnaroks are only manufactured in the planet of Baran), the tanks are used primarily in defensive battles where the ability to cross-country, rather than speed, are more important.  The larger size also serves as a moving cover for the infantrymen.


Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dark Riders Pet Project completed

Yay.  A picture says a thousand words

The wood elf horses are the nicest plastic horses I have seen so far for fantasy (for historicals the honor goes to conquest games norman knights).  I will use the wood elf horses for future good guy light cavalry conversions in the future.