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Friday, September 30, 2005

This blog has screwed up enuff

I orginally wanna write abt precision warfare, USA airforce general in Zero Hr as well as USA's ideal in future warfare. But this stupid webbie has screwed up for 3 days and nw i dunno 4get wad to write

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Veronia and Company had a great victory against Tsui's Necromancers

In my attempt to practise my tactics, i challenge Tsui into a game. I had no cold one troops but I take in a unit of BG. As an insurance I also used Veronia, Lilth and Tesela.

Tsui used the following 1 x Many Zombies
2 x 12 Skeletons(He will lose to victor in an evening game becoz of this setup)
2 x 5 B. Knights without Barding
2x 6 Ghouls
1 x 3 Bat Swarms
2 x 5 wolves
some fell bats
1 bbanshee who got chillwinded as usual
1 wolf thrall with wolves,
3 Necros in zombie block(i win becoz of this)

basically i won due to being successful in risk management. although my shooting is horrible, magic missles and some rbt shots manage to cut tsui's knights down in size. A series of battles with woodelves have taught me the way to destroy skirmishers, aligning my arc so that i will get out of trouble when the combat is over. My darkriders did very well. Cutting down his WS3 S3 T3 wolves and bats. his only unit of surviving knights went in a roundabout motion trying to chaase after my rxbmen who always flee and buy time for my rbts. in the final charge 3 knights final went in but he miss all his knights attacks and i pass both my saves against his horses...6's yes...light armor is enuff. anyway the main winning stroke is Spearmen who charge and trapped the swarms and weaken them(although my spearmenwere caught due to a fail panic test vs zombies, i seriously weaken his swarms so i can finish them with chillwind), their troubles gone, the blackguard charge into the skeleton infantry, slowly but surely despite losin g so often my black guard cut his units into size. the zombies were now exposed, especially when tsui sent all his surviving troops into the blackguard combat(in the end i onli lose 5 Blackguard). by turn 4 tsui is doom, with no scrolls left...his zombie block is vulnerable to soul stealer and dominion which i used to shut off his magic phase.

A sidenote...tesela has 4 wounds due to soul stealer, tsui's wounded wlf thrall charge tesela who slayed him. HAHa 1+ amor no use.

The Druchii Army had 20 darkriders flee off table, 60 Dr.riders, 60 harpies, 200 spearmen, 100 executioners and 50 blackguard killed. i had 1437 points left

Its a major victory and indeed a glorious day had not a calamity befall that night. Tsui, hungry for blood, fought victor. Victor nearly emerge victorious, his dragon and chariot punch thru tsui's skellie bodyguard and rammed into the zombie block. Tsui's general was in contact with vic's dragon but in tsui's turn he move that fella out of contact(frontage is big enuff to do tis stunt). This is ILLEGAL. upon seeing it i question tsui who said that he can do it...although others tell me to give him the benefit of the doubt, sumthing tells me that he is aware that he is wrong. in the end, victor got defeated, dragon fleeing rider killed and all. i am very disappointed with Tsui's conduct and i m tihnking that perhaps i shld boycott him also. He has been a great help all this while but i suppose this is going to be the last straw...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

cool black templar teaser

votre honneur est votre vie, que nul ne puisse le contester
la volunte de l'emperor est votre torche, avec elle vous ferez reculer l'ombre
la ou régne l'ignorance j'apporterai le lumiere
la ou régne doute j'apporterai la foi
la ou régne le honte j'apporterai l'expiation
la ou régne le colere, je lui montrerai le chemin
la voix de mon ame sera comme mon bolter sur le champ de bataille
Mort guerre et sang, servez l'emperor dans le vengence

You honor is your life, nothing can contest that
The Emperor's will is your torch, with it you will push back the shadows.
Where ignorance reigns, I will bring light
Where doubt reigns, I will bring faith.
Where shame reigns, I will bring redemption
Where anger reigns, I will show the path.
The voice of my soul will be like my bolter on the field of battle.
Death, war and blood, serve the emperor in vengence.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

3rd Victory against Tsui

Tk resilence held up against the woodelves one more time and won the game. the chariots survive till the end despite being charge by wild riders and wardancers, the charioteers fought well and manage to take many of their foes out. 2 units of chariots is superb, although only one is needed to do the task the presence of a "reserve" really meant a lot. Chariots under the kings and princes can dish out loads of hurt. Today, the Light Cav did exceptionaly well and defeat the waywatchers.

