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Saturday, May 18, 2013

End of the 1st Drakken Campaign

This is Repanse De Lyonese.  It is my great honour to declare the good news to you. Yes! The day has arrived! The enemy has been defeated.  In a brilliant battle involving just tribal desert cavalry and basic spearmen, the Egyptian corps stormed the last mercenary camp and slain its commander, and also razing the command tent and key fortifications while doing it.

Utterly demoralised, the troops of the Dark Elven Pirate Lord Drakken, were fleeing in shiploads north.  Many were captured by our Norse, Polish and Russian fleets wahahaha.  In the end Lord Draken asked for terms to ensure safe passage.  In our usual style of mercy and courtesy we simply asked for the following

1) 2000 gold for safe passage north.

2) All citizens of the Lim Empire serving as mercenaries in Lord Drakken's armies are to be dismissed and be absorbed into the Empire's standing army.  Lord Draken is to pay for all the expenses.  (in the end these cost him 3000 coins.  We did not even kept the troops, most were sent into exile in the ancestral lands)

3) Trade rights into the Pirate Holds.

This will cripple Drakken and enrich us for a while :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The war continues even in Jurong

We are doing it!  We have defeated the human elements of the invaders' army and they are fleeing in large numbers via their ships.  It has been glorious.

The first victory was secured by the Greeks.   Despite not having participate in any battles, they handled their task with professionalism.  A quick striking force of spearmen quickly surround the enemy's mercenary camp and prevent them from receiving reinforcements.  The Greeks even do an Alesia-style siege manuveur to mock their foes.  It was only a matter of time before the enemy camp fell.  Reports came that the foes' centaur reinforcements can only watch from a distance and did not dare to fight.

The 2nd victory only took place a while ago.  Vern had returned to the ancestral homeland to muster some resources and do some administration.  He led an orc force to put down the local undead problem and once that is settled, Vern lead a lightning expedition with the colonists in the ancestral lands back to our new homeland's northern borders.  The elves under his comment quickly make a quick work out of enemy swordsmen and chaos dwarven gunners.  The opposing army's mercenary wizard command was taken out by mana flare abilities by the nightelves hunter hero as well as the faerie dragon.  The enemy did try to put up a guerilla fight but the elves were too quick and swiftly  destroyed all their forces.  With this, the Empire has purge the gap in its defences and the  northern borders are secured again.

Lord Draken has lost control over a large part of his forces and many of his mecernary troops have torn their contracts and either fled north and melted into the countryside.  Only one of his commander manage to maintain control a small army, this was the tasked that our Egyptian army was assigned to.  We expect a great victory from them this time.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Battles throughout the night.

We were on night watch for young Christopher's night feedings and since we have time, we launch a series of night attacks on the pirate invaders.

The first attack was a spearhead launched by the Babylonian army.  Despite their reputation of powerful cavalry with horse arcchers and chariots, I find the army quite weak.  Those devastating mounted units take up too much supplies and could only be used in small numbers as a mobile punch.  The bulk of the army continue to be infantry which is found to be lacking.  Even before the cavalry corps are ready, we were attacked and soundly thrashed by the Norse infantry.  Although it is true that Norse infantry were tough, the odds were not as bad when other armies were being used.  We lost many Babylonian soldiers and had to wage a war of attrition.  Slowly but surely we began to build more fortifications to even the odds (yes, we did not even get to launch our classic early raids on the enemy).  We also manage to build a horse archer-chariot force to help to even the odds but these were too few in number to be decisive.  Priests were sent to convert Norse warriors to our cause, and these converts helped a bit.  The tide only turn when we manage to amass resources to reach the Golden Age and enlist Royal guard.  The Royal Guard prove to be sufficient to stand their ground against the Norse berserkers and axemen of various sorts.  Slowly but surely a force of lancers, chariots, horse archers, infantry and siege engines made their way to the Norse camp.  The enemy were fierce and wipe out my infantry again, but the latter buy me time to send the cavalry and siege engines ahead to attack enemy camp.  We finally prevailed after great losses.  I think we need to train and gear up the Babylonians more next time.

We then launch a second attack on one of the enemy's cities with the objective of assassinating two of their generals.  The city was manned by dark elven and human mercenaries and the mission was undertaken by the Egyptian army on our side.  As mentioned early, the Egyptian elephant corps suffered great losses in the last battle but it turn out that the infantry were enough this time.  They launch a surprise attack by sneaking into the city and razing many towers and buildings.  Although the enemy take out many of our teams, we send even more troops and after a series of attacks, we wore the enemy down and slay their commanders.  We manage to also send a few Elephants to the battle.  There are some casualties but it's acceptable losses.

Our next plan will be to launch another attack to slay another enemy general with Egyptians again.  And finally, we intend to launch a devastating knockout blow with the Greek Army, which has not fought so far.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Turning tide?

"Make way, make way.  I must speak to the commander!"

The warrior yelled and shove off the other soldiers in his path.  Seeing the commander's tent ahead of him, he sped ahead and fell head first into the structure.

"Apologies my Lady, reporting from the front."  The warrior gasped, trying to calm down before delivering the message.

"I am of the Egyptian Corps.  We manage to engage the invader's elite dark elven force and slay one of its generals.  Unfortunately we had some communication problems during the battle, the forces blundered at eighty per cent of our elephant corps were decimated.  We are unable to mount a major offensive as of now."

Commander in Chief Repanse De Lyonese listened and pondered.  She turn and look at the large map of the Northern realms before her.  A pyrrhic victory at Greenland.  Earlier in the day a messenger from the frontier guards reported a major defeat in the Siberian forests, it was to their fortune that the invaders did not follow up their victory by penetrating further south.

 The war is not going well.  Just a week earlier, they had celebrated the destruction of the enemy's main cavalry forces and suddenly they had a series of setbacks.  Repanse is concerned that her elite formations were slowly being destroyed and had to be replaced by less experienced forces.

As the battle of attrition drags on, who will have enough left for the final victory?