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Friday, November 26, 2010

Cougar Attack

I am a bit tired of painting so I am spending more time into pc games. One of my favourites is Age of Empire 3, due to the fact that you can recruit wacky troops such as the Cougar seen below.

What happened in this game was that my Sioux Warchief has brought the Tupi Indians to his cause and thus allowing him to research a technology to recruit Cougars. Animal pets such as these are totally ineffective at all but they bring fun to the game. You can even read about the life habits and other scientific facts of these animals using the famous AOE Encyclopedia as shown below.

Below is another picture of the might British Jaegar (one of the top units in the game) accidentally crossing the path of my cougar pack and got pwned. As it is the very last unit of the enemy, I win!

Age of Empires is an extremely fun series and I have loved it back during secondary school days and I am still loving it now.