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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year Eve

ok, I am going to do a post that is similar to the "standard" posts other bloggers do. I m gonna tok abt my new yr eve

Its a bad start at first. Vic's fail attempt to organize something led me to organise a buffet dinner at yukiyaki.The food is great and I manage to have some ice cream this time. After we r done, victor and tat came to join us. we went to a coffee bean near the esplanade. AHX and I decide to explore a bit so we went to clarke quay...and ho the prostitutes were even there tonight. naturally we did nt do anything. Tat then said he gtg...well since the weakest member of the party has left...we decide to go DRINKING. but onli me, vic and ahx drank. The rest juz sat there....a small issue came up as the staff pointed out that everyone muz order soomething. We left of coz.

as i dun feel like going home,victor ask me if i wanna join his smu frens. As these frens brought their own frens along...i say y not. and So i get to meet Doreen, ferin and daphne. lol Ferin is a nice lady , doreen and daphne were gorgeous. we went to the esplanade again to c thefireworks and then...back to the same fuck up pub to drink again. after an hour of drinking and chatting, we went home. spending a long time trying to grab a cab.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Adepta Soritas versus Adepta Astartes

There is a doubtful group of space marines under the salamander chapter that does not seem to behave withintheir codex and the laws of the Imperium. Their ways of war showed signs of influence of Xenos and perhaps even that of Chaos. I hereby felt that close investigation must take placre and volunteered myself to this task. Since the Soritas Order under my wing, Order of the Southern Cross had somewhat recovered from their encounter with the Necrons earlier, I would also like to assign the order to accompany me. In addition I would like to request for additional troops under the Order of the Matyred Lady and Veteran Superiors from the Order of the Purifying Flame. With combined detachments from three Orders, I should be able to accomplish my task.

- Inquisitor Vondire

I cannot help but feel excited that I am going to lead the Order of the Southern Cross tomorrow. Although we had participate in missions before, this is the first time a Canoness of the Southern Cross is fully in charged. Although my armor and equipment are not in their best state now, as the most senior Canoness of my Order I will not bring about disgrace by refusing Lord Vondire's assignment. May the Emperor give me strength, Sister Sophia will accompany me while Sister Adeline and Sister Yi will contribute special and heavy weapon teams from their training halls. The Order has recovered and we are ready to serve the Emperor once more.
- Canoness Katerine, Leader of the Order of the Southern Cross.
"Victory, "cried out Sister Sophia as she retraced her eviscerator from the heretical space marine . "We have collected sufficient evidence that this Space Marine Commpany has trafficked in Xenos ideology and had proven unfaithful to thee Emperor by trying to stop the work of the Ordos Hereticus."
"By the order of Inquisitor Lord Vondire, I hereby declare this company as Heretics and are to be wiped out from this universe." Canoness Katerine yapped sharply minutes after Sophia's report. The powers of the Inquisition is great and within minutes after the Marines were excommunicated, Naval Vessels of all sorts were seen dislodging imperial guardsmen and storm troopers from their underbellies and were ready to swarm the Astartes.
Katerine look as the progress of the subsequent battle in triumph. The Marines are a tough enemy and many sisters, including all but two of the other two supporting Orders were killed. The space marine chaplain and captain killed two thirds of a squad all by themselves. The act of killing loyal soldiers of the Imperium with such gusto only strengthened Katerine's resolve against these heretics. However now she can see that progresis being made and Guard artillery and Sorita Exorcists are bombing the enemy to oblivion, for these freaks do not surrender. She can see that squad Sophia has captured a marine. Her Celestians are already gathering the survivors of the Sisters Squads and forming a small force to deal the marines a knockout blow. Katerine smiled, today is a good day.
I lost two games of warhammer against dwarves(with both my armies) but I had my first 40k victory using Sisters of Battle. Vs Space marines somemore...its worth it(smiles)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Talking to Yixian again

It has been a long time since I had a long conversation with Yixian. Online sadly(we were too bz in real life)

My hypothesis is right. Yixian told me that it doesn't snow in Fujian province. (she never c snow b4 and i was trying to explain how its like). Hmm dat makes me very fortunate...for this mean i am one of the first members in my family to see snow for the last 100-150 yrs. Its really a pity as the climate of south China is damn gd...not like the freezing cold of northern europe or the blazing heat of south east asia.

Anyway Yixian quite weak discipline...still cannot kick the habit of zzz late lol.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

No Gd title

yesterday, beat Chris with TK. fear plus curse frm prince did the would be a challenging game but the curse made chris give up.

i m very sick of elves...that wad prevents me frm bring my de bck.i m sick of DE vs DE, DE vs HE match ups. and now as people dun play as much anymore. i m getting sianZ. AOE3 even mre entertaining.

by right i shuld b happy that i have gotten AOE3 but the com is sent for repairs whhich meansmy progresses has to be re-set...haiZ lucky i never play far