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Monday, September 01, 2014

The fast units of the Siege Regiments

I have two items to show case today.  Both are relatively fast in a Baran Siegemasters/Death Korps of Krieg army.  Their main purpose is to seize objective and hopefully take down some enemy formations along the way.

First is the Siegfried Tank formation.  They are my only light tank unit and can only be used in the Baran Siegemasters Army.  I associate them with Stuart Tanks in the WW2 US army.  In practice they are more akin to Sentinels.  Here's the official GW fluff,

The Siegfried is another variant of the famous Land Crawler (see also the Bruennhilde tractor). It is produced in the huge underground factory complexes of Krieg, and was developed during the Krieg Rebellion as a replacement for the Sentinel, whose complex gyro-stabilised locomotive system and light armour were considered unsuitable for the conditions that prevailed at the time. Although no longer used by Death Korps regiments, who prefer to use the more versatile Sentinel, the Siegfried is still utilised in large numbers by Siege regiments. The Siegfried replaces the simple and sturdy catalytic engine of the Land Crawler and Bruennhilde with a considerably more powerful gas turbine engine. The improved power-weight ratio gives the Siegfried almost double the top speed of the Land Crawler, even though it is fitted with considerably more armour. Siegfried tanks are used as a mobile reserve by the Baran Siegemasters, and are also used to exploit breaches in an enemy line.

The 2nd unit will be my Death Riders.  In the official fluff the Death Riders of Krieg are a famous and unique formation within the Death Korps of Krieg. These specialised units are superficially similar to the standard Rough Rider cavalry units found amongst numerous other Imperial Guard regiments from worlds where animals used as mounts or for draught purposes are commonplace. The Death Riders of Krieg are one of the most justly famous of the unique formations found within the forces of the Imperial Guard's Death Korps of Krieg regiments. The Death Riders make use of highly adaptable mounts who are descended from the original Terran horse but have been gene-tailored over the millennia for strength, endurance and aggression.  The Death Riders form a special cadre within the regiments of the Death Korps of Kieg, and their inductees are chosen not only on the grounds of aptitude but also for independent thought and initiative. Many future Death Korps Officers are drawn from the ranks of the Death Riders' survivors. Death Riders are equipped with a variety of sidearms and sabre-blades, in addition to the signature explosive-tipped lance found in similar Rough Rider units. Death Rider companies are used both for battlefield reconnaissance, replacing the Sentinel's traditional role in the Krieg siege regiments, and as shock-troops, using their speed and impact to smash through enemy lines. They are commonly used in the role of reserves held back to break counter-attacks, or to press a breakthrough themselves. The Death Riders have earned their savage reputation among other Imperial Guard regiments for their merciless pursuit of fleeing enemy troops; it is standard practice for Death Korps of Krieg infantry to hold a freshly captured position while the Death Riders run down any routed defenders.

The Death Riders can only be used as a small support formation of six teams in the Baran Army; but can be used as a core formation of 12 teams in the Death Korps of Krieg army.  In the DKOK army, they serve as my main assault force (they are one of the reasons I started the army), charging in together with the Leman Russ Thunderer tanks and Hellhounds.

These guys have very interesting fluff which you can read at

I actually have a second unit of Death Riders to do but I doubt I will post it online when it is done.  Let's see how.