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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

who has failed who

Jane said something that make me very unhappy. To make the matter worse, she expect me to act as nothing has happened. You spend more than 6 months to know a person, to understand her and when u find that she is suitable, spend an entire holiday trying to convinve her. When it all failed, she expect u to act as nothing has happened. She is always trying to push me away to other women. "why dun u try going out with other girls and have different experiences." HEY MAN i m not a desperate horny bastard that goes for anything that wear skirts and moves.

its ok if she feels that its not the time for a relationship but at least give me a proper answer and not something as stupid as "i dun think i m mature enough", come on there is a first time for everything...if she tells me she is afraid as its her first time and she needs more time or something lidat i will understand. but to talk abt maturity its absurb.

In addition, she should not expect me to act like a hypocrite as if nothing has happened. I m very very unhappy.

Friday, December 24, 2004

I wrote the following story

Losers have to be penalized. And the penalty is to write a battle report :P. This will teach players from losing. Oh no, yes I forsee that some people will purposely lose from now on. lol. ־ Vern Lim, defeated in the battle of Arnheim


Stockade Unicorn is crucial to the defense of the southwestern part of Arnheim. Situated in a small valley, it serves as a choke point to thwart off any attacks. “Blah…no one will attack Stockade Unicorn… General Kala of the Druchii is busy fighting the Caledorian regiments in the north…there is nothing here.” Aislinn sneered whenever he heard rumors of the stockade being under threat, as far as he is concerned he just has to shoot well for the marksmen practice and after two years…he will be back home in Avelorn. Stockade Unicorn will not be attacked everything will be alright…


Dakrath can’t hide his excitement. Today they will be attacking what is known as Stockade Unicorn. That weak General Kala has been wasting resources in attacking the north defenses of the High Elven colony and has neglected the South. This has not escape the notice of the Darkspear Clan and today they are led by the famous Lady Veronia Darkspear herself. Dakrath looks on with excitement as Veronia Darkspear walked down the Druchii lines encouraging the troops. And yes there was the Morning Glory regiment which consists of the Cold One Knights, the Lady Corps of the Brides of Khaine…and there she comes and standing in front of his regiment. Veronia Darkspear wasn’t talking to Dakrath of course as he is just a slowly musician, she turn her gaze to the seasoned warrior on Dakrath’s left. The person was no other than Yishenwuhui the One-armed. He has seen nearly a hundred battles and have held the regiment’s banner since its founding. Veronia said, ”Yishenwuhui, I will count on you now. You have the most experience here, unit champions come and go but you Yishenwuhui will always be here[1]. Hold the silver helms, guard the left flank” “Yes milady” the veteran answered.

With Yishenwuhui’s assurance, Veronia Darkspear gave the signal to advance. The entire druchii army lumbered forward, straight for Stockade Unicorn.


“I want you all to fire true. Aim for their eyes, especially for the knights.” Aislinn was briefed by his own commander as the archers began to form a battle line. Three sisters, all skillful mages, led them. Today the one in charge will be Lynette the Pure Hearted a creature who is blessed with the great capacity for forgiveness. “What nice golden hair…” Aislinn thought. He was awoken from his daydreaming when knights are sighted on a hill that overlooked the stockade. “FIRE” hundreds of arrows rained on the knights and the archers were relieved when they see some of the dark cavalry fell to their missiles. Rosenett casted a few spells on the Druchii lines, hoping to devastate their forces but her attempts were forcefully dispelled by another sorceress. “The feeling seems familiar,” thought Rosnette. Her curiosity was soon satisfied when a dark Pegasus flew past the Druchii lines…Veronia Darkspear, she who killed her father.


The high elves attempt to block the druchii from advancing by sending the great eagles to the front of the druchii lines in an attempt to cause havoc. It happened that the center of the Druchii forces consisted of Veronia’s allies, the chariot units of Valrath the Victorious. Not wanting to lose the glory to the Darkspear clan, the chariots lumbered forward anyway crushing the eagle and overrunning into the silver helms. The right of the druchii lines were threaten by light cavalry of the Asur. A charge by the crossbowmen only led to the fast cavalry retreating and an impending counterattack by enemy sliver helms. Dakrath felt that their unit is doing well, he can see that the druchii have easily smashed into the center of the Asur lines. To his right he can see that the harpies were being destroyed by shadow warriors but Yishenwuhui said that the battle was still doing well and they will be winning.

