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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Veronia's Epic Battle with Von Carstein

She looked into the dark souless eyes of her Undead foe. She had brought a thousand warriors to subdue this foe, and now only a hundred fifty, the cavalry, survive. It's a massacre for both side, although the Druchii had lost all their infantry, the undead host has lost the majority of their wight troops as well as all of their necromancers. Veronia had successful completed her mission given by a price.

"Well Fought She-Elf. You are lucky to survive this day" growled the aristocrat of the night.

Indeed, Veronia admitted that she had been lucky. When both armies first met at the battlefield earlier in the day. She was shocked by the number of armored troops the Undead host can field. Veronia had done a quick calculation and she realised that she did not have enough troops to counter each of the Von Carstein infantry blocks. Her troops had fought well, despite dying in large numbers...indeed they have proven themselves as Druchii. The Green Cloak Corsairs charged into the armored skeleton unit and succeeded in dragging down a necromancer. The Harpies tearing the bats into pieces in the battle for the skies. The Darkspears managing to hold the ground long enough to protect the Brides of Khaine who together with the Assassin Shen-tung manage to greviously wound the Vampire himself. Even now the foul abomination is tending his wounds...cuts caused by manbane do not heal easily. That beast will take a long time to recover and Nagarroth will be save. But the greatest accomplishment was contributed by the Big Swords Executioners whose withdrawal led the Black Coach into a forest and ending its usefulness in the battle. Tesela expressed her shock as well as relief when the coach came crashing and getting stuck between two pine trees.

Now, both generals admited that its a draw. The druchii had stopped the undead host but they lose too many troops to make it a victory. For once, Von Carstein has agreed to leave the Elven dead in peace. Veronia motioned to the surviving members of the Morning Glory regiments, "Get the transport carts ready. We will bring as many Druchii dead back home as possible. Better be save than sorry."

[Given the quality of Druchii Warriors, it is likely that they will end up as wrights if the Vampire choose to invoke foul necromancy. Since the battle is about destroying the Von Carstein's Wrights, leaving the Druchii dead behind will not seem wise.]

"I hope I do not need to see you again. Von Carstein" Veronia remarked as she turned, back facing her foe.

"Neither do I, She-Elf." The Vampire grinned. It has been a failure but a challenge no doubt.

As the Druchii Cavalry make their way back into the transports. Veronia make her calculations. Reports of tonight's pyrhic victory will reach Nagarroth very soon. Malekith will not be totally pleased but its unlikely that he will execute Veronia or weaken her family's power. Reports of her victory will attract deadly Druchii cut-throats and adventurers into her ranks of Corsairs. It seems unlikely that the Temple and the Executioners will reject her request for more troops. Veronia grinned, as long as the Darkspear offered no excuse for the other Houses to prey on them, the rewards of tonight's battle can easily outweight its cost.


I do not want to talk about this battle. Its far too exciting and has too many details. I sibei heng la. My luck with shooting was bad. But my bad dice rolls turn into a blessing in disguise...wah coach ram into pine trees loh. lol Harpies fail fear test only to get the chance to slaughter 2 undead units in the next turn. Sibei heng. Kenf's only blunders were abt distances[referring to the corssbowmen and the single model who was not placed coherently with the rest.]. I guess he was tired and did not see the models carefully. He is quite gracious la. Although admittedly these small things will not affect the game. all in all I must congratuate Kenf for his choice of troops. My worse fears are realised. He brought a Black Coach which can turn the tide. Sun Bing's theory on war involves 2 forces of equal strength but the coach seriously tip the balance into Kenneth's favour. All in all, I manage to prevent a defeat simply because I stayed out of trouble, my blunders became blessing in disguises, and for the first time in a long while...Elven hgher WS helps. Well done Darkspear Clan. You have fought better than your General[Although he did his best].

