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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dec 6 Tournament Fluff

Red Harvest

It would have been a beautiful summer afternoon had it not be marred by the smell of crackling fires and charred timber. The few human survivors of the attack were chained and clustered into the town square, surrounded by their attackers, Druchii.

They came suddenly. Dark robed and armored figures had waded ashore stealthily with the coming of the high tide; announcing their arrival only with the firing of repeater crossbows. The villagers tried to flee, with only a couple of brave souls attempting to defend the village with pitchforks and old handguns. It was an exchange so one-sided that none of the invaders were hurt.

The attackers did not even bother to engage hand to hand combat with the villagers and had merely cut the latter down with crossbows. Personal combat were reserved for honored foes, not cattle like these. In no time, the village was pacified and its inhabitants subdued.

Dreadlord Lormanticus strolled confidently into the midst of his captives and addressed them. “And so we, the Darkspears came once again into this beautiful village. Just as we had burnt and pillage the homes of your predecessors half a century ago, now its time for your generation to contribute to the war efforts of his Lordship Malekith, a tribute paid in flesh and blood. Everyone will follow us back to Naggaroth, leave only two pairs of the youngest couples behind Let’s hope they will build a more beautiful and long lasting village next time.”

The Dreadlord’s words were interrupted by the wailing of an old man, “No! The cycle repeats and the wheel turns again. Just as it happened to me and now it has come to haunt my grandchildren.”

Lormanticus sneered, “Ah! My young friend Menklor is that you? You have aged indeed over the years. I still remember you as my first personal captive, as this village was where I had my maiden battle leading the Darkspears.”

The Dreadlord snickered, gently laid his hand on the teary man’s shoulder and whispered, “Listen, I can let you live just as I had done previously. All you need to do is to do a small favor for me, for old time’s sake.”

“Go, go my dear Menklor to every corner of the Old World, tell everyone that I am coming and once again I have come to collect tribute for the Witch King. Tell them to give me what I demand or they will end up paying tenfold.”

Lormanticus lifted the elderly human up and pushed him out of the town square, “Now go my friend, do the deed. Let them know of our arrival and let them know of our next target …… the Fields of Strife.”

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fluff - Sneaky operation in Lashiek

Hi Draig,

Now that the entire Gold Coast is locked, my character, Tomb King Ramses will see this as a golden opportunity to sneak into the city of Lashiek and steal the mummy of Tomb King Meterfir right under the noses of the Pact. I hereby write a short fluff regarding this covert operation, hope you are willing to make this an official fluff.

Lashiek, a city plagued with disease and death. While most of its human population are quarantined indoors, the army of Tomb King Ramses see this as a golden opportunity to steal right under the noses of the living. Carrion birds circled the skies spying for the armies of the undead while Tomb King himself devised a strategy with his advisors.

Nightfall, Hierophant Imhotep crept towards one of the more isolated towers of the city wall. The carrion were right, there is only a single guard. Waving his staff of ravening, Imhotep send a cloud of ravaging locusts to the lone Arabian guard, stripping pieces of flesh off the poor victim. When the body is to be discovered the next morning, most will simply regard it as a advance stage of the plague and none will notice anything.

Using his cloak of dunes, Imhotep lift himself off the ground and flew into the city, accompanied by the carrion. Just as he was wondering about his reinforcements being late, the ground near a refuse dump broke open and two tomb scorpions emerged. Even more amusing was that an entire regiment of skeleton warriors was trailing behind the scorpions, crawling on all fours. Imhotep smiled, the living has no monopoly over covert operations.

The undead host move into the more isolated part ofthe city and slowly make their way to Lashiek Arcane University. The plague has made the journey an uneventful one. In less than an hour, Imhotep found himself facing the sarcophagus of Tomb King Meterfir.

Far easier than I thought, clucked the Hierophant. Just as he commanded two skeletons to lift the sarcophagus, there was a loud noise and a piece of green warpstone hit himself in the shoulder. Skaven!

The skeleton warriors immediately form a shield wall around the hierophant who in turn sent a blast of dark energy into the general direction of his attackers. A squeal was heard and Imhotep could make out pairs of red eyes in the gloom of the university premises.

