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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Battle against Warboss Elmer's O&G 3k,

This is General Veronia Darkspear reporting.  I was leading the expedition force northwards to engage the army of Warboss Elmer.  The terrain was treacherous with Arcane ruins and artifacts that could hurt any army passing through.

On the morning of the day of the fateful battle, I had instructed the troops to have an early breakfast and move off quickly.  Unfortunately we were engage before we can cover much ground.  It was a dawn attack and I have to hastily deploy my troops.  Unfortunately the corsairs were out of position and due to the presence of a dangerous statue that shoot laser beams on my left, I am unable to deploy my spearblock to support Tesela.  (If I do not, I will be blocking the view of my archers, and I cannot deploy the archers to far left due to that menacing statue).  All I could do is to put Hag Queen's Witch Elves regiment there.  It seems that the Greenskins bumped into us by accident too, with most of their infantry on their left (our right) and their chariots and light spider cavalry on their left.

A picture speaks a thousand words.  The deployment.

The battle went well at first.  With the corsairs beating of the Orc cavalry with a combination of luck and magic.  Hella led her Witch Elves in a brave assault into the enemy main unit but it was a trap.  The unit was cut down by a combination of poison arrows and boulders flung from war machines.  Seeing that her unit was lost, Hella made a solo charge into the main savage Orc unit, slaying the enemy general before succumbing to the retaliation of the general's retinue.

Dreadlord Draken's unit was severely decimated by goblin suicide flyers, there was a moment when he could save the situation by charging some trolls (who are heading towards me), but the unit fumbled in the terrain and get countercharged instead.  Eventually the knights were all wiped out but Draken manage to flee and left the battlefield...what a coward.  He has lost the respect of his troops as a result.

Our troops fought hard but we were gradually overwhelmed.  My magic was doing well at first but towards the end the winds of magic were too weak.  Slowly but surely the Corsairs and some archers were taken out.  In the end, we have to quit the field with two thirds of our forces destroyed.

Druchii Survivors

My only consolation were that both the enemy lords were slain while Hag Queen Hella was taken out, albeit she died glorious as a citizen of the Empire despite being a rebel.

Hella, look left and right and saw her sisters falling under the storm of arrows.  She looked up and spied a giant Savage Orc directing the Orc archers.  That must be the enemy general!  The Hag Queen sprinted towards the foe, catching the Orc General by surprise. Delivering a series of quick cuts, one at the throat, two at the chest and four at the belly, the Hag Queen was too quick for the Orc General who die immediately to the effects of the quick acting poison.  It took some time for the general's bodyguard to register the death of their leader, but soon their confusion was replaced by fury and with  a loud cry of waagh, they mobbed the Hag Queen.  Hella parried many blows but still some of the attacks went through and she was left bleeding at many places.  

"I guess so this is it.  Having the chance to best such a powerful foe, there is nothing much else a warrior could wish for.  It will be an appropriate and good death, I am satisfied."

With that, the Hag Queen shut her eyes and she did not have to wait long for the killing blow to come.


Weeks later Lord Draken finally made his way to the retreating Dark Elven forces.  There will be no more battle and the Druchii were going home.  His reputation was utterly ruined and his only consolation was the vast amount of gold that the government has offered as compensation for the loss many troops under his command.

Draken and Hag Queen Hella has earlier strategised that if they could beat off the Greenskin army before them, they could easily flee to the northern lands out of the country and return to invade the empire next time.  But with this defeat and the loss of most of his assault troops, Draken knew that he need a more creative solution.  So it was that during the cover of a night, the rebels sneaked out of the city of Revel by boat by paying large sums of money to the merchants for safe passage.  By the time the Imperials found out, it was too late.

However the story was not over, the Druchii rebels had plundered the area and killed many innocents.  Now that they have escaped, the Russian and Norse lords of the area are mustering an expedition force and with the support of Vern, they intend to bring the fight to the enemy.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


“Haha.  Why did she send you? To parley?”  Hag Queen Hella could not be more pleased with the arrival of the Imperial negotiator.  The results of the last battle was more fruitful than she thought, how only had she and her allies crush the elite Imperial New Byzantine army, they had also secured lots of gold and slaves and now to her pleasant surprise, the Imperials had sent their negotiators.

“Indeed I am here to ask for terms.  In a few weeks times, we will be fighting against the Orc and Goblin Army of Warlord Elmer, and I am under orders by Vern and Commander in Chief Repanse De Lyonese to invite you and your legions to participate.”  The name of the Imperial negotiator was Bernon and his tone was calm and confident despite being surrounded by menacing elves.

Upon hearing this Hellas howled with laughter and said mockingly, “Participate?  More likely to send me to waste my forces against the Warlord so those two cunning foxes can wipe me out.  I am not a fool!”  Then came laughter and jeering as several of her handmaidens participated in the humiliation.

