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Thursday, May 26, 2005

My TombKings have returned home - Update model status

i have changed my plans a bit. The twins effect is scrapped and i m using DE plastic models for the nobles....some sculpting with green suff will be done. i have also saved quite a sum...abt $100 by buying over vic's Dark peg as well as changing the scheme.

currently the painting priorities will be

Executioners command
Dark pegasus
DE Chariot
BG and Nubian spears (GC minis)

Progress has been gd actuayyl i finished the peg then i happi le. with the money saved, I can do a new GC minis.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The long awaited battle.

finally fought with yongchin this time with fully painted models on both sides...ya granted he modify his list a bit to suit that criteria. haha i also help to make his life easier by feeling mainly infantry. I use spearmen, corsairs, witchelves, executioner and crossbow men as detachment. i also have rbts and harpies and darkk riders.

the game is very his first turn i was rather demoralised by his gd rolls. he crush the harpies and D.riders to 2 left each. the high sorc was reduced to one wound and his light horse archers flank charge my spearmen and destroy the unit...its a violent shock.

i counterattack by shooting his horse archers...high sorc managed to save herself and panicked his orc spear horde with soul stealer.YC had placed his goblin heavy cav in front of my witch elves as a bait wfor me to charge...that i did but unfortunately the battle is a draw. YC's big uns with 2 hand weapon then charge me in the flank which destroyed my witch elves. my decimated executioners then did fanatic duty on turn 3 they charge his night goblin block and leaving his great shaman with an wound onli. the fella is later killed when the corsairs moved in and tesela knocked the shaman unconcious with her wand of Kharidon. the corsairs finally broke the night goblins and got into a dangerous position...flank facing the orc spear unit which had rallied...fortunately a dominion every turn save the corsairs and tesela from doom.

wat i cannot achieve in combat i achieve with shooting and magic...the big uns r reduced to half points(always nearly made him take panic test...always kill1 man short). the wolf riders both light and heavy were shot to death. the squig herd was shot by rxb and fled due to panic...some unfortunately incident with YC's squigs made the unit less than 25%...(squig ate ther herders). one point i had to admit is that due to the lack of space to put models...i accidentally cleared some squigs from the gaming table when i shift YC's casualties aside...although we tried to bring the models back to their original position...its not very accurate. fortunately YC's rolls seem to imply that the squig will not affect gameplay much as they die eventually. i must also admit that i always forgot to rally and had to rally a turn late...i have looked forward to this fight for a long time and was so excited that i missed rallying my men.

Overall its a great game and a bloody battle. The final result...DRAW. YC has a lead in points guess he is finally free from his "curse".

Thursday, May 19, 2005


You scored as Romanticist.
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Cultural Creative

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I am bringing my Tomb Kings home

I think my Desert Corps have stayed at kevin's place for too long, its time to go home. i got a bad feeling that something bad is coming and I have overstayed my welcome. I better leave ASAP. The corsairs, some skeleton cavalry and archers will remain to guard my domain.

today mark the end of my losing streak. managed to fight kenf's beastman with my Tombkings and draw. to think abt it...kenf never really snatch a draw from the jaws of is just that i was delaying the inevitable. his minotaurs will hit home despite my withdrawal plus although he choose to deny it...his luck is above average. as seen in the fight against the ushabti. yes the shaggoth appear to roll badly vs the tk but dun forget that 3-2 hits is will not affect the battle. the furies fought well against the light cav and screaming is far that it did not kill the priest. As for the beastherd vs the scorpion, u dun expect to cause any wounds on the tomb scorpion when u r onli S4 or 3. Overall i would think ken's luck is average. my luck is average too. considering the tk, the scorpion king, the priest and the tomb swarm did well. the chariots did average and the heavy horse fought below par. Its not really the heavy horse fault and i have cut down their strength by so much, they need time to get used to it.

with regards to game play..i have some oversight with the carrion...forgot to move them in turn 2. but putting that aside...i think both me and ken did equally well. ken said i took a risk with my chariot but the fact is that i took a calculated risk. his shaggoth would have died anyway in a perfectly average game.i m rather fortunate that his beastherd failed fear test but failing fear is part of the is a matter of being used to it.

all in all...the game could have been great but i think kenf shuld not have felt so irritated and hostile in the mid game. it spoils everything..perhaps its my fault when i mention his shaggoth and chariot too kua chang.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

no victories but lots of painting

Have been losing games. 5 games le but fortunately lots of painting is being.

executioners r being done. corsairs and the monster finished. when i finished paying up all the bills i will buy the chariots. i need money....