"Death Rain", Imhotep commanded telepathically and soon half of the skeleton warriors were readying the bows and firing into the skaven attackers. The ratmen tried to take cover in the darkness but this was uneffective under the magical gaze of the undead archers.

The exchange was a short one, as tomb scorpions soon made fell on the Skaven massacring them. "Quick, we must leave at once" commanded Imhotep and the undead party soon made their way out of the university halls, bringing with them casket of the mummified king.

--hours later--

Tomb King Ramses finally gave a sign of relief when the ground beneath him cracked and tomb scorpions tunneled out. His Hierophant has diligently tied the sarcophagus onto the back of the scorpion which slowly crawled in the sands beneath Lashiek and finally made its way to the IMC camp. Ramses can only praise the gods of Sobek, Ra and Horus that the scoripon returned safely and not get lost. Lifting the lid of the casket, Ramses stared at the still sleeping mummied body of King Meterfir. "Well well Meterfir, its time to unleash your legions. Settra is coming and we are to form his vanguard.... "

Friday, November 21, 2008

Animosity 3 Turn 11 Fluff

Afluff-based writeup (not really a detailed description of the game as the campaign requires a more fluffy report). Therefore this is more like a story.

The Great Arabian Desert, a desolated region of plague and death.

While, other members of the IMC were busy searching for the Sheikh, Tomb king Ramses was sweeping the area clean of enemies. Ramses never like the Sheikh, and thus would prefer to spend his time killing orcs and chaos cultists, avenging the Tomb Kings’ disgrace in the last Araby War.

Now ahead of him was one such warhost, an army of native Arabians turned bandits imposing itself in Ramses’s path of advance. With a single command, the skeleton archers to the Tomb kings fired their arrows while undead cavalry and chariot advance slowly towards the foe. The Arabians tried to fire back but were having difficulty hitting the undead when they (the Arabians) were constant under a barrage themselves.

Enraged, the Arabian commander gathered his Sipahis and camel corps and charge into the undead force. They were barely halfway through when giant tomb scorpions appeared from the sands and snapped the legs of the horses. Grasping this chance, Ramses gave the signal of advance and his cavalry and chariots forces slammed into the Arabian host. Ramses easily seek out the enemy general and speared the human with his magical spear.

Upon seeing their shock cavalry destroyed, the Arabian infantry panicked and attempted to flee the battle, only to find their retreat routed blocked by a force of undead heavy cavalry rising from the sands. Charged in the front and the rear, the Arabian infantry has no chance.

Yet another human fighting force has disappeared in the sands of the Great Arabian Desert.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Animosity 3 Battle report

This battle against Elmer is also a practice game for our tournament armies.


Just as the majority of the IMC are defending the pirate coast; Lord Darkspear, on behalf of his ally Tomb King Ramses, lead a quick raiding force into the forests of Athel Cuthessea to weaken its defenders as well as seizing valuable goods and slaves. This is all part of an agreement with several tombking and orc warbosses throughout Araby. Although fighting for different factions, these warlords have a common goal of destroying the un-natural forest in the middle of Araby.

As the darkspear clan rush towards the forest, they are surprised to find a tribe of forest orcs defending the forest. Apparantly not all Orcs serve the Army of the Gods.

The battle begin with an exchange of arrows. In the left flank of the Dark Elves, elite shades trade fire with a unit of Orc Arrear boyz. The missle duel will engage them for the remaining of the battle.

At the Druchii's right, the elite Blackguard found themselves facing two-thirds of the orc army. The Druchii send a dark rider detachment to harrass the foe. Although the light cavalry did destroy a light orcish infantry detachment, they were in turn destroyed by an orc chariot. Seeing the Druchii's screen destroyed, the Black orc warboss lead his retinue and charge straight into the blackguard. A blood melee took place with the Druchii master, Porthios killed in one to one combat with the Orc warboss. However the Blackguard stand firm.

