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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Longbeard Rangers update

I have finished my longbeard rangers...well sort of. There is still the standard bearer but it is not part of the July target. Here are the pictures.

Front View (Note also that Lawrence's Roman is also finished, it will be featured in the histrocial blog)

Another view

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Painting Challenge again

Once again, we are being tested with the painting challenge. *Groan*

As some may know, I am in the midst of doing 2 armies simultaneously, 1 fantasy force and a historical force. It is quite fun really, rushing to do some Kallavaroi here while doing up some rangers in another week.

But with this painting challenge coming up, I must really strategise. I will still stick to the "No new purchase till the existing ones get done" rule for my historicals though.

So the strategy is like this.

Paint historicals all the time. For weeks where i m going to kenneth's i will be doing Dwarves. I will try not to have any half done dwarven projects. Any unfinished minis on sat will be done asap in the following week. Another time to do my dwarves will be the period when my historicals are being shipped from UK. This usually takes about 28 days...lots of time to do up a dwarven regiment.

I will be buying at least 2 more shipments of Byzantines from now till June 2011 (the date the challenge closes). The minis pledged are the following

10 Themata Kallavaroi
14 Cataphracts plus Archers
24 Infantry including Archers

4 Longbeard Rangers
13 Miners
1 Warrior Standard bearer
7 Warmachien Crews
4 Dwarven Characters
1 Gryocopter
20 Hammerers

The other blog will still continue to feature historical armies and historical battle reports. This blog will handle the rest. I will hardly be talking about non hobby stuff now (such as religion, politics etc).

Anyway for the fun of mighty Cold One Knights of the Darkspear Clan.