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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Game on 29 Sep 2012 and some thoughts

Today I had a rare opportunity to have a game of Warhammer 40k at Fusionopolis.  My opponent is Jonathan Quek who was introduced to me by Lawrence.  The game will involved my Sisters of Battles (1st time using the WD list) again Jon's Tyranids.

I was fortunate that Jon has been patient with me and let me redo some of my steps that I did wrongly, these include me forgetting to roll for faith points and forgetting my rhino has the Shield of Faith special rule (that's crucial as that roll of the 6 deny him the first blood victory point).  I manage to secure a solid win, mostly through Jon's patience as well as my white Exorcist passing its cover saves and thus allowing to fire 2d6 S8 ap1 shots a turn which slowly but surely take out the Monstrous Creatures.  There was a turn that the Trygon seems to be able to break into my lines, having survive turns of small arm, missile and melta fire, but it lost its final wound due to a stand and shoot action by the Battle Sister Squad Veteren Superior with her plasma gun.  The Repentias died badly but it's largely due to them failing charge and being expose in the open.  When they were in cover, they were quite resilent. 

Generally I kinda got used to the change in the Sisters of Battle.  I hope there will not be anymore major changes when the proper codex got released (with the exception of bringing my old Witch Hunter Inquisitor, his henchmen and assassins back).  I had so much fun that I dun really feel like playing Eldar anymore.  Here's a army that offer a more enjoyable gameplay experience, as well as having an aesthetic design that appeal more to me.  That doesn't mean I am going to get rid of my Eldar though, I still have the Seer Council bought by HH years ago when we just dated (and I have yet to paint them considering that we are already married!!!).  I also want to test my painting abilities on the Harlequins.  Nah, my Eldar will be on stasis.  In the event if GW really terminate the Sisters line, I still have the space elves to fall back on.

The good news is this left nothing much to look forward to in terms of painting for 40k.  I have some loose ends to tie here and there for both Sisters and Eldar and that's it.  GW is not going to update Sisters for some time while I am not buying more Eldar as they are now renegaded into my reserve army.

As I look at my painting list now, I can see that most are historical stuff.  Great!  I will target to finish my Byzantine army (whatever is in my hands now) by March.  It is not as easy as it sounds though as I don't know if my Psiloi parts are ever coming from PI (and if the Psiloi really comes, I am commited to finish up buying the Kontariot infantry fronm Gripping Beast).  Let's see how things go.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Facing Supply Shocks

Strictly speaking my historical project is going well. I have order significant amount of stuff at relative low cost it is just that the rate which PI got its historical stocks is very low. After nearly 6 weeks after we place our order, I got only 1 box of Numidians. Lawrence is lucky and have gotten the big chunk of his Macedonian Phalangites.

  Realising that I would not be able to build my Numidians fast enough, I then proceed to work on my Byzantines but Alas! The prices have increased so much that they are only slightly cheaper than Gamesworkshop. It is so bad that I have to resort to Ebay for my Tagmata Heavy Kavallarioi. I have no cheap options for Byzantine Spearmen and will have to buy them from Gripping Beast. It is fortunate that I manage to win the bid. Let’s hope the stuff arrives on time. (Note in this 1 week when I did my ebay bidding, the price of GB cavalry increase by yet another pound!!!) With these two purchase, I have more or less complete my Byzantine army.

Due to high shipping charges from England and lack of domestic suppliers for most metal ranges, I have to resort to plastic armies. Even though my Numidians are primarily plastic, the Spanish Cavalry and elephants and command will exert significant pressure on my resources, maybe I really have to switch to Twilight of Greece (I hope not!). Anyway I will have to stick to plastic based armies in the future. This meant that there isn’t much armies to do. Only viable ones I see are Normans, Vikings and Saxons. As spoken to Victor the last time, I am thinking of doing a Italo-Norman-Lombard army as opponents of my Byzantines. I think it will be unlikely given the latest development (due to time and also it will be quite pointless if Elmer is doing crusaders) but I see how.