In the center, Lord Darkspear on his manticore did a combined charge with his Battle Standard bearer Vareth into the unit of the orc battle standard bearer. The orc unit fled to the orcish left, leaving the two druchii characters standing open in the middle of the battlefield. Grasping this opportunity, goblin spear chukkas killed the manticore ridden by Lord Darkspear. Together with a unit of spears that finally caught up, Vareth finally slaughtered his way deep into the orcish warmachine firebase taking full control of the orc center. But at his moment of triumph, he was killed by a stray bolt thrower from the orcish flank.

Meanwhile Lord Darkspear decide to slowly but surely fight his way to assist the blackguard. A chariot was destroyed before the druchii general finally charge into the orc warboss unit killing the beast in one to one combat. Panicked by the loss of their general, and the blackguard for that just refuse to break, the orc general's retinue break and flee and were run down by the blackguard. The blackguard and Lord Darkspear then swept into the orcish right, finally catching up with the orc battle standard bearer unit. Lord Darkspear proved his valor once more by beheading the Orc Battle Standard Bearer with his crimson death.

With the destruction of their main line coupled with neverending shooting from the druchii lines, the orcish army finally fled. It was a massacre.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Animosity 3 Turn 5 (short DE battlereport vs Tsui)

As the tomb king army is still reconstructing its chariot fleet and construct regiments, King Ramses seek the assistance of his Dark Elven allies to launch raids on the chaos raiders.

The Druchii attack the chaos forces in early noon. Rains of crossbow bolts and reaper bolts rain on the ranks of dragon ogres and chaos chosen, massacring them. Druchii lord, Lormanticus together with his two officers and the black guard regiment, charge into the ranks of chaos knights and chosen warriors, wiping them out in the process.

Meanwhile darkriders distract the attack of the chaos marauders while elven shades manage to assassinate the chaos heroes through crossbow volleys. By nightfall, all that is left of the chaos armies were bands of isolated marauder infantry who swiftly make use of the cover of the night to escape.

The Dark Elves had a glorious victory with minimum casualties.


Yay still can beat Tsui at times

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Animosity 3 Campaign Battle 2 and 3

Using the cover of the night, the Tomb King army once again marched to the site of their previous battle to salvage battle equipment and was ambushed by a Druchii Scouting party.

The battle began with a shower of crossbow bolts from the druchii lines. 12 reaper bolts and 66 crossbow shots rained on the battlefield with heavy casualties incurred on Tomb King Ramses' merchant allies. But the human sailors and pikeman stand firm.

To the tomb kings fortune, the druchii general's cold one chariot went stupid and move forward into the center of battlefield. Giving a semblance of a warcry, the entire undead force charged forward. Prince Seti began an incantation to make his troops attack and the tombguard managed to kill the enemy with a killing blow. However the enemy refuse to break. Other forces charge the druchii line which wisely chose to flee with the exception of a bolt thrower that is destroyed. The Druchii counterattack with Noble Varek hitting the tombguard in the flank with a dark rider unit.

Meanwhile shades continue to bring a heavy death toll on the remaining human troops of the undead army. The pike suffer great casualties but hold.

Eventually Noble Varek's unit managed to kill the hierophant and the tombguard unit, leaving the general Prince Seti alone. However it was this point in time that the tombking launch a full heavy cavalry charge to support the prince. They could not prevent Prince Seti from being killed by Varek but they manage to help the Undead win combat. The dark riders and Varek fled and hit the pikemen and were destroyed. However the chariot still holds.

However defeat is just a battle of time for the tomb kings. The cold one chariot eventually destroy the heavy cavalry unit (despite losing for 6 rounds of combat) while the pikemen were eventually wipe out by a combined charge of shades and harpies. The rest of the tombking army either crumbled or were shot to beats.

By daybreak, the dark elves were left on the field and the tomb kings were totally destroyed.


A Tombking army supported by mercenaries of the merchants fought an army of Araby.

Turn 1 Tombking army move forward, all magic dispelled. Killed 1 janissary by shooting

Turn 1Araby: Magic missile is dispelled. Cast spell 6 but failed. Roar of janissary guns but inflict only 2 wounds on Tomb King chariots. All other shooting on tombkings are ineffective.

