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Thursday, March 31, 2005


I have never felt so much in a girl for a long time. it's love at first sight, it was such a pity that i was attached at that time. fortunately fate intervene in such a way that i can make contact with Yixian again. its a tough choice between the 2 girls. Actually both are abt equal in both qualities. well i guess its obvious that i like Yixian more. will try to know her better. actually there isn't even a need for that. i feel like going all out for her straight away.

The words of Eldrad

Since the time of the Fall, our race has been haunted by what we, in our reckless pursuit of hedonistic indulgence, gave birth to. Though our dreams once overturned worlds and quenched suns, we are now but fitful shadows clinging to the edge of existence. All the stars in the sky cannot blot out the hateful glare of the red Moon's Eye. The birthing place of The Great Enemy pulses with all the malice of a daemon that is dreaming, casting its shadow over all we have ever done and all we ever shall. Every twisted strand of Fate and casting of the Runes leads me to this time, to this place, and it is clear that the final battle awaits me at the ancient Crone Worlds. A Conflict the likes of which has no been seen since the Mon-Keigh warred amongst themselves, and their corpse of a seer fell to his traitorous son, is coming and all my steps lead toward it, no matter that i walk other paths. I see the stars stained red with the blood of the Mon-Keigh, and though their wars do not concern me and i would gladly let them destroy one another, I know that to avoid this fight is to condemn my race to inevitable doom. And though all i see is darkness, I know that i will not flinch from my destiny.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Tombkings versus High Elves

Fabian fell sick so I ended up fighting Derfel instead. My tombkings had an easy time as he take minimum magic defense and as a result, I massacre him. Despite so i fail to protect one flank, allowing his Prince on griffon to destroy my warmachine, archers. The horse archers fell too but that is only to stall for time for the ushabti to finish off that Prince. Having said that, the screaming did well, turn one a direct him cost derfel 3 dragon princes, one is a champion. another direct hit in the next turn nearly killed the monster and its rider. but it was a partial hit which i failed the 4+ roll. Another unit that deserves credit is the heavy horse. I was charged by his spearmen, 13 attacks abt 6 wounds... all saved. But the greatest troops are the scorpions. One destroyed a silver helm unit, the other destroyed the weakened dragon prince unit and killed the BSB with battle banner. It was a crushing victory. But i had an easy time. I admit :)

Derfel was very disappointed for a while as he feel that he have been losing a lot lately. He was severely defeated in a battle by Tsui in a campaign(which I wasn't involved) plus he had lost badly to my Dark Elves ( see previous posts weeks back). Fortunately we managed to talk him into playing another game with Kenneth which got kenneth destroyed :). however i do not know the details as i was asleep. but i know this time the knights armor did well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Battle with Victor and Strategic Ground in Warhammer

it was a slaughter.

in last sat's battle with victor, he onli have a darkrider left and i only lose a skink unit. the battle was entirely one sided. Victor had a great advantage in the beginning but he never realise nor exploit it in the end i manage to win because i exploited one thing.


lizardmen are one of the few races that could fully exploit terrain in the game. my skinks dash from cover to cover in the right flank and gradually make my way into his rbt firing positions. but it was the salamanders that r the greatest of all. victor's refusal to contest a hill situated at mid N.S, towards west part of the table let my salamanders claim this commanding position and i manage to blast many enemy. without the hill, my sallies could not have gained so much los. I went against the usual lizzie rule that sallies muz stick to the forest as the large numbers of woods in the right flank meant that most of victor's troops will be at my left.

Victor's made the following errors
1) he did not deny me the usage of the hill
2) he should not split his cavalry into two groups. Especially when knights r placed behind the woods which means they are forced in enter the middle of the battlefield where i outnumber him. If victor had not split his cavalry into two, he could have enough units to finally break my left flank
3) Victor did not maintain the coherency of his firing base. He made his 2 mages-spearmen unit move forward. this means that they can no longer protect his rbts and in addition by moving the infantry forward, he is making his sorcerous vulnerable. Victor should have noticed that I failed to take out his shooting for the first few turs of the game. He failed to exploit it which is a pity.

What I learnt other than from my foes's mistakes.

The onion formation is damn difficult to use when u have so few rank and file units. The lizardmen are so expensive that most of the troops r skinks. My left flank was in the danger of breaking down and in turn 2 i had resigned myself to the fact that i will be drawn in a long H to H combat which meant that my magic phase wold be shut off. Fortunately i manage to bring the manticore down despite failing the steed of shadows attack

The steed of shadows attack is only suitable to take out support units.

All in all, my hypothesis is correct. Lizzie magic is to take out enemy supporting units. Battles r won with saurus of all kinds and troops. I tried the heavy armor saurus. They are good :)

Monday, March 07, 2005

MSN Dialogue

I had a short dialogue with Jinlian on MSN. the topic is China-Taiwan. Enough being said

Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's a glorious day.

The night beofre Derfel challenged me to a game with high elves which i accepted. As i have not used the manticore for a long time. i decide to bring back the old manticore-cok team. In addition Sijin showed me a few links of GT-Winning Druchii Army lists. so i made a few slight adjustments.

all in all i used...

1 lvl 4, 1 lvl 2, BM on manticore

20 spears, 5 darkriders, 5 darkriders with rxb, 12 Rxbmen, 6 Cok, 6 Harpies,5 shades, 1 hydra.

The plan worked well! although the manticore is neutralised swiftly...the hydra charge in his spearmen block with the knights. and did untold amount of dmg. Derfel sent in support but these were all defeated. although its true that i had some gd rolls. the fact si also that derfel made quite a few mistakes that cost him to lose by such a wide margin. he have only one scroll. he did not allocate attacks properlyand there r some deployment defciencies.

Then I went to fight Elmer. Its a superb massacre. i m lucky that my SSC panic away his salamanders and shamans. my shooting with archers also whittle down many saurus. then his saurus lord fought well and destroy my ushabti's [he has solid defense] but a series of panic test finally force him to run. a small trick i learn is to move the carrion near a fleeing unit and magic-move it to charge to run the unit down. this is how i remove the saurus lord and a unit of saurus.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Talking with Jinlian...

jinlian is quite a nice lady. She is smart[enough]. humble and nice. She is also very practical. To be honest i kinda like her a lot. muz know her better. hehehe time to scheme and muz scheme properly manZ.

tomorrow is warhammer day but Alan not fighting. Coward refuse to bring his army. I will try to wack more heads tomorrow.