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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Battle with Christoph

fought christoph yesterday. it's tough, he has 4 mages plus 2 heros. despite me doing a lot of dmg and killing a lot of his mages, he fight on and nearly force me to a draw. he sure have a lot of great ideas regarding goblin magic and items. in addition i find that goblin wolfriders with arrows and spear a deadly combination. YC shuld learn frm christoph

anyway darkspear clan prevail mainly due to the cold one regiments[who were actually supposed to be sacrificial troops] as well as the might of the 3 sorcerous. the rbts have a fair share of gd work too. well done darkspear clan

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Best game ever

i beat hongxi yesterday. me cult he DE. helost hs whole army, i lose a mounted daemonette, a fury, a devoted champion, a cok, a rbt crew. that's all. i yield zero points. PERFECT

Sunday, January 23, 2005

I m kinda disappointed my Tat Xiang

was playing against him yesterday, 500 border skirmish fight. Tat field 4 skinks units including one chameloeon while i field d.riders, corsairs and rbt. for abt 3 turns my rbt and magic was just tearing his skinks apart and he grumbled so loudly on me taking a "rare" choice. hello, i m not in the campaign and i follow closely to the cold steel rules dude. why gumble. anyway on seeing his face so "black" and at ahx's persuasion, i charge in with my corsairs. shuld not have charged man.. in the end the game ended in a draw with him having an advantage of 85 points [125 plus 60 - 100]. its obvious that winning is impt to him. i shuld not have charge but rather hold back my forces and obliterate him since he likes to win so much. anyway regarding ahx's its obvious he do not understand much abt DE. anyway its ok.

so tat wants a rematch this time no rare. fine enough, i m being restricted again by an even restricted army. given that i dun have much options... i dun even have points to field a proper hard hitting unit due to the cold steel rules. i just took corsairs, archers and harpies. i nearly won but bad dice rolls for the last two turns resulted in my entire force being eliminated. tat feels a lot better of coz but i m not. not because i lost but during the game, tat was throwing his dice in the "biased" way, i suspect he did that intentionally but as i have only heard rumors of such techniques and not actually seen them, i just kept quiet...i mean even ork dude in GW plays like that anyway. it was then when AHX saw how tat fling his dice and he pointed out...only then did tat stopped. i m kinda disappointed by Tat's conduct. before he picked up the hobby , he was talking abt being gamer-friendly etc. and now he is resorting to this...ok i do not know if he purposely do it[maybe he juz rolls dice this way just like the ork GW dude]. to make things worst, tat told me that he onli won because of dice rolls which meant that he too realised dices r a factor...thus making me wonder whether he tried to skew his dice rolls on purpose. i m very disappointed. until now i feel that i did nothing wrong by fielding an rbt, and i was being accused by being broken when i m trying to give my foe a leeway from time to time.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Future Shopping list

post it here for fun and for safety

Dark Elves

1 Chariot [for Noble Chariot]

Tomb Kings

1 VC skellies box set[maybe join up with Derfel}
1 Tomb Scorpion
1 TombGuard box set
3 Tomb Guard blisters[content dependent on BG boxed set]

Blitz Order

2 Spite Heads
1 Corsair Champion w pointing finger
Kenf’s “furry” skeleton musician

Unconfirmed list

4 Darkriders
1 Cold One Chariot
1 Bone Giant
1 Box TK Skeleton Archers
1 Queen Khalida

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Some sites need to shake up their internet capabilities

GW nearly screw me. when i try to download the woodelf nearly hang. damn mad. apparently something's wrong with GW's file.

played with Sijin and andy yesterday. vs sijin its basically infantry vs cav. i kow all cav de is gd but i dunno its so gd. my infantry blocks juz crumble under pressure from so may sides. yes it true thathis armor is steady and my own damages aren't impressive. and yup sijin is right wen he say i put the rbt wrongly. why give the archers priority when a wood is guarding my flank. although derfel agress that had my noble not screw up in his to wounds rolls. i could have ended up with a draw.

against andy. the same problem with tk mages arises. no place to hide. i think i have to practise more. especially with my new lists. TK rules oh man i got so many stuff to paint.

