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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thou shall not sacrifice one's soldiers needlessly

I have fought 2 games thru out the week. 1 vs tsui (victory), 1 vs ahx(ulric with woodelf) and Draw.

in my game(using darkelves) with Tsui i stay out of trouble and onli charge in when i have overwhelming strength. this together with his anvil blowing up led to a major victroy for me. I think i have accomplished my "Elegant way of war" after all.

i did the same with AHX, using an army based on fast cav, skirmishers(WE r lidat) and some tree spirits. DEspite a small mistake(treekin charge ahx's dogs expect them to flee but ahx did the most illogical thing and hold...sianZ), i was winning the game. until i got impatient(i wanna kill of ahx's knights) and charge his knight unit with my altered in the flank. shit man with only 5 attacks even if i cause a decent no of wounds i will not win combat. i killed many knights but i dun win. sacrifices like this cost me precious VP and in the end i lost quite a few points(plus spellsinger panicked) and the game come to a draw in my favour(but onli thx to banner). i muz resist the tk urge to go for overwhelming kill all the time. i must take out the enemy but onli if it meant not putting my troops to too great a risk. I muz...Controllll.

but anyway, the fast cavalry did well. i began to like cavalry armies again as it rewards planning, patience and manipulation. no we still must have infantry. infantry break the enemy while cavalry finish the foe. the problem with Asrai is that they have no impressive ranked unit which meant that they r dice rolls dependent. one can argue that a careful use of fast cav can do the trick but remember that asrai have negligible armor

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Inquisitor Vondire's Memories

Vondire’s Memories

“Dad, where are we going?” the 9-year old questioned.

“I am showing you your heritage son. I want you to fully appreciate our family’s legacy and duty.”

“Dad, this place is eerie, I am afraid.” The small-built boy remarked as he look around the dark corridors of the palace. The walls were decorated with many paintings of great battles, battles between men and many strange creatures, some that are so gruesome that it shook young Vondire’s spine.

“Learn to control your fear son. Even if you feel fear you must learn not to express it. Remember this for the rest of your life; never reveal your weaknesses to anyone. Alright, now we are approaching a grim place. It may be a little scary but I do not want you to make any sound no matter how afraid you are. Strictly speaking, we are not allowed to be here but just as my father brought me here on my ninth birthday, I will bring you along on yours. When I was here at your age, I did not make any sound”

Vondire groped, “I understand father…I will try.”

The duo stepped turned into an even darker corridor. It was virtually pitch black but there is a shining light at the end of the passage.

The father whispered,” Walk towards the light my son. Do not be afraid and make no sound. I am right behind you. Now, go on.”

Slowly, Vondire prodded forward, each of his steps becoming heavier as he moved. He began to hear strange songs from the tunnel’s end. Vondire then realized later that they were not songs but rather screams. Screams of agony. The young boy stopped in his tracks.

“Fear not, son. Daddy is behind you.” The father encourages.

Slowly but surely young Vondire made his way to the end of the tunnel. In front of him were the most gruesome yet in a way most magnificent sight in front of him.

He was looking at a throne room. Perhaps a room isn’t too appropriate a word as the entire enclosure was the size of an auditorium. Right in the middle sat a frail looking man. He was wriggling as in constant pain. His skull was all wired up with transparent tubes all the way to various capsules at the ceiling. As Vondire looked on, he can project faces inside them. Countless faces of individuals, each of them screaming and they were slowly sucked towards the individual in the center. Vondire simply stood at the edge of the hall, stunned.

Finally, his father spoke, “Now my son. Do you know why I always make you go to church every week yet forbid you to pray inside the house? Look in front of you. You know who is that sickly man sitting over there? He is the Emperor himself. The Emperor is not a deity but just another person like you and me.”

Still overwhelmed by the sight, Vondire slowly parted his lips,” But why do we have to pretend that the Emperor is a god then? Why don’t we let everyone know? Dad, why do you have to read the Imperial Creed every Sunday in the churches if you know who the Emperor is?”

“Good question my son. It’s because it’s our heritage. Do you know how many human beings are there in the universe? Billions of billions! Millions of different customs and beliefs. And yet all these people are united because they all believe in the God Emperor. It is that sickly man out that that unites the entire human race. It is him that prevents the infighting. Yes it’s a lie, and it is the duty of us Witch Hunters to maintain this lie. Tell no one of today my son, for what you have seen is something that almost all members of Ordos Hereticus are unaware of. I want you to remember something that my father has told me. Armies can conquer a hundred cities yet faith alone can pacify a thousand worlds. It’s our duty to preserve this faith and therefore to preserve this lie.

