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Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Random Non Hobby Related Post - Spring Cleaning

Today I am not writing about the hobby although strictly speaking it does involve the hobby to a certain extent.

What happened was that for months, I have been troubled with finding a place in my room (which is filled with books and minis) to store my paints. So after spending 3 days cleaning up my room, I realise that I can actually clear one of my drawers to make space for storing paints. However the problem was that I had the habit of forgeting about the paints that I do not see. In fact the drawer in question used to be my paint storage drawer but I clearly forgotten about their contents and bought a lot more paints instead.

So what should I do? I have 3 alternatives

1) Use the spare drawer to store my dwarves which are partially on the workbench. The problem is that the workbench area salvaged may not be large enough to store all the paints.

2) Store the paints in the drawer. As stated earlier, the drawback was that I will forget about them.

3) Find another place. Which is tough.

I am now leaning towards option 1) but clearing the dwarves isn't enough. I believe that I must somehow clear more space on my workbench by sorting the Dark Elves and some random leftover Witch Hunter models.

Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning. Headache manz. How can I ensure that my tables are clean and neat for the rest of the year. Admitedly my tables tend to be a lot neater compared to other guys but I am still very unsatisfied.