Bernon nodded slightly, “Indeed this is one of our attempts to destroy you.  But think about it.  Ever since your great victory last month, you have been trapped in this city of Reval.  To the North are the icy wastes and to your Southeast is the Imperial Bastion of Novgorod.  All other areas are blocked by the sea.  Your forces are trapped now, you cannot take to the boats as your troops will be no match to our Norse fleets.  Indeed we cannot beat you in a pitch battle, not yet, but will you risk all your soldiers in attempting to storm Novgorod without siege engines?  Indeed you can’t.  So now you are trapped in this city relying on supplies raided and those sold to you by the merchants, once you run out of your plunder you will starve.” 

Bernon raised his head and continued, “So listen to our suggestion.  We are willing to pay you and your allies ten thousand gold coins upfront.  For every casualty you suffered in the battle, we will pay your double the amount you paid them.  With the gold you easily replenish your forces (if you can find recruits), haven’t the merchant guilds been supplying you with supplies and mercenary reinforcements?  Besides, didn’t you always want to fight in the battles with the other warlords, did you not raise your flag of rebellion after being denied the chance to fight previously?  Besides, if you troops are as good as you claim, you could have pulled off without much causalties.

Hellas sunk back into her chair, indeed the negotiator was right.  She is now trapped and he had also wisely stroke her emotions by playing into her desire to participate in wars overseas. 

Her thoughts were interrupted by her ally, DreadLord Draken.  “Only if I am made Supreme Commander, and I want every soldier participating in the battle to be under by command, even after the battle.”

Bernon shook his head, “No I am sorry.  You are too low ranking compared to Lady Veronia Darkspear.”

The room went silent.  So Lady Veronia Darkspear has arrived in the North.  The most senior and experienced commander of the Imperial armies, veteran of thousands of battles and more important the chief architect in the formation of the Druchii armies within the empire.  So skilled is her in the art of war that she was known to singlehandedly defeat armies.  Lady Darkspear was appointed to lead campaigns and not battles.  No the battle against the Greenskins is just a sideshow, the real target was Hella’s rebellion…


Bernon left the gates of the city at nightfall.  The rebel leaders had asked for time for an internal discussion but within an hour they had given the answer.  The name of Lady Veronia Darkspear is sufficient to strike fear and admiration in the hearts of these rebels.  In two weeks time, a thousand and six hundred elves will march out of Reval to join the Imperial forces.  Bernon remember the teachings of Sun Tzu, hem in the enemy from all sides and he will fight to the death, leave an oulet for escape and he will lose the courage to fight.  Indeed, by offering the rebels to fight in the battle against Warlord Elmer and thus the opportunity to flee into the wilderness at the end of the fighting, the rebellion alliance will dissolved on its own.  Bernon smiled, indeed who says war is all about strength…

I know this is a bit Deus Machina but I cannot really find the time to play another battle so I am going to borrow's Elmer's "knife" to see how Hella's forces will fare.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

CNY Eve Battle

As it is the custom of the Lim family to wage war on CNY eve, we have used this opportunity to launch an expedition against the rebel Hag Queen Hella.  Rather than giving long and wordy descriptions, we will simply attach photos with comments.  Enjoy folks.  It is the first time that I am leading an army by the way.

The view of the rebel druchii army from the vantage point of the hill where the Nubian archers were stationed

Commander in Chief Repanse De Lyonese brief the troops.

Last chance to parley with the rebels

Waving his big sword, the Druchii Knighty Master challenge Emperor Basil to one on one combat.

 Emperor Basil manage to survive by merely taking a single wound, he quickly fled back to his lines.  Due to them winning the pre-battle challenge by 1 point, the rebels can for one time modify the combat resolution of any the combat in the game by 1 point.  (Not that they need it)

The battle begins!  Skirmishers of both sides move forward to seize advantageous positions

 The Rebels go first and they start by sending the shades to shoot the Byzantine Cataphracts with repeater crossbows

 The Imperial left did not do well either as druchii rbt bolts cut down scores of Latin knights.

The Imperials know that they cannot left this go on forever.  Therefore Repanse ordered a general advance with the cavalry.

The Light cavalry make a bold advance towards the corsairs with the real objective being the crossbowmen in the far druchii right.  The light cavalry are not afraid of being charged by the corsairs as in the event the corsairs charge, the masses of Byzantine horses should be able to overwhelm the Cold One knights in the following turn.

 The Druchii decide to play it safe and simply dakka the light cavalry.  But unfortunately only 40 (represented by 2 models) were cut down...oh no.

Meanwhile the druchii shades and rbts fire all they got at the cataphracts but there were still so many of them left.  Are the rebels going to lose both flanks to the Imperials?