Whenever Vondire send his Sisters of Battles to battle, he remembers his fateful ninth birthday. The truth must be hidden, even if meant sacrificing innocent lives for a false cause. As he sees those brave yet idealistic and misguided Adepta Sororitas board the transport ships, he muttered a prayer to the long forgotten god of his ancestors. He then concluded with his ancestor’s instructions “Armies can conquer a hundred cities yet faith alone can pacify a thousand worlds”.

tournament battle 3 and 4

Game 3 - Tsui has done his own rep. therefore i will juz give the url

Game 4 vs Lizardman(Player: Elmer)

This game is very tense as both of us have to massacre each other in order to win the 3rd place(a minor/major means getting 4th place). My foe(Elmer) use the following list

Nike Old Blood w queztl, sotek, tepok and piranha blade
Saurus BSB(never knew wat funky toys he has)
Lvl2 skink with diadem
Lvl 2 skink with 2 scrolls

2 x 10 skinks
1 x 10 scouting skinks(never ended up scouting)
1 x 12 saurus (queztl) – BSB inside
1 x 10 saurus (queztl)
2 x 3 krox
3 salamanders

Once again the battlefield can be divided into my left, the center and my right

Here, the right is very uneventful. his JsoD, salamanders(with 2 priest) and one unit of skinks and a unit of krox were facing my flimsy 16 man archer line.

The deployment for my center is Chariots(w king + Prince)……Light Cavalry…….. Ushabti. H.Cav (acting as reserves)

His center consist simply of 2 saurus blocks and a skink unit. His right has a krox unit screened by a skink unit facing my chariot The game begin with him starting first. He simply move his army forward. There is no shooting(Tip: no matter wad a lizardman does, if he goes first turn…he can never get in range to shoot except when using chameleons). Identifying the JsoD as a major threat I magic in my ushabti to charge it (he gave it to me as he is confident of winning). Unfortunately for him, he failed fear and flee. I failed charge and stopped in front of his krox. On his turn his krox countercharge charge me while his JsoD rallied. Our two ogre bases exchange blows killing one base each. However being ushabtis I go first the next turn. I defeat the krox but failed to run it down. My ushabtis was then finished up by his JsoD. At this point it’s the third turn at the right flank. (from turn 3 onwards his salamanders and skinks will do nothing other than xchanging fire with my archers while I m busy resurrecting and shooting back lol)

For the left flank, in turn 2,I charge my chariots into his krox…yes I know its insane but read on… Shifting the focus to the center. Nothing happen until turn 2 when my scorpions appear. Both charge the small block. (my scorpions never play any significant role after that) in addition, I detach my tk from his center chariot unit. The prince led the unit to charge the bsb saurus block. The result of this small combat is inconclusive till my turn 3. My tombking then manage to magic charge into the flank of the saurus unit in my left(yup the sucidal crazy charge-I realize that even if my dice screw up scorpion armor will save me). He was very unfortunate, I roll a 3 for my tk’s magic but he rolled double 1. anyway when my tk charge in despite losing 2 chariots, I cause so many wounds that I won and chase down his krox. In my 3rd turn, my tk and wat left of the chariot unit came to help the prince’s unit. I defeated the saurus block and let my prionce chase the unit down while my tk restrain. Why I do so? This is because I realize that the JsoD is winning the battle at the right and its his turn next. If both tk and tp pursue, the jsoD will surely go for the tombking. If I send the prince alone, even if the prince died, I got a chance to use the curse, if worse come to worse, my TK can countercharge. Which is wad happened in his turn 4. The JsoD did charge my prince but unexpectedly…he died of the CURSE. My tk did not even need to countercharge. In the end, I spend my turn 4 wiping up his surviving krox. By turn 5 all my foe had were skinks, and I spent the rest of the time moping up his army. It’s a massacre.

