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Friday, March 20, 2015

Even more wargear

I had been busy painting and thus not blogging much.  But here other the other Epic stuff painted.

Marauder Bombers

My chief (and only) bomber planes.  I do not intend to make the airforce a large part of my force and these guys are bought to provide ground support fire when I ran out of slots.

According to 40k Wikia; "The Marauder Bomber is the primary atmospheric bomber aircraft used by the Imperial Navy. The Marauder was previously used by the Imperial Navy as their primary bomber for operations in vacuum, but has since been replaced by the more powerful Starhawk Bomber. The aircraft is usually based on an orbiting starship, and can operate in the vacuum of space as well as in a planet's atmosphere. During a prolonged Imperial campaign, Imperial Navy airbases can be established on the ground, but due to the Marauder's extreme range they are located safely behind the front, sometimes even on another continent from the frontlines. During ground assault missions, the Imperial Guard forces on the ground will mark the enemy's positions with coloured flares. Sometimes experienced Imperial Navy pilots will accompany the ground forces to better coordinate air strikes."

Next are my Centaurs transport.  These vehicles are used as light transports and are only available to my DKOK list.  They will be used to transport my Grenadiers as well as to tow my light artillery.  Here's the fluff

The Centaur is a small armoured utility vehicle of theImperial Guard that is used in a wide variety of battlefield roles. The Centaur can serve as a Command Squadtransport, a communications vehicle, and a supply vehicle, but is most commonly used as an artillery tow vehicle during prolonged sieges of fixed enemy emplacements. The vehicle has a normal crew complement of only two -- a driver and a gunner -- but can be crewed by just one in special circumstances. During sieges the Centaur can tow the lighter pieces of artillery and the crew can ride in the back until they reach their destination. Up to five passengers can ride in a Centaur's crew compartment.
The Centaur can be used for a large number of logistical purposes on the battlefield, but the most common use is that of artillery tow vehicle. The vehicle has a very powerful engine capable of pulling artillery pieces such as the Heavy Mortar Cannon and the Quad Cannon across the battlefield. It can also tow the much heavier Earthshaker Cannon and Medusa Siege Gun, but only on flat terrain. Passengers in a Centaur can mount any heavy or special weapons they may possess to a mount on the vehicle near the front, adding their firepower to that of the vehicle. A Centaur can also be assigned to a squad of Imperial Guard Grenadiers as a transport. In this case the vehicle is also modified with extra armour plating to protect its crew and passengers from enemy fire. When not being used to tow heavy weapons, the vehicle is capable of moving very quickly, at speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour off-road. Centaur crews greatly enjoy moving at this speed as it keeps them safer from enemy fire. 

Close up with crew!