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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hammerers finally completed.

Ok i finished most of my hammerers ages ago with the exception of the Std Bearer. But I finally did it last night. So here are the pics.

The irony is that in less that 24 hrs, it is sold to a friend at PI. My Facebook account has the pics for my entire dwarf army. Cheers.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Swooping Hawks

Basic Infantry

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hobby Update

Right. More news on my hobby life.

Warhammer 40k:
Progress is good for the swooping hawks, although I am behind schedule, there has been significant progress in the past few days which meant that with persistence, I will get them done by end May. No pics until I m finally done. I will be taking part in a planetary empires campaign later this year and will be doing up a war-walker apocalypse formation. This will allow me to finally have some “big” stuff for apocalypse without resorting to an ugly Eldar superheavy, also I will finally solve my war walker configuration problem by just getting lots of them (fyi it is almost impossible to magnetise the guns) and thirdly it is just an excuse to get some more eldar toys and I think I can finally find a use for my space marine terminator model (no prize for how I am using it…it’s obvious). Only slight problem (but a happy one), is that it will conflict slightly with my WAB plans.

Warhammer Ancient Battles:
Nothing done so far but there is progress to quite an extent. I have been clearing my fantasy and 40k projects and finally an end is in sight! Looking forward to my Cataphract Archers project but admittedly I may have problems finishing them in time for the big battle on my birthday. To speed things up, I will do the archers first while the Byzantine Heroes will be done after the 16th since they will not be present for that battle.

Since I made a promise not to get historical stuff until I finally clear all my fantasy shit, I really need to clear my lead mountain in one way or another, this give rise to the next topic.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles: I have been maintaining a painting schedule but sharks! New projects are constanting mushrooming! (warwalkers in this case). Will I even hit my goal of finishing my dwarves and start on my dark elves this year? Anyway I am slightly fortunate that I manage to sell some of my old warhammer fantasy stuff, it frees up my painting commitment as well as release some cash for me. Stuff sold so far are
1) Dwarf Gryocopter
2) Dark Elf Executioners
3) Cauldron of Blood
4) Dark Elf Assassin
5) Eldar guardians and Vyper (ok I know this is 40k. Anyway this is more of a strategic gamble based on speculation that we will get a better kit. Hope for the best!)

Some more kits that I wanna get rid of are casket of souls and Settra. Warning: Never get ugly stuff even thought they are cheap unless u can get them painted up immediately. I am also thinking of throwing some old stuff such as the ugly White Dwarf. As for my sisters of sigmar, they may end up with the Witch Hunters for 40k.

The Tomb Kings release has been a great disappointment both in aesthetic wise and cost. Spoke to Weiquan briefly and he is also a bit disappointed, should we get the stuff just for completeness sake even though they look bad? I am still waiting for my army book to confirm my plans but currently the only model that really interests me is the warsphinx. I dun really like the ushabti archers but I may still collect some for the sake of collecting. Most probably I will only get 1 box so that I can maintain the “no duplicate model” rule for the Ushabtis. The question to ask is whether I should get the new TK for my birthday as originally planned.

That’s all.