One thing abt tk compared to Druchii(which I used more often) is that is that whenever the enemy flee from a tk charge, he is putting himself under great risk from a magic charge by carrion(thus a free frag). This applies also when the foe fails a fear test. Therefore a tk army is gd at taking advantage of opportunities especially with cav intensive armies like mine.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I just got third place in Singapore's WHFB annual tournament. Its very shocking to some of my foes as I used a cav/chariot TK army. Although such an army is unconventional, it works well as it does not surrender the initiative to the opponent and with careful planning , threat of S7 can be reduced. I massacred against high elves and lizardmen(he had 2 units of krox lol)...destroying the entire army in both games. I had a minor against darkelves and gave a massacre to dwarf(the champion - tsui)

Game 1: Vs Asur He fielded 1 commander w reaver bow on eagle 3 mages, lvl 2, lvl 2, lvl 1 28 spearmen (very well painted to look like Greek phalanx) 10 Archers 8 Silver Helms 5 Reavers 5 Shadow warriors 2 chariots 2 eagles 2 rbt. basically what happen is that he fielded his knights on his left flank, spears and chariots in the middle. Reavers and shadow warriors on his right facing my own archers(aka hierophant bodyguard).my center consist of simply my 2 chariot units with the H.cavalry in the rear as reserves. my light is simply guarded by a token force of light cavalry It all happen in turn 2. on his left the knights charge my light cav and massacre them. He make a mistake of a result the knights never came back to make an impact. on his right, the reavers and shadow warriors combine charge my archers but the reavers failed fear. shadow warriors are destroyed. and on my nxt turn i simply remove those reavers with arrows and MM. the meat of the battle is in the center. on his turn 2, he did not charge me but manuveur in such a way that only one of my chariot units can charge him. then on my turn 2, the scorpions turned up. one charge an rbt(destroy it) , the other charge the archers(roll badly, draw). my tk detached himself from the chariot and tried to magic charge into the archers, i failed. meanwhile the tombprince led a team of chariots and charge into his center. I failed charge.... my chariot unit was stuck in the middle of the battlefield. seeing . this, my 2nd chariot unit try to move forward to threaten his spears.

Turn 3: my foe is confident of breaking my tombprince unit. and he charge a chariot in the front and his spears at my flank. he also send a chariot and 2 eagles to hit my scorpion. (Note: all this while the reaver bow guy is peppering me with arrows and mages r bombarding me.) the scorpion was destroyed and the chariot and eages overrun into the tombking(he was grinning then...i pretend to be sad but i was laughing inside, i had effectively trapped his entire army into my center which i can handle). as for the melee with his spears and 2nd chariot, my chariot unit was destroyed except but my prince survive with 1 wound left. his chariot was destroyed by the tombprince(it lost an wound earlier to shooting, my tp cause 3 wounds) and the battle continues. in my turn 3 my 2nd chariot unit counter charge defeating the spears and running it down. the prince began his slow walk to help his dad. meanwhile for the tk fight. he destroyed my chariot completely and cause one wound on my king. my foe was very happy and felt that the king should die in that turn. but his hopes was dashed when my tk use his spear to kill one eagle and healing back all lost wounds in the process. despite losing combat...i take only 1 wound thx to scorpion armor. turn 4 for him is a mad rush for his silver helms to aid his eagle and chariot. he was abt 5 inches from the combat. on my turn 4 the TP and the h.cav charge in to aid the tk. i won combat and killed both models of his. haha and his silver helms that were 5 inches away saw this panic and flee out of board! for the next few turns, i was simply chasing down the rest of his army(archers, mages, reaver bow guy). on his turn 6, the game ended with my H.cav charging into his onli survivor(reaver bow guy), autobreaking him and running him down.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feb 2006 Tournament Fluff

Part One – The Old Man and the Camel

Karl curse and swear at the surrounding landscape around him. The army he is leading is the most well armed expedition force equipped by the Empire in years, yet for weeks it had neither contacted any enemy nor reached its objective, the Necropolis of Khemri. They have been going around in circles and already there were barely enough rations and water for the trip back into civilised lands. Karl was aware that some soldiers were harbouring thoughts of desertion or worse, mutiny.

“Curse this land, curse this sun, curse these Mummies.”

“Look! There is an Araby camel rider ahead.” Remarked Josef, Karl’s first cousin. Immediately pistoliers were sent forward to fetch the lone traveller. The traveller’s face was covered by a wooden mask but from his posture and withered hands, Karl deduced that the wanderer was an old man.

Karl snorted at the newcomer, “You. Old man. Tell me the directions to the Necropolis of Khemri. Say it now or I will shoot you squarely in the face.”

The old one stared deep into Karl’s face and spoke slowly, “Your nation’s map-making skills are the best in the world. Have you not realise that your failure in seeking the city of the dead kings was not due to you losing directions but rather the dead were eluding you. Listen to me young one; leave this place while you can. There is nothing from the desert other than death and despair.”

Karl snorted again, “Well you are half correct old one, there is always something to be taken from the desert. Men, take his camel and leave the old fool to die in this desert. In this respect you are right old one, there is death but the death will be yours. Hahaha.”

