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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eldar vs Marines Story

I am sick of over-the-top stories of Space Marines kicking everyone's ass. So here is my own version of a typical 40k battle. It is obvious who wins since Eldar is involved haha. Nevertheless I am trying my best to show how both factions fight their wars. I admit that I do not know much about marines so I am only doing this with my limited knowledge for the case of the Astartes.

Here goes


Ceti V, a beautiful planet of blue oceans, lush green valleys and majestic mountains. It was a planet once termed as “Gem of the Void”, a living paradise ideal for human colonisation. But not all good things last forever and Ceti V soon became a living nightmare as the human settlers were hunted down by Eldar invaders; for the planet is also known as Laurathalas or the Cradle of Laura, maiden world that once belonged to the Eldar Empire.

The Eldar proved to be an elusive foe. They struck only when surprise can be achieved, and then disappeared back into the shadows once more, leaving only corpses in their wake. Soon the Imperium has no choice but to send some of its greatest defenders, the Adeptus Astartes Chapter of the Silver Hawks.

A relatively young chapter tracing its roots to the Blood Angels, Chapter Master Borreal is keen to proof the worth of those under his charge. Not taking this mission lightly, Borreal decided to deploy two battle companies and a reserve company. In addition, he have also mustered elements of the four support companies, pledging a total of two-thirds of the chapter's entire strength to this operation. His objection is no other than to deliver the Emperor's fury, to purge the planet of Xenos scum once and for all.


An analysis on the Eldar activities had suggested that the Xeno's main area of operations was at the jungles of the Koprulu sector. Borreal felt that it made tactical sense as thick jungle foliage helped in masking the troops movements of the Eldar who are well known for their subtlety and stealth. After instructing his sub-commanders on the coordinates for the orbital bombardment, the Chapter Master led his retinue to the drop pods, determined to lead the first wave of the attack.

The marines are only half correct. While it is true that the Koprulu jungles is a focal point of the Eldar activities, the Xenos are not encamped there. Instead, the Eldar forces of the Council of Lileath are waiting on the other side of the webway, ready to cross over to the planet whenever necessary through the huge webway portals built deep within the jungles.

Even without the scrying prowess of Farseer Iyandras Swordwind, the Eldar could tell that the Imperials are coming for them. The presence of Space Marine Battle Barges above the atmosphere followed by an orbital bombardment gave an obvious indication of the Marine's landing zone. Thus the moment the orbital bombardment ceased, teams of Eldar troopers stepped out of their hiding places, ready to welcome the Astartes with a fiery reception.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saving a Farseer

Skimmers surf along the dusty plains of Kanya Prime. Within each vessel of war house a squad of aspect warriors, ready to shed blood in the name of Khaine. Their goal is none other than the fortress of Bal, in which of the greatest farseers of the Biel Tan was imprisoned.

But this is not an easy task. For the premises are guarded by five thousand imperial guard, veterens of the war at the Eye of Terror. Outnumbered ten to one, the Eldar warhost could not afford to storm the fortress but have to rely on stealth and cunning.

Farseer Bazakahin sat motionlessly in the middle of the dusty plains, his mind focused on the huge Imperial fortress far out in the horizon. He skimmed through the different threads of reality, trying to find means to break into the fortress with the minimum loss of lives. After hours of contemplation, he stood up, and project a single thought straight into the heart of the Imperial fortress.

“Macha, here we come.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ottoman Chaos

Haha the Ottoman military tree in ETW is a real mess. Due to the lack of a general well rounded line infantry capable of challenging the Western Powers, players will end up buying a variety of units to perform specific roles. Bring in the lack of funds and also the fact the decent troops can only be recruited in certain areas meant that a typical Ottoman army will look like a melting pot.

The picture above shows one of my "late game" armies. I am already winning and this is one of the battles for the last cities in india. However I still have not mustered enough resources to build a modern "Nizam" army; which explains why this army still look somewhat like the rabble I have in early game (the fact that I have 2 units of Janissary gunners hinted that this is a late game army, janissaries in early game? u must be joking ha!)

Anyway allow me to explain. In the center foreground, we see janissary gunners with their green cloaks and silver rifles mobbing up an indian artillery position. To support, I threw in some irregulars with swords (they have cool red/white turbans and held swords, one dude is seen jumping onto the emplacements) To the left, my camel cavalry are charging into the fray while far into the background, you can see my behouin infantry rushing in to join the fun (a bit late though). In the extreme, you can see the ottoman line infantry. I only have one unit as they cannot be recruited in india.