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Friday, October 29, 2004

The J's make my day

yup the J's r Yuejia[fel], jacky, ruijia[cat] and jinlian. YES All the j's very fun.

tok cock with yuejia this morning regarding exams and the hols. CHRISTMAS :) , jacky damn funny loh. so dao when she came into the class then suddenly convert into pussy cat. MEOW. Ruijia was toking cock with me as usual...JINLIAN NEVER COME TODAY ARRGGGHHHH ;(

hey btw jackie is realll hot....wooo burns.

heheh war war war [yes i hear u guys shouting]. chariots in rome total war cannot make they deliver the goods but at almost 90 percent can an army take so many casualties. the low armor really screw them. i tried the partian...they r hard to play but damn fun. not in terms of strategic reasons but in terms of combat. shooting the enemy till they panic and warhammerish.

oh yeah warhammer, i m making a decision real soon. I MIGHT specialise in tomb kings...yes i know not being able to flee is very un-vernly but i really love the middle east theme. well see if i can get Nubian Spear-Skeletons.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

boring day

damn sianz nothing to do....rome keep on crashing. studies also a lot of progress liao.BORING

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Gaulish Weakness

I survive with gauls :p. i have totally NO advantages and have to beat the Julli by the virtue of tactics. got a few times think i will lose coz there r no more big walls and i dun have mass troops. now i m sucking the blood out of the julli.

in warhammer i fought luke and eliminate him swiftly. haha his lack of experience and certain misinterpretations(yes i know its nt a fair fight) of the rules won me the game. the slann is strong. the conflagaration of doom killed my hierophant in a single turn....he had a irressistable. fortunately i was focused and bent on hitting him. he was overwhelmed by tk magic just as i was overwhelmed by his.

i actually dreamt of jinlian last my dream to my horror she's a mlysian like jackie. guess things in the day kinda affect our dreams at night. i juz shrug it off. saw the lala show just now...reminds me of WJY and her utter stupidity.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Mr Love affair with Econs

Stupid nus computer...becase of it, i can't catch Jinlian today. By the time i reach the classroom she has left. I muz create more chances...friday is a gd chance...hmmmm

During 3101 tutorial i sat beside kenny. hahaha he mentioned that even he feels stressed with this module. i myself was freaking stress too and had to destress at that very moment by drawing pineapples and chickens on my qn paper. oh ya. kenny recognize me i think...hahaha rude awakening sia for him.

i did some checking up on the cartiginians and egyptians today for Rome total war. Carthaginians looks like a balanced force. surprisingly they have no raiders and had to rely on the light/medium cavalry to counter enemy flankers. Egytians i have onli taken a look at their light cav. it does quite alot of dmg for a light cav....perhaps at higher levels, the faction have heavy cav too. Tried chariots too but i dun really know how to use them. i mean charging the enemy is easy but how do i make sure i do not get bogged down by enemy infantry. As for the elephants of carthage. i think they r simply more reliable chariots...a force to reckon with.

I think i got no time for warhammer liao. exams coming real soon, no time to paint and yet i still have to buy more models. sigh this plus my newly arisen budget problem is screwing me badly. 250 for 4 lessons is damn little la...lidat how can i earn my 10k. shit man...guess i may have to use my druchii for the dec tournament

Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Tombking have problems

played a total of 5 games last week. draw once, minor victory once, massacre twice and solid defeat once. This is BAD. My heavy cavalry unit fail to hit any of its designated targets and in almost all the games i can't coordinate it with my chariot unit. and ArRRGHH Tomb prince and tomb king cannot charge out to form a small super unit....lidat take tomb prince for wat. that selfish dude can only cast spells on himself anyway. i have decided to use a lich priest on horse...LL no choice. the problem now is how to protect the priests...MUZ i use mass troops? i dun feel like using leh.

my carrion have been doing very badly. ok i know that they r not expected to kill anything better than skirmishes but i lost to skinks TWICE. easily still. sigh, is it a bad choice... muz i end up having the same role as my darkriders....yes i think it does.

one thing to note....screaming skull kill a lot though. Good.

ushabti r good but i need more of them...both to serve as hidden positions for my priest as well as to hit stuff. time to get the Horus models liao....