Several spearmen shove the old man off his mount and threw him into the sand. Josef, who felt a little guilty as he’s the one who spotted the man first; tried to intervene but got reprimanded by Karl instead. The empire column continued its march with Josef turning back every few moments to glance at the old man but suddenly the old hermit was gone. Josef was puzzled but he guessed that it must be the sand that was obscuring his sight.

The old man was indeed gone. He was mysteriously picked up by the desert wind and appeared five miles away in front of three other individuals. “Well Imhotep, it seems your plan to avoid bloodshed has failed and I can tell that u lost the camel which we seize in the last battle.” Remarked one of them.

The speaker is only a man in the loose sense of the word. The correct term will be an undead. He was dressed in magnificent golden armour and clutched a spear on his left hand; his right hand was holding something rather inappropriate for this setting, dice.

Imhotep simply smiled, “Well oh Great King Rameses, what is yours is yours and what isn’t yours isn’t. Losing a camel is a small matter but losing Khemri’s treasures will be disastrous.”

“Ha, how can a tiny expedition like that take down the might of Khemri, my Great Great Great…erm whatever Grandpa, Settra will simply crush them like ants. Not to mention the armies of my other kinsmen. But still, I must stop those barbarians before they reach Khemri. I want to seize for myself their arms and armour which fetch a high price in the markets of Araby. But let me finish my game before we attack.

Part Two – Night Attack

In the end it turned out that the attacking force consist of just two individuals on foot. Rameses and the Hierophant Imhotep. Rather that charging into battle like the usual practice of the time, the two, wrapped in heavy cloaks simply walked into the Empire Camp and demanded to see the General(Karl).

“Tell your general that we demanded payment for our camel.” Shouted Rameses to the guards. “I want all your horses, all your armour and all your weapons.”

Dismissing the supposedly old hermit as a lunatic fool, the guards simply laughed, “You can get a better price in the markets of Araby Old fool. Hahaha”

“Are you laughing at me?!!” with that, Rameses grabbed a stone and threw it at the guard who mocked him. The makeshift missile hit its victim at the head and smashed the skull flat, leaving all the surrounding troops in shock.

“What are you standing there for? Call your general or do you want more stones?” Rameses grabbed more rocks and start throwing them at the guards. It turn out that he can aim as well as elves and often his missiles lead to very unsightly deaths for the guards. Finally appreciating the fact that they are being attacked by something out of this world, the guards immediately sounded the alarm. A few hand gunners were already aiming at the Tomb king but strangely whenever the Undead is injured, his wounds tend to patch up instantly. This is the second of Rameses’s creative plan. The Hierophant, Imhotep had long ago take shelter among the rocks and chanting incantations of summoning to heal his King.

The brawl soon lead to the muster of the entire Empire force to the gates, sensing the presence of magicians, Rameses knew that his trick will soon be discovered. Yelling at the top of his voice, Rameses took his favourite weapon and charge into the midst of the enemy. Seeing his King’s reaction, Imhotep immediately summoned the desert wind and teleport himself a mile away to the rear of the Empire encampment. There stood the rest of the Khemri army.

“Alright Prince Seti, the time has come”

The Prince simply nodded and gave the signal to charge forward. Teams of chariots rushed straight into the empire camp, their icons shinning brightly in the night. Spear equipped cavalry guard the chariots’ right flank while light horse archers guard the left. In the rear are the mighty ushabti holding huge ritual blades followed by ranks of bowmen with Imhotep in their midst.

The attack took the living with surprise. Alarms were sounded from all directions and everywhere there was chaos. Tomb Scorpions bursted out from the ground and carrion birds harassed the Empire magicians and gun crews. Josef bravely led a contingent of knights to face the threat of the Khemri chariots led by Prince Seti. However just as he thought the chariots were at his mercy, ushabti’s miraculously appeared at his flank and unhorsing his knights. It turned out that the chariots charged the knights rather than the other way around.

Karl knew that his army was being routed, with a quick presence of mind; he reined his horse to the west gate trying to escape. To his horror, the Tomb King Rameses spotted him and somehow that abomination was catching up on the Empire general despite being on foot. Karl also noticed that this strange Tomb King seems to be very talkative as he seems to cry out in weird languages as he approaches. Finally King Rameses caught up, he punched Karl’s horse with such a force that the beast fell sideways, trapping its rider who leg was stuck underneath.

“Trying to escape young man? Now, let’s discuss our business.” Rameses seems to have a tone of humour in his voice.

Part Three – The Deal.

