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Friday, May 25, 2007


2nd upper hons :).

Yet life is not without disappointment...I got my 1st B for an econs module...damn u Julian Wright. LOL.

Regarding wrk...yeah i can finally wrk with gusto liao. thurs and fri i really have no mood to wrk. but the situation is improving now that my graduation AND my job is assured. main thing now is to make myself busy once again and as I mention many times to refocus my mental energies into my job.

Haha yesterday's meeting is very funny. I came to know 2 senior staff GB and May. gb has come up with many abstract concepts that she wanna implement into the company. May was the ultimate taiji master...using the pretext of examining the concepts at their core, she broke them up so literally that GB was in doubt whether the concepts are still relevent a not. wahaha less work for my department.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

And the blood shall continue to flow...

After spending nearly 1 week to adjust to my working environment, I am ready to wage war once again. The weekend began with me playing the red alert campaign. Unfortunately i grew bored with the aliied campaign and tried the tutorial and guess previous progresses r erased!!!! sianZ 1/2. I did play the soviet campaign and make a little progress b4 the armada of air and tank forces of the 4th (i think) mission put my army dead in its tracks.

Well I decided to take a break and tried Empire Earth 2. its awesome. the tutorial campaign is fun so is the 1st korean campaign mission.. Granted graphics aren't great but empire earth is about sim city anyway. in addition i think the sucky graphics is partly due to my lousy com.

The Lim Emperor has waged WAR!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Some quotes

"Once your exams are over you got more than enough time to play"

A sheer bunch of nonsense.

Once my exams are over, I would have to receive my appointment so that I can finally have enough financial means to pay and fund all those responsiblities that I inherited years ago.

I do not blame you for my situation since its beyond your control but I do appreciate that you pay more attention to your words and think before blabbering nonsense.
"I am married, I gotta support my family"

Yah as if only people who married have families to support. 2 working adults vs 1 working adult, 1 retiree. What about those people who has to support retired parents, education for younger siblings?
"Since your son is working already, get him to buy the condo la"

Yah if I give every cent of mine to fufill the desires of older generations, how will I survive when I get older. How can I get married when every single cent is used to pay for your "vices". Thank God my mum got more common sense.

The last quote is from me,

"I can always be like everyone else, to shirk my responsibilites and to be concern with only my own personal welfare and nothing more. But I am not like them, I appreciate the fact that you have brought me to this world and support me all these years even though life is hard. All these years I have tried my best to fufill your expectations even when often I had to make difficult choices and sacrifice my own happiness. Now, at this point in time, be assured I will still fufill my piety and that I will not abandon you and will be responsible your welfare for the rest of your years."

For those people who refuse to support their parents, know that no one is oblige to look after you, not even your parents so be thankful if they did.