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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Draw with Kenneth

Fought with Kenneth's Beastmen for the 3rd time. this time his army is led by a mightly shaggoth. Unfortunately due to a hill that provide cover for him, I could not shoot down his shaggoth with my rbt.

however i still manage to get a draw(he has abt 60 -160 advantage) , had not it been his gd break test, i could have won a major victory. here r some of the highlights...

1) as mentioned kenneth placed his shaggoth in the flank under the cover of a hill. i lure him forward with rxbmen making him fail charge(the price the rxbmen paid is to flee off board). witch elves charge him in the flank, a challenge ensue and i cause 2 wounds, he cause 4. i win him by 3. he passed his ld( he has been rolling well the entire day...i expect his break test to be bad). with victory eluding them, the witch elves were flank charged by a chariot and destroyed.

2) the cold one knight team charge the beast herd, bad to hit rolls by the knights (plus i 4got his shaman has 3 wounds) resulted in a draw. i had did a word of pain but lilth miscasted and became a squig-like. in the next turn my cold ones ate many gors and my knights fought well with swords. I lost no men and win combat by 5, he needed a double one and he passed... fortunately i still strike first in the 3rd turn, i brutalise him and managed to break him this time...running him down. the cold one knight team has emerged victorious once more. it is a very tough unit.

3) his minotaurs came from the other flank. my corsairs when to face him, hoping that the bloodgreed special rule will expose a flank to my spears. it could have worked well had not he charge my spearmen in the flank. that was a mistake of mine in keeping the chriot alive (i used kenf's own chariot to shield my general from his herd). i expected to win but ended up losing. i held but failed the panic test when the corsairs r killed. the spears flee into the forest with the chariot behind, chariot took 1 wound. it's quite tought though and it survive many maggic missles from tesela. fortunately YQ reminded me and i finished of the chariot with a well placed doombolt from the stick (which got exhaused in the process)

all in all i m happy and kenf is very surprised that he did not win. he congratuate me for my resilence [heh heh]. I am very proud that i survive despite my bad magic and shooting[one phase will screw up every turn...the crucial turn 2 is worst both screw up)

i fought soo's ogres too using a very powered down list, i m surprised that he came up with a hard list (1 ironguts, 2 leadblerchers, 2 gougers). actually the list is illegal but i m ok with it as i drawed and did not lose.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Walk down ST 13

On my way home, I came across Yinghui. Decided to walk her home.
Apparently she had chose to graduate and is now teaching in Fuhua Secondary.
She told me abt Emily, they were getting on their careers....
Zhimin and Shuwen doing their masters and PhDs.
All these only meant that...

I am the only one who is still an undergrad. Why?
One reason...

I am male.

After Yinghui got up her lift, i walked the last 300 mteres or so on my own, thinking of what the state has taken away from me.

2.5 years of youth, my first true love, the life on my friend, my health and nearly [nearly] prevented me from doing my final duties as a son for my Dad.
My mind immediately flashes through the events that had taken place during those times...

[in order]

My farewell with Jiayi,
alone in the sandpit, crawling my way out with my bare hands and losing control of my legs
the jeers, insults and mockery of my "friends"
the loss of pride, the feelings of being a broken man
"crawling" back to Jiayi, seeking a warmth that never came
in the deployment grounds, talking to Jane via handphone in the midst of the rain
insulted by my own men

and later also...
Being praised by my own officer
earning the respect of the soldiers that had mocked me.
Saving the life of one of the soldiers
experiencing full control and having my best moments in front of Major Anthony.

Now as I sat in front of this computer and typing. I remembered how Yinghui was complainning that she looked like a nerd. I remembered how I smiled. How I brushed these petty matters aside. I am beyond these cosmetics things.

There are many other things that a man has to worry about. Responsibility, duty and respect.
For your Country, for your family, for your loved ones, for your friends.

THat's what being a man is about.
That's what the two years and four months of national service is about.
It's about learning to give our best to our loved ones
And earning the respect and self esteem

The best part of being a man,
is not about what you have,
but rather, its about

Earning it.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Blog Links

until i can find a way to fix the blog links, i will put the addresses of my frens over here

Adeline Chan:

that's abt all for now. As for Catherine and Jane...i will hold on to them in "my favourites" first.

today's i had 2 achievements...
finally had time to watch Seoul raiders and see the hot korean babes
I also cleared 66% of econometrics in 2 hours. Superb

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Battle with Tsui and Michael

Michael asked me for a game yesterday which i promptly accepts. He is playing the empire army that i have dreamt of - all infantry, no gunpowder, no cavalry and making use of detachment rule. It is very resilent with 2 stubborn units, 1 unbreakable and the last "normal" unit has the griffon standard. Even if i bombard him wif magic missles, it may not be possible for me to get enough victory points. I won by clearing quite a few of his detachments, bombarding the griffon standard unit and finally ramming in the Cok into it, and I also panicked away his elector count unit with black horror. In addition i have proven that witch elves's frenzy can be very well neglected when the unit's flank is protected...with difficult terrain in this case.

I also fought Tsui, minor defeat but i m quite happy. if he had not roll so well in the last turn, it could have been a draw. anyway its a close call with Bretonnians, i actually make him sweat. the key is to use many s4 hits and static combat res and fear. Scorpions are extremely deadly. A gd thing i learnt is a few dirty tricks Tsui taught me with difficult terrain :)

Friday, February 18, 2005

The week in short

This week I knew a lot of new people. firstly its Siying and Lichun during the period after chinese new year. then its Serene Sim and Grace Lim. on wed, i began to know more about Alan. yesterday i make frens with Peiyun's frens and well as linked up with a grp of warhammer players that happened to be in my Military history class.

today is AHX's B.DAe. happy birthday dude.

ok. now wat shuld i write abt. warhammer fantasy battles is getting less attention now due to the coming of the Mid Term tests. although its abt half a month more, i guess i muz warm up the engine liao. macro and public finance and econonometrics damn memory intensive leh. gd thing i make the right step by spacing up my exam periods. i shuld also tok more during class to get bonus points. for 3102, i think randy sianZ liao coz i always raise my hand.

nothing much lately, tml going to play more games. if now dun play, then when March arrive cannot play le. muz ba wo liang ji

finally, its confirmed by Derfel too that Peiyun is cute :)

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Same result with TK! PERFECT

beat Elmer's savage orc army by turn 4. lost a carrion model and 2 ushabti. enough time to resurrect full strength and get perfect score. :)

Friday, February 11, 2005

executioners are shaky,

today i used executioners again. flank charge non chosen chaos knights. onli win combat by one. that shows how shaky they are...if chrisjust passed his break test, i m doomed. i think executioners are the hardest druchii unit to field alone.

by the way, i won Chris. its a major i think. if not bcause of cold one knights...i could not have won. this clearly shows the superiority of cok with against to chariots. my cok went to the opponent's half of the table in turn one. this means that it will be unwise for my foe to flee in turn two. not to forget Cok's static combat res helps a lot in breaking the enemy...something chriots are not capable of.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

tomorrow is friday

tomorrow will be facing off with chirs or YQ[I hope la] time to beat up iron plated men.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I have a taurus ascendent

no wonder i m such a passionate lover. lol. i have always suspect that something s wrong with my zodiac sign as there is quite a wide margin of error. now its solved. guess i muz play AoM and used both Hermes and Arprodite lol