1 Hydra
12 Executioners
15 Blackguard
1 Noble Chariot
1 Corsair BSB and 4 corsair

2 skeleton Chariots
12 Archers
19 Ebonian Spearmen [dun forget the VC skellie musican]
1 Bone Giant
1 Scorpion.

after these...then i will think abt a new army.

i think i need to get a new force. one which allows me to manuveur and shoot well, bombard with magic and then hit with overwhelming force. DE dun have gd mobile shooting although out magic missles are superb. HE have gd shooting but their magic leaves more to be desired. maybe woodelf can serve my purpose.

Last week i tried to spend time with Jane bt i was unsuccessful. sigh tomorrow i will get to see Catherine and adeline again. dunno wat stunt catherine will do this time. i hope she gets my message soon enough. AHX ask me to give adeline a he's crazy.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Darkspear Clan have their revenge

today darkspear clan has their revenge. an allied force of high elves and dark elves vs daemonic hosts and beastmen[obvious who i m fighting]. and in the end almost all the armies are destroyed.....BUT...darkspear clan has over 1000 points left [1072 to be exact]. the total head count is this treating each model as 10 men, characters not included.

those that survived that battle and not flee: Veronia, Lilth, Tesela. 60 CoK, 60 Harpies
those that flee of board: 20 rbt crewmen[10 teams], 200 Spearmen
those that died: 150 Corsairs, 100 Archers, 50 Darkriders, 50 Shades, 20 rbt crewmen, 10 chariots/20 crewmen

which means death toll = 240/483 which is slightly less that 50% YAY. its a great victory for the darkspears. hahaha all they take out r support troops.

today i pointed out to andy the legions's weakness. there is nothing to take out skirmishers except screamers. he dun think that's a major problem though. i take out a substantial amount of guys with hit and run tactics using my mages[see so obvious daemons cannot take out skirmishers...see la lol]. not to mention the bravery of the rbt crews who take out so many foes in shooting[poor tuskgor chariots]. and kenf had a lot of shit from arrow shooting in the first turn. beastherd with 2 mages just run away. all in all its obvious that its my army that deal the dmg and they r also the ones that survive unscathed. lol kenf was saying why must i deny them victory. fabian had a hard time though. his entire army is destroyed onli a single model remain. ok i dunno how many flee off board, seems to be a lot but darkspear clan dun many high elves,beastmen are dead today. GOOD. daemons r banished away too but fluffwise andy dun care...oh fabian took out his andy's daemon prince though..the dude will need yrs to return

all in all its a gd game with lotsa of upset and action. the chaos close combat were magnificent but the elves [especially me] played like true elves and just tried to take out our rivals via shooting and magic alone. fabian tried to fight and he lost....nothing else to say... lol. yes i know i m nasty but who cares abt high elves. look tesela see the light, man.

regarding other stuff. jane ask me if she can be affectionate to me. of course she can. i will not write much now as i suspect she may be actually reading these.

Saturday, January 01, 2005


yesterday night jane told me that there r two others guys who said that they like her and apparently she seems to belive them. and right now she is going to join one of them[i think its one of them] for dinner. personally i doubt that they really like her. c'mon man during new years day they r all partying away wif their frens and its I who cancelled all my rp sessions to spend time with jane. i told jane that but i dunno if she believed me. i really hope that there is a chance for me to prove my sincerity. i doubt jane even cares now with three guys giving her so much attention. she did nt even bother to save the address of this blog.

i m feeling raher down lately because of all these competition...wat if jane choose someone else.....sigh. and she has said that she dun like my dress sense. blame mum for saboing me. where are all my nice clothes? all gone. all replaced by these uncle clothes and have no money to buy my own clothes....weep