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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Words of Khara

I am angry because I have followed the rules all these years yet now those ideals r scorn upon.

I am angry coz institutions champion the wrong values for profit.

I am angry coz many r morally corrupted yet still taught the next generation its not wrong to do so.

I am angry coz there are lies all around.

I am so angry that i pray that I shall never hold the sword of destruction

For cities shall burn and civilisation shall fall.

As I cleansed this world that I so much loved

All the tears have already dried

and if the day comes...

I shall not no longer weep.

- Before the Fall

(hope i translated rite)

Disaster at Grey Mountains

The Darkspears met its first defeat ever since its Penal Legion Days. Our supplies are running low and upon receiving Lord Malekith’s orders to rendezvous with the Black Ark, Jade Dragon, we rush across the Grey Mountains only to be ambushed at the foothills near Athel Loren. I immediately instruct, our rising star young lord Darkspear to perform rear guard duty while I push forward with the women children and most importantly, Lord Malekith’s present, an ogre butcher (this is the main reason why Lord Malekith bother to relieve us).

Unfortunately the battle did not go well. Our troops were too hungry to perform. With overwhelming effort, Lord Darkspear and the knights broke the asrai center consisting of tree spirits but the lack of strength allow these beings to escape and deal with the rest of the army. To make the matter worse, when the young lord ordered to pull back, his manticore finally lost its strength and fails to take off and was run down by wardancers. The knights rushed to save their lord but were finally overwhelmed by the Asrai Horde. Ironically they were killed to the last elf by the very tree kin unit they broke earlier. That tree kin unit rolled up our forces in the end capturing both Lilth and Tesela. I am very angry with the darkspears for losing their nerves and failing to protect Lilth. At least those fools manage to warn me of the disaster.

When I returned, the battle is over. Fortunately casualties are light, most troops simply suffer from arrow wounds. We lost a total of 240 men and 60 harpies. The asrai lost 330 men. However all the druchii senior officers were captured. I tried to parley and asked for their release but no reply came. However the young lord and my two apprentices were seen next morning. Young Lord is grievously wounded but he can fight again if medical care is given swiftly. The other two survived due to the magic shield spells I taught them. Thankful I place a large amt of iron and captured asrai and some asur equipment as some form of payment.

We are now at the blighted island now, off the coast of ulthuan. Lord Malekith in his wisdom has showed mercy, being aware that the entire force should not be punished as the main problem comes from the lack of supplies and reinforcements. Good troops should not be wasted.The Darkspears Penal Legion is resting now, as well as re-equipping. Unfortunately our Penal Legion status still remained and reinforcements are not allowed, I have lost 130 Knights so far and I no longer have enough warriors to form a unit. This will be a problem.

Lady Veronia Darkspear, Penal Legion Commander in Chief

Today’s game is interesting. Both ahx and I tried too do great maneuvers, ahx ended up moving ard clumsily and the battle turn out to b a slugfest in the center, my maneuver ended up with my general killed. Lol dice slightly below average for me…pursue and fleeing distance sux…dat’s y I say darkspears r malnourished. Well, with my superb luck vs tsui last fri, I got nothing to complain. one interesting thing is dat with 18 inch movement wildriders dun need to commit too early, turn 4 and turn 5 also can b effective. Today’s game is great thx AHX. I also learned that if the enemy had a non-maneuverable flank, sending a noble with a chariot could deal wif it.

Friday, May 05, 2006

2 Games in a row.

The young highborn shivered as he sees the marauding horde before him. These foes were the worst of any kinds. They humiliate you, they strip you of your belongings and then they eat you alive. Their barbaric brutality is on par to that of the druchii. They are ogres.

After Lady Veronia’s defeat of the combined armies of two elector counts, the Penal legion, burdened by all the loot crawled their way into central Empire. It was here that they met a migrating horde of ogres, led by Tyrant Soo. Young Lord Darkspear remembered the circumstances then.

“Our scouts have reported that the ogres are too close and there is no way that we can avoid them. You will lead the rearguard while I will bring the bulk of the army to safety.”

“But my Lady, I have no experience in command. We need your experience.”

“You are a Darkspear highborn and that is enough. Take the manticore and the new unit of super infantrymen and all will be well. Shoot those ugly brutes to bits. My Dark Magic is useless against them and I am needed here anyway.”

