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Friday, October 20, 2006


QTDBG in ォフヘネ says:
y so
Vern: North Korea's problematicness is crucial in ensuring east asia's stability says:
east asian watchers should realise that china always act as an intermediary between usa and korea.
n.korea is one of the few issues both usa and china see eye to eye with. and it can be safely said the n.korea's instability is the main reason y US needs china
Vern: North Korea's problematicness is crucial in ensuring east asia's stability says:
without north korea, Us will no longer need china as much and both countries will compete each other aggressively

Thursday, October 12, 2006

my harddisk dun have much space


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meeting up with Yixian; meeting Yongsheng

The main highlight of the day is actually my int project presentation trial run(hee) but let's not talk about that. anyway i m supposed to meet yixian for dinner so i hope into my my going out clothes. manage to take a photo before leaving the hse...

anyway rather than meeting up w yx, i actually bump into her when i was going to the meeting place. she was wearing this nice looking black dress laced with gold threads at the collar coupled with a super dark green dress. she wore earrings too. she look very elegant and very different from usual(while i m my usual self hee). so we had a short chat...with most of the topics abt career stuff before packing up and going home together. she dropped off at clementi ntuc, although i got stuff to buy, i m too shack to i just went to je library to do my readings and nua...

...where i met chen yongsheng aka milo skin we had some updating and sharing before he start showing me some pics frm his gynae of bleeding organs which i can't identify. YS mentioned that some r cervixes but i m too disgusted to look. my coffee is more comforting lol