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fighting AHX's WoodElf with Lizardmen

Today, I had a difficult fight with AHX's woodelf. i feel that he is trrying to b cheesey but luckily he is not cheesey enough. I have quite a balance saurus army under my command. 2 x 10 skinks, 1 x 10 scouting skinks, 2 x 12 Queztl Saurus with Spears, 4 Krox, 5 Saurus Cav, 3 salamander, 2 priest one lvl 1 one lvl 2, one saurus scar veterean on cold one, one nike shoes saurus lord. The terrain is clearly not blalanced and its to ahx's advantage...however he is ok with the terrain[AHX always feel that dice decides everything even if its not realistic] as a result difficult terrain and woods form a makeshift castle for ahx in the center of his deployment zone. I had a hill at my middle left flank and another just 3 inches to the right in the middle[a valley] which i hide my skink units. the first hill is sheltered by a forest in the front.

AHX's dice rolls r awesome in the first 3 turns. His shooting with his gladeguard is crazy. I lost 3 saurus cav and many foot saurus. in addition, the left flank is seriously threatened by dryads, i onli have skinks and a krox unit guarding it. the salas r always fleeign frm his altered noble but due to some mischarge of terrain/movement /charging distance, AHX miscalculate and thus allowing one of my saurus regiments to save my left flank by charging frm the center. The right flank is filled with heroics for my troops [me and ahx exchange luck by turn 4]. to b honest ahx's right flank crumbled due to just 3 models- the saurus champ, the saurus cav champ and the scar veterean aka Luke's Guan Yu. the 3 fellas just kill everything.

for painting. after doing my sisters of battle. i will do the nubian spearmen. then i will decide if i will do the chariots. if i m not doing. i will do a canoness, and 1 celestian and 1 more sister squad.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Night with the Vampires

Yesterday, I fought with the Vampires, Kenneth and Derfel. Kenneth's battle was in the afternoon while Derfel's was in the evening(Derfel is actually using high elf...but he is so Vampirish that heck la...he is always a Vampire Count in my Eyes).

Anyway in my game with Ken...he wanna fight against the Cult of Slannesh and I obliged. This time the blue dice failed him. I manuveured while he tried to counter. We were like two chess players playingin a game of chess...moving and shifting our pieces, not getting combat till its decisive. UnTil Slannesh magic came into being and disrupt his lines and battle plan. Despite so..due to bad luck in dispelling, Kenf managed to Van Hels his grave guard retinue into my chaos knights and butcher them. but by a twist of fate...the aspiring champion cause two wounds on the count...and when the unit pursue and hit the daemonettes on steed...the steed on slannesh licked the vampire and finally led him into death's embrace. After that...its over..things start crumbling. Actually a major thing to take note is that the Annoited and 2 squads of shades(who onli provide covering fire) take out a skeleton regiment, a black knight regient and a bat swarm. A unit of ghouls was panicked away. The "BSB Annoited " is superb. Actually the game was a lost for kenf mainly due to two things...he dunno how the new DE items could be used in a cult army, and that obscene luck I had...well we will see more of that later.

My next game with its obscene. I was using normal DE coupled with a unit of Anaconda's Amazons and my first turn is bad...killed onli a single RBT crew despite chillwind, doombolt watever. Derfel spent his first turn manuveuring also. the game turned in the 2nd turn's magic phase. i had 3 irresistable in a rol and yet i killed nothing....then I had a 4th irresistable in the same turn and killed nothing with the exception fo a HIGH ELF PRINCE ON DRAGON. It's drain life and i actually just wanna weaken him and the dragon princes. i killed no knights but all my hits on the dragon randomise onto the prince and killed him. I rolled a 4,5,6. Then the obscene prat begins. I keep on rolling sixes for the rest of the game whether it matter or not. The Amazons held out for long due to my ability of rolling sixes. 6's here and there prevented me from losing despite Derfel trying hard to outmanuveur me. The fact is that i was actually out manuveured but my rolls were so gd that Derfel's stuff just died when they came into contact. and yeah Harpies rallied twice. Fortunately, Derfel 's cautious natural led it to be a draw. he managed to killed my spearmen block and force a draw.(Spearmen was charged on 3 sides due to derfel thinking a step or two ahead of me...if charge on 3 sides still win then....I got nothing to say. I damn paiseh already with my sixes). Inthe last turn i had fun accepting the charge of the spearmen with my amazons. although a wiser choice will be to flee and lose less points...I estimated the game will be draw anyway so i fight. Actually when the dust finally settled, we merely killed 900 points each. After this game...i strongly feel that Derfel is better in the game than I am. If u put he cautiousness and rules-lawyer stuff aside...he is actually very gd in moving soldiers. Unlike one of his greatest critic who relied on beardy men in thick armor and rolling well in close combat (lalalala I neva mention names but we know who it is...lalala) :P

Sunday, July 24, 2005

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Her name is Sister Sophia....