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Rome Total War

today after my test i finally got the chance to play Rome total war. the game is quite fun. at first i tot the romans r invincible but later i began to see Gaulish numbers wearing them down. still man for man, Rome is superior. it is no doubt that rome became the eternal city. The impact of javelin throwers really tilted the melee battles to the legions favour. but in the game i actually fall in love with the greeks. i find that they actually fight for a purpose. unlike the romans who fought for selfishgains. the eyptians look fun but once u look at the pictires of the units...sianZ

perhaps once i settle the configuration problem i will play the greeks. show the romans the power of the phalanx(i dun know how to win myself)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

horrible weekend

its a horrible weekend. i spend a ot of time on my money and banking yet i still never cover much enough. ok i admit that sunday i spend a lot of time playing Emperor but i still spend quite a lot of effort on M and B. shit man. it seems that i muz burn midnite oil.

Emperor is qute a disappointment, i spend so much time to reach the war stage and then it turn ut that its like caesar III. waste of time man. i need to find a game like Saga but until now still no luck. sigh. worst come to worse i replay san guo IV. downloading now.

rome total war seems gd although graphics a bit cartoon. i will get frm vic soon

Friday, October 08, 2004

Jackie is hot

yeah she is hot...not only the face but the mind too. i rem she struck a chord in my heart last week with her pony she did not tie up her har...still so chio wah. and her mind... everything she toks abt during tutorial is on war, military and conspiracy. Wo Xi Huan. hahahah too bad its just plain lust. i do not have the interest to court her as its a immoral thing to do. to court someone just becoz she is pretty is not a virtuous.

i "tok" to Fel today 10 lines. haha plus frm her mood i can tell that things r getting normal again

oh i completed DoW campaign today damn movie in the ending.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Resources is the kEy

i find that today is spend conserving resources mental strength, paper, money... its a day of rest and consolidating work. i did lotsa DoW campaign. hope that i can finish it before preparing for my exams. i also finish up the essay. had great problem incorporating ivy's stuff with mind...but finally we joined up the thing...somehow. i sms wanling regarding the format...haha she is still ding wahahaha. so not gd lat afterall.

Weiye message me on msn. i m quite surprise that he is like me...very into military history. yeah when people r still fighting with cold steel. toking abt cold steel,i think this week i cannot do play warhammer liao. too rush. unless i take YQ's suggestion and take my books along but i seriously think no point.

tonight will be like yesterday. low profile. slowly gainning strength...waiting for a looonnnnggg day tml. ar tml got history...hope can get gd score. oohhh too bad i sit in front if not can take a gd look at jackie...(a female)

just now saw fel at msn, it seems that her law people very rich getting richer...BIG problem. Fel is very nice but i dun want to risk our frenship

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Strange Bed Fellows

today is strange, my hypothetical enemy daniel actually spoke to me at tutorial today. although their conversation last at the most 2 min. its the beginning of progress. already Daniel has been struck off my "wanted" list and end up as a potential ally. i hope there will be more cooperation in the future.

i also heard You Di spoke today. strange that such a tall person got such a high pitch voice. she is damn haardwrking. i muz make a point to understandthis grp better. this grp of econs students are abt the same size as my grp...i forsee the need of mutual understanding and cooperation.

nothing happen much, today is filled with wrk, wrk and more wrk surprising despite my nuaness there is progress. Ivy literally went crazy today and did double of wat she did yesterday. think that's coz she went hope early to rest bah.

in the military field nothing happen. all those new discovers were game related and not realy abt warfare. anyway i m quite surprise by the dmg of space marine melta bombs.

oh ya i spoke to wanling juz now. i m surprise that she did quite well in her first sem's ps1101. i always tot she is the nua type. apprently i was wrong. i had a new respect for her and jinlian.