All the survivors were rounded up. The soldiers were bounded in chains and led away. The empire magicians were buried alive. Karl himself was surprised to find him sitting inside his former tent, with his cousin Josef. They were tied up of course and facing them were Tomb King Rameses, his son Seti, Hierophant Imhotep and another Lich Priest.

Rameses spoke, “Well, well welcome to Khemri. I was overjoyed when I knew of your presence in the desert, for I am interested in your beasts, arms and armour. I suggest a trade.”

Sensing that he will be spared, Karl’s shrewdness took over, “You want to trade? I am most willing to have it. But mind you I wanted to be paid in pure gold.” Perhaps there is much to be gained in this expedition after all.

Rameses laughed, “I guess you have forgotten that you already receive your payment. Didn’t you take a camel from my Hierophant earlier today?”

“What! This is nonsense! A camel for my entire army’s horses, arms and armour. It’s daylight robbery.” Karl yelled.

“You are quite right. It's daylight robbery. You know, I had a short “conversation” with your guards earlier and I decided to pay you more but this will be the final deal.” Rameses seems very serious and sincere.

“Which is…?”

Rameses smiled, “I will give you one more camel. You and your kinsman can use your payment to get you out of the desert and once you reach Araby, you can either sell it or eat it. Quite a good deal isn’t it? Young Man, you should be happy that I did not even punish you for being rude to the elderly…”

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Battle of Ideologies

Yesterday, I had a battle of ideology with Sijin. His Cult vs mine Khainate. Annoited and mass cavalry vs cavalry chariots and flyers. My refuse flank vs his collaspe flank.

before talking abt the battle, i shall explain the collaspe flank. it is similar to the refuse flank but rather than having a sacrificial flank, forces of the Collasped flank will simply pull back and redeploy. This is mainly possible with mass cav armies like Sijin's.

Rather than introducing the units i will simply draw out our deployment. terrain in bracket and CAPS.

.......................furies 2 mages(1 is gen)
MD, Chaos knights shades(for) A.C COK RXB(hill) D.Riders Annoited



DR Spears DR RXB(hill) RBT CoC CoC ...harpies .................CoK

Lilth join spears, tesela join rxb. noticing that there is simply a narrow path between the rght forest and rocks, i reasoned that putting knights there can stop all opposition...that and my flying peg can allow me to secure my victory flank. Sijin's purposely put his dark riders at my right...apparently that is his collaspe flank and in a way i was tricked as i expect some hard fighting to be done there. but in the end it turned out that controlling the right gave me great advantages.another of sijin's choice is that where the annoited will be. he was originally thinking of putting in the junction btw his coks and chaos knights to form a link between his center and right. but if i rem correctly sijin decided to use that winning piece to break/hinder my victory flank. he feels that its a mistake after the game.

not going into details. i simply had to say that sijin defeated my left thru combat and seriously damaged my cok in the right. but as my cok is dmged, my unit is small enuff to wiggle thru his blockage(annoited btw rocks and trees). wat is left of my right plus my center break his center and then try to turn back to hit his right. mean while my right darkriders hit the shades and overun to his gen and killed him. This is sijin's most fatal misake in the game, one dat is made in deployment and turn one. Note that despite this mistake sijin's slannesh magic can still win(which he did ...until i do a on...) my plan with the annoited is to buy time and simply shoot and MM him. i manage to kill his horse thru it. the aspiring champ is later killed by knights ..part of the chaotic melee in sijin's center between our 2 opposing cav. my onli mistake i feel is charging my left dark riders into the Md to weaken them...such a sacrifice is wasteful.The game conclude with a mass melee between our surviving troops near my hill and a desperate charge of both my pegasus onto the anooited near the forest. the troops fighting isn't significant, it is the battle of the characters that determines the outcome.

anyway before discussing the duel. lets talk abt magic.Sijin outmagic me thru out the game. but he do not knowhow to maximise its advantages. my magic is more direct...simply guerilla style fighting that finally take out some chaos knights with drain life. Magic is an art which demands nearly as much thinking as movement.

ok now the duel. although it looks risky, i charge in to ensure a win. i know heartstone shuld save me frm total defeat, in addition i send both pegs in to ensure outnumbering. even if he killed 1 horse i still got +1 combat res. ok on the duel one killed off each other. we deal 2 wounds to each other each BUT i have saves and sijin has none. my blood armor save 1 wound while my heartstone save the other. sijin's has chaos armor and daemonic ward...both nullified by crimson death/ He lost by 3 and rolled a 7. chased down by both horses.

i tot i won but after calculating points...its a draw to my favor.