Turn 2 TK: Carrion charge archers. tombking chariot charge janissaries. The Arabians expect a failed charge so they stand and shoot. No casualties on the chariots. However the charge went in (it was 15 inches away). Tomb king magic phase tried to magic charge a war elephant with the bone giant. Araby rolled 3 dice but failed. Bone Giant charge in. Cause NO wounds. War elephants strikes back and cost 2 wounds. Bone giant barely survives with 2 wounds left. Tomb king light cavalry kills 1 light camel in shooting. Tombking chariots breaks janissary and run them down (neighboring spear conscript unit panics and fled, they never rallied). Carrion lost combat and leaving only 1 carrion with 1 wound left.

Turn 2, Sipahis failed terror test, luckily only fled 4 inches. Light cav with bsb charge hired blades who fled and escaped. Heavy camels try to shoot heavy skeleton cav but no casualties were caused. Battle between the 2 monsters, elephant caused no wounds. Giant cause 2, broke elephant and run it down. Carrion destroyed by archers

Turn 3

Tomb King repositioned themselves. Scorpions show up and charge heavy camels who fled (and never rallied) Chariots and bone giant to ready to charge the sipahis. Heavy cavalry with lich priest move forward to get into range for lich priest magic, hierophant also flies in to position himself. Fleeing hired blades failed to rally and fled off board. The other unit moved near the light camels and prepare to shoot. Tombking magic, chariots magic charge sipahis who escaped. Scorpion magic charged archers who fled and escaped. Combination of magic and shooting killed 4 light camels, leaving BSB and 1 champion left.

Turn 3 Araby: Sipahis rallied. Archers rallied. BSB and camel charge hired blades, last camel died but BSB broke the hired blades and caught them.

Turn 4.

TK: Entire tombking army position themselves. Chariots charge archers who fled too little, chariot ram into sipahis. Bone giant magic charge into flank of sipahis. Combat. Sipahis wiped out, Vizor is killed by Tomb Prince and his chariot.

Araby: BSB move forward

Turn 5

Tomb scorpion magic charge into BSB. Killed BSB with 2 poison attacks.

Some thoughts.

- Most of the basic troops of the allied list sucks due to low leadership

- War Elephant is a beast. I am shocked by its stats.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

An attack on Martek

The following is a short writeup on my battles under Da-Warpath's Animosity 3 campaign. The Chaos guy is Tsui. Tsui had a game with Kenf later on (the final battle of a Mighty Empires Campaign and Kenf won with Dark Elves)


While his Human allies make a strong frontal assault on the Greenskin stronghold of Martek, Tomb King Ramses -leading his undead host - make a detour to hit the orc bastion from the rear. But alas! they came upon a Chaos Army from the Cult attempting to do the same!

Great bloodshed was done on that day. The chaos marauder light cavalry were engaged by the skeleton horse archers and carrion corps and were crushed. Similarily, three regiments of marauders units were crushed underfoot by Ramses's elite chariot corps. However the chaos forces counterattacked with their elite force of Chosen foot warriors and Knights. Knowing that his lightly armed troops cannot beat this armored host, Tomb King Ramses sent his construct units at the foe. The Bone Giant and Ushabtis managed to kill every single Chosen but were finally overwhelmed by the Chaos Knights which is supported by a war altar. The Knights finally fought their way to Ramses himself and strike the King. King Ramses is knocked out of the fight and Hierophant Imhotep is forced to summon a desert wind to teleport the King and what is left of his army away from the battlefield.

It is a sad day for the Tomb Kings.

Everything is fine until my troops hit the warriors of Chaos. 2+ save chosen and 1+ save Slannesh Troops meant that my lightly armored troops struggle. My tombking was engaged by his Chaos Knights champion in a challenge and despite wounding the guy 7 times in 2 turns, his knight kept on passing his 3+ save. My King is finally taken out by a combination of hits and combat resolution in the very last turn. Western Border Corps' attempt to hit the orcs is stopped! (Also because the orc guy had a stomachache and can't play)