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Friday, April 15, 2011

Slaver's list Army from Animosity Campaigns landed in the Empire

I have gotten hold of Draigo and Fauthsie's slavers list from animosity campaigns months ago. And it was only recently did I manage to find time to put it to the test. Since most of the troops are melee troops, I decide to use the opportunity today to play a WAB battle. For info, the slaver's list is a fanmade list consisting of Dark Elves, Chaos, and Chaos Dwarf + slave troops. I took a hybrid of the dark elf/Chaos dwarf army + some survivors of my previous wab battles (the mercenary units of the Bantu rebellion).

This is actually the second battle. Plot wise the Empire was notified of the Slayers invasion force. An army of Loyalist Dark Elves were sent to beat off the raiders, the loyalist were almost wipe out in a game of WHFB 8th edition (I used that opportunity to try out dark elf magic, verified that metal lore is not worth it and end up using fire lore against Kenneth in the subsequent weeks...). So now with the Empire's druchii interception forces gone, the slavers finally landed in Africa (Victor actually remarked that my world is very confusing. To world is simply the map of all the totalwar series overlapping one another, this is to give me the max number of cities possible w/o resorting to google earth,or designing a map from scratch). Anyway to cut the story short, it is now the Byzantine's turn to drive the raiders back.

I am not doing battle report, just jotting down some notes for memory' sake.

Turn 2 Rebel skirmishers in the forest launch a devastating volley at the byzantine kavallarioi, killing 7!
Turn 2: Foderati Balkan cavalry charge Halflings, stratiot charge chaos dwarf gunners, byzantine infantry charge numidian skirmisher with the kavallarioi. The Byzantine infantry broke the skirmishers pursue and end up in front of the Bantu Knights. The stratioit won combat against the chaos dwarves but the latter held. The foederati won combat by the virtue of their banner and broke and chase the Halflings down. This is a glorious victory for the Empire for one of the regiments that has been such a thorn in its flesh for so long has finally being destroyed.

Rebel turn 3. The duelist shot and destroyed the kavallarioi. The Bantu Knights charge the Byzantine Infantry but suffered from rubber lance syndrome, and the infantry merely lost by one and held. The chaos dwarves lose combat with the stratoit (Thanks to banner again) and were run down.

Turn 3 The Latinkoi charge the skinks who fled and were run down, ending up only inches away from the cold one chariot. In the close combat phase, the infantry lost by 4 but still hold.

Rebel turn 4. The executioners charge the stratiot, won combat and broke them. Similarly, the cold one chariot used its close proximity with the Latinkoi to charge the latter, breaking and running down the knights. The Bantu Knights finally broke the Byzantine infantry and run them down. With this, the Byzantines reached its army break point and fled the battle. The game ends.

Victory points scored by
Byzantines: 401
Slaver’s List: 1058+800 bonus points = 1858


It is a military disaster to the empire. Two consecutive defeats of two of the Empire’s most powerful armies, beaten by an army of raiders with its supplies cut off. Who can the Emperor rely now to defeat the foes?
Some key mistakes
1)Byzantine infantry should not have pursued the defeated numidians as they had less than 5 models left.
2)Seriously need something to get rid of those duelist with pistols…

Friday, April 01, 2011

Stuff done in March

Unfortunately I was very busy this month. I actually did some swooping hawks also but only the dwarf cannon crew were done (and I actually took more than a month with them also).