Aislinn saw the dreadful sight of the great eagle being crushed under the wheels of the cold one chariot and saw how that lumbering war machine rammed into the noble silver helms unit and eliminate the entire regiment. Sicken by the bloodshed, he knew he had to take out as many foul druchii as possible before the latter’s charges hit home. Aislinn was comforted when he see that almost the entire Cold One knights regiment was destroyed by the combined sorcery and shooting from the Asur’s firebase to the left. To his front are the famed brides of Khaine…beautiful maidens that he would not mind dying to spend the night with. “Cut them down, cut them down” it was Reynett yelling from her chariot, “I will take care of the second chariot all by myself”. With that Reynett casted a spell that changed the cold one chariot’s wheels into lead and preventing it from moving. It was Aislinn’s unit’s duty to take out the witch elves. “FIRE”. Arrows rained down on the witch elves as the latter approach the archer line. No matter how many died, the witch elves still keep coming and the last thing Aislinn saw was a Mabid’s[2] smile when darkness eclipsed his light forever.


Just as the Druchii break into the center of the Asur lines, the former’s right flank was gradually being pushed back by the fearsome charge of the silver helms. Lightly equipped dark riders attempt to harass the Asur in the flanks only to be shot down by the deadly eagle claw bolt throwers. Seeing the break in the Druchii lines, Rosnette, mounted on Aeneas, took this opportunity to fly behind the Druchii lines and rained magical bolts on her hated foes. It seems that the great eagle Tylra was already there combating the Druchii bolt thrower crews. Rosnette was about to come to the great eagle’s aid when she was magically attacked by blasts of cold energy and dark matter. However these harmful energies quickly dissipated when they reached the vicinity of Rosnette herself. Rosnette turned to her right to seek out the source of the hostile magic and saw two of the dark sorceress, Veronia and Lilth Darkspear. It seems that her foes refused to give up and once again the two practitioners of dark magic attempt to rain death bolts on her but years of intensive training on defensive magic has rendered Rosnette relatively unharmed. “Time to counterattacked, FATHER OF THORN” shouted Rosnette and as she murmured the final words, a hail of thorns flew out from the nearby vegetations and rushed towards Veronia Darkspear. The latter tried to defend herself but apparently she was too exhausted by her spell attempts and both rider and mount fell to the hail of thorns. Seeing the fall of her senior, Lilth attempted to cast another spell on Rosnette but due to her haste, she mispronounced the words and suffer a pain in her chest. The dark sorceress tried to fall back into the nearby woods with Rosnette on Aeneas and Tylra in pursuit. Lilth knew she is doomed and with her final strength, she casted chillwind onto Tylra hoping to take the great creature down with her, only to have the spell being countered by Rosnette’s protective magic. However the sorceress has another plan…just before the High Elven mage recovered, Lilth utilize all her energy to create a doombolt and bring it down on Tylra killing the great avian instantly. Utterly exhausted, Lilth collapsed onto the forest floor and was defenseless against Rosnette’s second wave of Father of Thorn.


Dakrath’s world went upside down.

Just when the druchii had almost completed taken the center, reaper bolts took down the chariots at the center and arrows from a second unit of longbow men sent the witch elves to their graves. To make things worse, it was reported that Lady Veronia Darkspear herself was taken out by a sudden burst of thorns. In just a couple of minutes, the druchii forces have collapsed. “We are surrounded, we are doomed” some of the spear troops laments. But Yishenwuhui kept his cool. “There is a silver helm unit in the front, charge it, destroy it and we will break through…Dakrath, come on blow your horn. Give the signal to attack.” CHARGE the last surviving regiment of Druchii crashed into the silver helms who stood bravely to receive the charge. Dakrath was trying to drag one knight off his horse when he noticed a flash of light at his right. To his horror he saw an Asur thrusted the weapon straight into his face only to be blocked off by the shaft of a battle standard. It’s Yishenwuhui. The veteran used the weight of the banner to push the knight off his horse while Darkrath silence his former assailant with a dagger. It was at this point in time that the sounds of horse hooves were heard to the rear of the regiment. Fortunately the discipline of the Darkspear spearmen regiment held and took out three fifth of the rear charging ellyrian reavers. Seeing their comrades being slaughtered despite a rear charge, the silver helms lose heart and fled only to be run down by the Darkspears.