[sorry i deleted the first part by mistake...will redo them another time]

It was then did Yanni saw her first Penitent Engine. More than ten foot tall, the majestic walker was decorated with images of gargoyles and parchments contained proclamations of the Imperial Creed. In each of the walker's arms was a flamer, a tool to deliver purifying flame to all who opposes the Emperor. But what shooked Yanni the most was the pilot himself. One must commit the greatest of heresies in order to be condemned to man the penitent engines. Now a wretched body filled wth cuts and scorched marks, the pilot was a shadow of his former self. But even so his urge to repent was clearly seen for as the mightly machine marched forward, Yanni could hear the penitent himself crying out loud, confessing and begging for the Emperor's grace. All in all the penitent engine was the symbol of all the grandeur and belief of the Imperium, and in this battle there was not one but two of these holy relics. "With these symbols of the Emperor himself, we would surely be victorious," remarked Maria.

However, her remark was immediately challenged by a green beam that destroyed one of the sacred machine instantly. It seems that even His most sacred machines could not resist the Necrontyr. The battle had begun.

"Fear not the Alien for only in death can we sit by HIS side." "FOR ABSOLUTION" the cries were from the sister repentias at the right flank. Said to be the greatest and perhaps the craziest soldiers of the Adepta Soritas, the Repentias were claded in nothing other than sacred parchments and the famous eviscerators, sacred weapons that were not given to the Order of the Southern Cross yet. Yanni was extremely impressed by them, so strong in their faith that they alone guard the right flank, facing three units of necrontyr warriors. With a frenzied cry, the Repentias charged ino the enemy only to be shot down one by one before even making contact.

For a moment Yanni was striken by the bloodshed. Is there no way to serve Him other than DEATH. "Do not be demoralised by casualties my sisters. We were winning the battles to the left!" motioned her Veteran Superior. "Now follow me into the fires of battle!"

Indeed they were doing well. The Order of the Matyred LAdy had sent all the sinners into the enemy first. The acro-flaggellants had dragged down countless Necrontyr and their foul creations while the surviving Penitent engine send the Necrontyr lord down into the dust. But the cursed abominations keep on crawling back into battle no matter how HIS champions smite them.

"Onward my sisters, its our duty to help those who repented" came a voice from above and when Yanni looked up, she saw angels...

The Seraphim, the angels of Adepta Soritas rushed into battle. Yanni's spirit risen when she saw them take out an spiderlike monster while destroying necrontyr warriors with their bolt pistol. There is hope after all. CHARGE. The Order of the Southern Cross charged into a crater where one of the sacred artifacts of the Space Marines was located.

But it was a trap.

Suddenly, there came a vortex storm and flashes of lighting blasted into the planet's suface. Only at this point in time did the Necrontyr relased their full firepower. The Order of the Matyred Lady took the brunt of the hits. Canoness Selene and her Celestians were withered down and had to retreat into the surrounding rocks for shelter. The battle sister squad on Maria's left were totally cut down . Even the mightly penitent engine was finally taken down by the twice cursed Necron Lord with his scythe that must be given to him by Death himself. But the worst news came from the Seraphim...Yanni saw with her very eyes how rays of green light tear these blessed creatures apart, limb from limb, wings and all.

Tears went into their eyes. "Oh my Lord, give me faith" Yanni prayed from the innermost of her hearts. It seems that HE heard her after. Suddenly there came a series of warcries from the rear ranks. "FOR THE EMPEROR".

Within minutes the entire Adepta Soritas battle line was back in action although severely weakened. Each battle squad charged forward taking down as may of the foul Xenos as they could. The Seraphim charged into a host of Necrontyr warriors with the Veterean Superior taking out two all by herself. An exorcist from the rear launched its missles and slamed into the Necrontyr destroyers. Canoness Selene's squad was reduced to a single sister and both survivors take the fight into the Necron Lords entourage and Selene herself brought the abomination down again with her evisercator.

