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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Austria Campaign and fun with Dahomey Amazons

In my Austrian Campaign, I make good use of African troops, especially Dahomey Amazons. I used my "African corps" to crush the Spanish (actually Indians and Persians too).

The Spanish attacked me when I just entered southern Spain, the Africans managed to drive the Spainards off

The battle for Madrid, I fought AI's army outside the city itself to avoid a siege.

Spain tried to use the river as a moat but it could not save them. The Spanish were surrounded.

Chasing the Spanish routers. Onward to their Madrid!

Spain Destroyed

Final achievement at 1799 last turn (about 50 years after the fall of Spain, the Africans were crucial in the invasion of India but they are not the only units involved). I also used angmohs and indian troops.