So in the end, the young highborn was in command. Following lady Veronia’s advice, he anchored his defenses around a forest. The super infantrymen, formed by the veterans of the red guard and darkspear regiments guard the center, crossbows ready. Cold one knights and darkriders guard a small pass among the trees, preventing and brutes from hitting the main formations via a sneak attack. Shades position themselves in the forest, ready to harass.

The battle began with the horde lumbering forward, spearheaded by a giant. The penal legion focus all the firepower and manage to take out the brutal beast, buying time for them.

The ogres then counter fire with their gunpowder troops but suffer more casualties themselves than the elves…blah gunpowder. Then the ogres charge, the ironguts led by the tyrant himself charge into regiment Kenf, which sacrifice themselves by fleeing and diverting the monsters from the rest of the army.a second unit led by a butcher charge the super infantryman, the latter’s magnificent swordsmanship beat the brute strength of the bulls but the ogres held.

Seeing that the ogres have mainly committed their forces, the elven cavalry charge across the pass, hitting the ogre reserves. Darkriders hit the bulls who laughed initially only to be cut into small pieces by the heralds of naggarroth. The cold one knights destroyed the gnoblars.

Seeing his chance, the highborn hit the butcher unit who finally drove off the super infantrymen, the inexperience warrior miss all his attacks but the thought of his butt facing the foe is enough for the butcher to call for a retreat only to be run down and beheaded.

It was at this point did the ogre ambush appear, a lone gorger try to confront the young lord but was intercepted by a junior officer on a chariot, the noble was butchered but he buy enough time for the darkspears to countercharge and take out the abomination.

At this point, the elves were clearly winning, a lead belcher shot tesela point blank but her small size saved her. The druchii general then spot the second ogre butcher, charging forward he knocked the brute unconscious with the shaft of his halberd and chase down the fleeing ogres. That was enough for the tyrant, who ordered the attack to be called off. The druchii had prevailed

The victorious rear guard had barely brought their captives to the main camp when they were attacked again, this time by the asrai who wee tailing them since they reach the Empire. “Go on.” Encouraged Lady Veronia and so the young highborn led his troops to war again. This time he had the support of witch elves.
The Highborn noticed that the Asrai were avoiding a firing exchange and therefore he decided to send all his cavalry, his harpies and witch elves against the asrai firing base far in the left flank while he formed his firing base in the right. It’s the standard refused flank however as the army is deployed so far apart, the young highborn is unaware of the happenings to the far left. He focuses his attention full on the forces before him. Some glade riders, dryads, wild riders, warhawk riders and a treeman. A little excited, the young lord led his manticore to a forest when he take a piss, only to see some waywatchers led by a noble ran out of the trees in terror. The noble rallied, but the waywatchers continue fleeing, seeing the poor guy alone, the dark elven general charge in the butchered the treehugger only to be charged in the flank by warriors of the wild hunt. The impending doom caused the highborn and his mount to slash left and right, eyes closed. Before they knew it, Orion’s best troops were dead, the druchii unscathed.

Realizing that he still has a battle to direct, the highborn rush to his center only to see a treeman, laden with reaper bolts felling in front of Lilth. A druchii noble was chopping limbs of dead dryads and making repairs to his chariot. The druchii general then spot the warhawk riders, charging into the crossbowmen without shields in the rear only to lose half of the number. Slightly demoralized, they pulled back and charge at tesela who block their blows with her staff. The highborn laughed and rush forward to help only to see the hawks panic and run down. In just an hour, the highborn’s flank had neutralized all his opposing asrai. Leading his troops, he approach the left flank carefully…it was not a sight he expected. He sees no signs of life, just great piles of dead. Bodies of opposing glade riders and masses of dead war dancers surrounded the knights. The witch elves were all dead on a hill, killed by arrows but the bodies of dryads too surrounded them and glade guards nearly twice their number. Only the darkriders and harpy dead were not surrounded by enemy dead. The Highborn immediately realized what happened. Apparently those two units of elite warriors have plowed through the entire asrai’s right. 200 troops killing nearly three times of their number.

Smiling, the Druchii General remarked,” Have the names of the members of those two regiments noted down, they are to be glorified. Cut off the heads of enemy dead as evidence, I think we have just earned the right to return to Naggaroth once more.”