"Well Southern Cross what are YOU waiting for. ONWARDS." The Veterean Sister of the Southern Cross pointed at the squadron of Necrontyr warriors perched on a rocky spire. "May the Emperor guide our bolter, may His strength rest in our arms." recited the Veterean Superior, "Have Faith in the Emperor my sisters and His Grace will overwhelm all opposition." Indeed the Emperor had shielded them that day. Their bolter shots hit where it counted, one alien was melted down by a heavy flamer alone. Even more miraculous events took place when they contacted the alien. Yanni was surprised when she slamed a foul Xenos at the skull only to see it melted into liquid metal.

They destroyed the Necron squad and took the Spire. The veterean superior who had remained anonymous till now went to the highest point and struck the Imperium flag. From her advantageous position, Yanni could see that the Seraphim had also destroyed their enemy completely but before they could assault even more Xenos, an barrage of heavy guns took the Angels down. Canoness Selene was fighting all alone now. Her Celestian companion had finally gone down. The foul Necron Lord had stood up again at the second time and wisely stood away from the Canoness and her blessed Eviscerator. But the foul orb in his hands finally proved to be Selene's downfall. For every Necron warrior that had went down, stood up again and Canoness Selene was finally dragged down. Her deathcry was clear to all in the battlefield, "For the Emperor. I am happy to sit by your side." At this moment Yanni understood what being a Sister of Battle was all about. It was not about fufilling a mission but rather proving your worth to be at the Emperor's side.

"I can tell that you have understood something, young sister. But it does not mean that we had to die needlessly. The Sisters of the Matyred Lady may be down but we of the Southern Cross still stands. Let's take out even more Xenos and retrieve as many sacred artifacts as we can. " yelled the Veterean Superior from the summit.

The squad went down the rocky upcrop and went straight into the view of the Necrontyr destroyers. With nothing other than faith, they shot a single volley into then enemy and charge straight ahead. Led by Veterean Superior, they take out every single one of the foul machines. Already other Necrontyr seems to be staying out of their radius of destruction and concern themselves with the dismantling of the sacred Terminator armor of the Space marines. One heavy destroyer was obviously unaware of the squad's presence as it tried to take a pot shot of the terminator armor buried deep inside a forest. A quick meltagun shot halted the alien from defilling the artifact.

Suddenly there came a rain of torpedoes from the sky and slamed straight into the middle of the battlefield. "Southern Cross do you hear me. This is Inquisitor Vondire. Do you hear me my brave warriors." "Lord Vondire, this is Southern Cross replying. We are the only ones left although our squad is barely scratched. We have only secured a single suit of terminator armor my Lord." The Veteran Superior answered back.

"I know. I can see it very clearly from up here. Listen carefully, I have instructed the Imperial Navy to launch a limited Exterminus on this planet to safeguard the Imperium technology. We will cover you until you reach the collection point. Now here are the coordinates.

An hour later, the Sister Battle Squad began its trek to the collection point. Struck by curiousity, Yanni ran up to the Veterean Superior. "Oh revered Sister Superior, you have led us well but being fresh and green from Titan, we do not know your name."

"Oh don't use the word Revered. I do not deserved that but if u insist on knowing my name, " The Veterean Superior removed her helmet only to revealed a face barely a few years older than Yanni's, "...just call me Sister Sophia."

Sunday, July 17, 2005

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Monday, July 04, 2005

2 Xiao Ren in Office

i was originally very pissed with some people and wanted to write stuff to vent my anger but the moment I came to this page, my anger was gone. Those people are xiao ren aniwae...why get so bothered by them. Their immaturity and hateful words do not do justice to me and Peiyun is right...time will show wad a person i am and there is no need for me to defend myself or feel sad abt wad others said about me.

IF I m a flawed person, I will not have dat many frens such that we could form half a battalion.

To be honest, for me to b criticised by them for showing concern to others, I seriously doubt the values of these people in question. They make themselves sound so nice by claiming to help the company...well since they r so helpful, they may as well work without pay.

I have my own commitment to my mother and my friends. The rest can stay in the company and "help". We all know that its for the money aniwae...dun make it sound so nice.