“VICTORY” yelled Rosnette. From her eagle, she could see that the Asur’s shooting and the combined sorcery of her sisters have eliminated the entire druchii force leaving only a single spearmen regiment standing. The regiment had done well though, taking out many reavers and killing many young noble knights. Suddenly there was a command “STOP FIGHTING” Rosnette turn to her right and saw that the command came from her sister Lynette. “Why stop my sister, we could kill them to the very last man and pushed the Druchii out of Arheim and deep into Nagarrroth. This is not the time to stop sister.”

Lynette only turned to her sister slowly and replied, “Many of our race, both Light and Dark have fallen this day my sister. Let not the thirst for vengeance clouds our minds. There is enough killing for the day and its time to show mercy to our foes. Give the call for withdrawal.”

Rosnette grasped in understanding, “Apparently the taste for blood have make me confused, and I nearly fell to the same level as our dark cousins. It is a right move to make you the general. Only you have the wisdom and enlightenment to guide our forces, Lynette the most pure of heart.”


All that is left of the 800 strong Druchii attack force was just a regiment of about a hundred spearmen. Yishenwuhui has managed to led the unit out of the Asur lines, apparently the Asur has decided to be merciful and make no attempts to stop the Druchii from collecting their wounded. Both Veronia and Lilth were laid onto a stretcher each and were slowly carried back to camp. It is fortunate that thorns wound but not kill. The other wounded were piled onto what is left of the cold one chariots and were slowly dragged southwards. Defeat has a high price and all the survivors knew that only contempt and mockery awaits them back in the Druchii encampment.

And so ends the tale between Vern the Vengeful and Fabian the Fabulous
[1] Veronia was commenting abt the fate of warhammer champions of course.
[2] Mabid means Bride of Khaine

Monday, December 13, 2004

Tournament begins

lost one game to Mr Lee and beat Wilfred. the games played are quite unrealistic...nothing with reference with real life. but both games my troops fought well hahahha

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I went out wif th Jane

the cath that i always tok abt, her real name is Jane. went out wif her today and i had my best date of all. its so simple yet i enjoyed myself...even drinking orange juice in the middle of taka is fun.

loss for words

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Wars with Andy [Andyian Wars]

Last night, i fought with two daemonic legion[the teacher], the other a skaven dude, a veterean warhammer player who has gone rusty[its a combine game with ahx and vic also]. wat happen is that while the first andy massacre me, i also manage to take out andy with mainly my strength.

regarding the first andy, daemonic legions r fast...well its expected but i m not used to the fact that there r M5 infantry that causes fear and have 2S4 attacks. I have found my perfect infantry....the Daemonette[Cult of Pleasure appears in my mind]. another factor is the flying daemon princescharacters with terror. wat happened is that i actually tried to form a shield to block off andy's troops but his exalted daemon move behind my lines and terror away my CENTRAL BLOCK. yes the central block which means the chain is broken. to make things worse, a sorceror is taken along with the fleeing dominance in the magic phase thus came to an end. Ahx tok a lot abt the ward save of the daemons. although its true that andy rolled well and that the daemonic save can be irritating at times for the foe...the fact is that it is simply 5+ for troops and 4+ for characters. when fighting daemonic legions, dun keep ur expectations too high...and try to do as muc dmg as possible. a key issue yesterday is the fight between the daemon and my highborn. i have created a default daemon setup myself and i m surprise that actually there is also someone else who though of the same combi as me....alias that together with the highborn not being able to implict enough wounds resulted in the collaspe of my right flank.

i dunno y by the blog has not be publishing all my stuff lately. the part on the second battle disappeared

Thursday, December 02, 2004

When the sky rained fire.

shit man i wrote so many stuff and it got deleted. hohoho too bad.