Its strange that i m so nua today perhaps coz i know i have a rough day tml so i m relaxing now. anyway nothing really happened today just some inter personal relations but interestingly all r professional and non r romantic. Read the famly planning reading today...kinda worried abt the future in terms of getting a spouse. my experience have been bad...always end up with weirdos or lians.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I have a NIECE

YEs...its a great joy and i have become a proper uncle. i realy thank the creator got blessing my family. too bad i was bz and never got chance to see her.

yeap i tried my Dow battle of the marshes III. same difficulty level but less stationary guns. I won with ease even. basically because i bother to mass enough troops. and this time fire prisms turn the tide. i have some guns still but not so many this time. this proves that i can mass enough troops in time and do not need so many stationary guns. this game really demostrates the power of artillery and its the precise artillery fire of the fire prism that win the game for me...haha my troops r no longer flying around. tanks rdeadly too. predatr killed many troops but i managed to win the day with my many prisms. i spoe to yq abt chaos and after thinking abt it decide not to field the as their artillery is not precise and do little dmg.

Hohoho this is BORN

yes i know.... i should have done this 3 years ago when i was in saf. Yes i know i have wriiten Article One and Two of "VErn's War Diary" and due to military comittments the idea is scrapped. BUT now there is a chance for me to resurrect the idea. HAHAHA. so somemore other people can read and can share ideas. But now de to the lack of perfect knowledge...i have decided to not merely tok abt military stuff...coz i know i will have very little things to write if i limit this to a single field.

well it is very unfortunate that the very first topic is abt BIKINIS. YEs very unfortunate...the political science association is up to its tricks again...once again absolutely nothing abt political science is discussed and those deprived people are toking abt BGR, sex and wearing bikinis to school as usual. I learned that bikinis have become an sop item. well that's wat wanling told me. i was really horrified. not that i m a very conservative person but really many Singaporeans are in rather bad shape although they never notice it. hmm wearing bikinis to show off the fats at ur hips? show people how small ur breasts really are? i know i sound very evil here but this is a extreme case. i spoke to Adeline aka Salsasnow...and i told her wat i feel. she seems rather surprise when i said that being slim isn't the only requisite for having a gd figure. many singaporeans are either too thin or they have muscles that r too developed...thus looking bad in bikinis. OF coz guys will continue to say that they are hot... i wonder if they realise that they will be even hotter if they are naked.....

arrgghh i too must stay in shape. my abs r disappearing again...i must criticise myself before critising other people. THe arms r a lost cause... bad childhood cause this... fortunately my forearm strength is as gd as before. As i said to Bao Kun and Peiyu, "THese arms of mine are used to mo1 metal" Ahhh mechanic days....filles me with nostalgia. anyway my legs r quite ok...the muscles, the sprintign power is there as proven by my deed last fri in running from ginza bus stop to nus in less than 5 min. what i need now is to train up my stamina and my chest.

well there is one thing i need to mention. DOW. yes, i was badly defeated in the battle of the marshes. i underrestimate my opponent and toyed with him by attacking his fortfications with infantry...i thought he has no troops alias i was wrong...i was defeaed and the time i took to rebuilt my forces allow him to build an armored assault team. I played the match a second time this time bothering to shore up my defenses. the enemy were like throwing eggs against the wall no mercy is shown to those who opposes the eldar. however today's events prove that i really sux at open warfare when i m otnumbered. hmmm why do i win my battles at warhammer then? is it because i tend to emphasize a lot of firepower and speed...something that could not be utilised in a rts game. anyway i have decided to experiment again...eldar vs space marines. i would either push up the difficult so he can use his armored assault on me earlier... or i could choose to build minimum fortifications and see if i can beat the hell outta the enemy.

ok that's all...gotta do some readings....