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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Darkspears are BACK, Great Victory with lizzies

The Darkspears won a game against Elmer's Ard BoyZ. Haha that will instill more discipline into the ranks. My luck was gd in the area where it matters...cause quite a few wounds on his wyvern but noot much on his orcs. when my cold one knights charge into his regiments they just fled from fear, I charged thrice and thrice the foe flee. In my last turn, thr Cok run down a unit of Black ORcs with choppa with flank exposed to Ruglud's Armored orcs...fortunately despite a flank charge and losing 2 knights to Ruglud himself, my Cold Ones held their ground.
I do not really know if magic do much this game. I dd not kill a lot of stuff but i suppose i did a lot of damage by taking away models here and there using Drain life and Soulstealer. These spells took out rank bonuses away which causes combats to be in slightly in my favour. lol both wyvern and chariots were destroyed by mass rxb fire...yes i tried many times. My Blackguard nearly died. I nearly declare a charge on the big uns with spears but i got a bad feeling and decide not to. Apparently they had the banner of butchery which killed many spearmen when the Orcs charge in. Its not a bad day like the battle report lol.

I had another game with Kenf's VC. I tried doing a fun list 3 units of saurus 1 core, 1 special and 1 rare. They rock by forming a solid line of doom lol. hey man no salamanders today. ok kenf's lucky was bad by turn 3 onwards which helped me quite a lot. once again the nike saurus go and take out all the support units while sauruses hold the line waiting for a countercharge from their lord. Kenf did some mistakes with his infantry though which cost him the game. He did not try to save his skeletons (by resurrection)when my krox killed 16. If he did, he could tie me up indefinitely which means the krox would not be able to kill the grave guard later and finally the Vampire count himself. To be fair, Kenneth is tired hahaha. basically i feel that kenf erred by failing to cont'd to keep up the pressure on my right flank after his dismay rolling on the left.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Whn I took command of Brets....

I met the Lady one day after I took command of the army.
Her first words were to reprimand me for my poor command of English.
She had cold hard eyes and short raven black hair.
Her tongue were sharp and drew blood with every stroke.
My heart smiled at her fiery spirit.

After I had my first battle she was there again.
With the usual thrashing and abuse.
Then she told me where she's from, what she did and what she wanna be.
And my respect for her grew
Well I was cocky for a while
and did my usual trick

and she said, "keep these cheeseiness to urself."
I can't help but laugh at the irony of it all.
I ask her for her number
she ask me to try harder
I guess I just have to know her deeper.