On the Imperial right, the cataphracts charge the witch elves.  If victorious (most probably), they will overrun into the executioners and the roll over into the shades.

Repanse led the Latin Knights and charge into the Cold One knights!!!  The Spearelves are supposed to support but failed their fear test, but it is ok!!!

And on the far left, we see the light cavalry charging the druchii crossbowmen.  This seems to be a masterstroke by Repanse.  Surely the rebel lightly armored infantry will crumbled under Imperial steel.  The cold one knights should be chicken feet for Repanse rite?

Meanwhile the Nubian archers managed to snipe some shades.

Hey what's this?  The mighty cataphracts are defeated by witch elves???  This cannot be.

Repanse's Latin knights drawed with the cold ones also with equal casualties sufferd by both sides.  Repanse unit had only 5 models left, any further defeat will result in an autobreak.

At the left, the light cavalry actually lose combat...but they manage to hold....

Oh no, here we see the witch elves pursuing the cataphracts and ramming into the loyalist Druchii!!!

During the shooting phase in the Druchii turn, the Nubians suffered heavy shooting casualties and quit the field.

Sure enough, Repanse unit was defeated during the Druchii turn's combat phase, the unit broke and was chased down.  The C in C herself was captured.  The Cold ones pushed very closed to the spear elves.  Sorry for the poor picture here.  Never realise it was so dark

 But the Witch Elves do not need the help of the cold ones, they easily beat the spear elves and run down the unit, cutting down the Imperial BSB in the process.

Here we see what happen after the disastrous Druchii turn.   The light cavalry were defeated and have just rallied.  The medium cavalry make a desperate charge at the corsairs while the javelin men fling some javelins at the knights with no results.

In the close combat phase, the medium cavalry cause 1 less causalty than the enemy...

The medium cavalry broke and the Corsiars pursue into the javelins while the former got away.

We are now at the Druchii turn.  The Cataphracts had rallied previously and were treated with heavy fire by the Druchii ranged troops.

During the close combat phase, the corsairs beat the javelin men and overrun into the difficult terrain.  We see the Cold One Knights here, earlier during the movement phase they had chased the medium cavalry out of the board.

Back into the Imperium turn, the light cavalry seek shelther behind the forest (represented by the colorful CD)

While the surviving cataphracts charge the shades hoping to at least destroy one druchii unit and earning some VP.
But it was not to be so, the cataphracts suffered from rubber lances syndrome again and to the horror of the Imperials, all the cataphracts were killed.  Basil has to flee, the 3rd time in this entire battle.
Here we see the Druchii trying to catch Basil alive or shooting him down via shooting.  Luckily for him, the Witch Elves are frenzy and had to charge,  Basil thus fled off board and escaped capture.

 In the final turn (Imperials), the light cavalry ran out of the hiding place and threw some javelins.  No casualties were suffered by the Druchii.

And so it ends, the Druchii had wipe out all but one unit of Imperials while giving no VP in return.   There are some casualties but these are mostly replaced for the next battle.

The surviving Byzantine troops.  In terms of campaign story, the Imperials have to pay a huge ransome to redeem their commander in chief.  The Druchii agreed to the deal because they had to pay for the mercenaries which form a large part of their army.  Also they reasoned that having a poor Imperial Commander in Chief as an opponent will be good for them in the long term.  

The Imperials are lucky in that the reinforcements for the druchii are delayed (in real world this is reflected by the delay in the release of Heroes 6 shades of darkness).  So the Druchii could only replace their more basic units, the precious COK are not replaced.  (This is a decision in my part because I realise the Druchii are too powerful.  The pointage introduced by Leongrande are still not enough to address the powerful WHFB 7th Ed Dark Elf book.  So what I decide is to use back the original warhammer point cost for the next battle and find some other way to balance things out).

Other comments:  This game is a good opportunity to test out some trial rules.  I have not got a chance to try my flank charge trial rules but I did use my version of step up.  As brought up earleir my friends, it is too troublesome and easily forgotten in the heat of battle. Therefore I now fully support GW WHFB 8th Edition's version of stepup.  After further discussion with Soo days after the battle, I also began to understand the reason for GW's "fight in 2 ranks rule".  The main reason IMO was due to fun, admitedly it is not so fun to see so many troops dying without even a single chance to swing a weapon.  I personally dun think it is a big deal combining step up with fight in two ranks but we shall see in my coming WHFB game with Lawrence, Elmer and Fabian (I am not using any horde formation at all so it will be a good test).

In the next game, I will draft up a new Byzantine army to take on the Druchii.  I will significantly reduce the number of Byzantine cavalry as these are expensive.  In fact I am a bit fearful that they cannot survive my historical battles with lawrence and fabian.  1 single WS4, S4 attack with 2+ or 3+ save at about 40 points...I am not so sure if it is a good deal anymore,