I am very happy with my list and i have decided to do up the chariots quickly.
now the problem is my black guard and witchhunters will be held up

Friday, September 09, 2005

Care and Share/Standing in Society

After reading Julia Wood's readings, I decide to try to social experiment she mentioned. I decide to evaluate my emotions, make out their components and tell my frens how i feel abt them
First person i sms is Xuemei. I have identify that i do not hate her but merely the way she make use of her frens. I spelled out clearly on how she ignore us and onli come to us when she is in trouble.
Then I saw Adel online. I decide not to lie and tell her how i feel. I did lots of sharing and i felt rather comfortable.
Next I saw Yixian, there was nothing much to share but i comment on her new look and my views on it.
Its an enriching experience.
I am a petite bourgeois.
My late father is a business man that barely make keeps his business alive, my mum is a petty clerk.
I had no toys, no treats and had to rely on the charity of others as a kid. But because of this I am very proud of myself.
I took the world with my bare hands all bloody and raw.
I am where I am because I work for it.
And I will continue to do so till the ends of my days.
today my newfound fren jenny showed me the blogs of wan-er and another lady. Apparently they were of high social standing. wan er's fren even knew the indonesian president. Oh so these r the so called "Aristocrats" haha the nobility of today.
Using them as a gauge, i realise that i am not in the upper or middle middle class as i thought. I was frm the middle middle, dropped to the lower middle but ever since bro got his job and got married, re-elevated to middle middle again. I used to be very proud coz i lived in a 5 room flat(despite barely rich enuff to pay for my meals in pri sch) but i realise that my clan do not own a single piece of land. We go out as a clan and had our reunion at Hai tian lou at pan pacific every Chinese New Yr. But dudes like Wan-er had these functions almost every weekend and at better restaurants. Her 21st Birthday is spent in fullerton...hmmm young adults spending Bdae's at fullerton. Now to think of it, the entire clan, my family and frens were all awed when Bro had his wedding held at Fullerton. and Bro got to wrk freaking4-5 yrs to finally got a wedding considered that he proposed damn long ago. wow this kid can have it so easily...yes its not as large scale as a wedding but its still fullerton. Where did i go...I spend a quiet day in prayer and treat myself to a simple movie that's all.
And I dun even know if Mum could ever have a birthday in fullerton. Her 60th birthday is two yr's time. By the time I would have graduated perhaps I can do something grand for her together with Bro.
I die die muz make it to the government agencies/owned companies.
Perhaps one day, like Napolean, Hitler(sadly), Lenin, and Stalin all sons of petite bourgeois
I would rise up in my country's social ladder
and have my name written down in the annals.
There is a battle with Derfel tomorrow...let's keep our blades sharp

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My List of Unpainted Stuff

Dark Elves

A dark pegaus with mabbe a noble. [spare model, not doing it]
Cauldron of Blood

Settra [fun model, not doing at the moment]
Limited Edition Standard Bearer
Mounted BSB/Priest (Dunno need a not)
Skeletons(will be sold)
Spare carrion and tomb swarm(supposed to be sold)

Witch Hunters
Sisters with special weapons
Acro Flagellants
Penitent Engine

Strictly speaking there is not a lot and they all can be sold away.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Tournament of Mixed Feelings

"Rain, mud, and more rain. It seems that that the whole world only consists of rain and mud. They have been in the Old World for six months. After her ambitious raid on Athel Loren ended up as a fruitless siege, Lady Veronia Darkspear led the remnants of her army back towards the shores of the Borderlands. There await the mighty Druchii Black Arks, clean clothes, new equipment and most importantly the way home.

“Ahhh, home.” Veronia smiled at the thought of that. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by the sound of running hoofs; it’s the dark riders from the foraging party.

“Milady, we have discovered that we are being tailed. By what we are not sure however we have noticed prying eyes spying on us from the forest.”

“At best it’s just a small scouting party, at worst it’s an army’s vanguard. Riders formed a search party. Executioners form up and accompany them. Knights, get ready your gear and protect me. I had enough of chasing shadows from the forest, I want the heads of the spies.” Veronia snarled. With minutes, the tiny search party form up and ventured into the nearby forest when spies were being seen. In addition, Veronia took up a small crystal ball and scry with it so that she can see what her troops see.

Well they were being spied on alright but not the spie were not in condition she expect, they were already dead. They were Asrai but all of them have been killed by crude slashing weapons. These only meant one thing, there were other factions involved. Suddenly all hell broke loose. There were sounds of fighting as well of cries of pain. Through her scouts, Veronia can hear the sound of harsh warcries as well as that of arrows being fired.

“Pull back! Pull back!” ordered Veronia telepathly to the scouting party’s leader. “Rejoin the rest of the army.” Upon finishing, Veronia motioned to her Dark Pegasus to take flight soaring high above her legions.

“Warriors of the Darkspears, our hatred foes the Asrai, were busy fighting unknown forces within the forest. Now is the time for us, the true successors of Aenarion to crush these upstarts. We will conquer all who stood before us and show the power of the Druchii, we will show them the might of the true Elves, for we are the most civilized race of all and we know more ways to kill than any other.”

With that the crossbowmen fixed their quarrels and spearmen burnished their spears. Harpies led by a manticore joined their general in the sky. The knights and charioteers drove the cold ones forward. And finally the reaper crew assembled their machines. Then came the sounding of the horns of war and the entire Druchii force turned as one. To war."

The Darkspear clan bravely march into war and fought 4 armies, John's Knights of the Holy musketball, Heng Tree Spirits intensive army, Derfel's balanced army and Nick's Empire blue balanced force. I lost the two games with Empire and won both games with elves. By right I shuld be happy as it showed that I have a certain degree of standard but alias it was't so. Mainly becoz i realised that I need to go a lot way in terms of tactics. Andrew Yap led his druchii and fought to a 2nd or 3rd. He has abt the same similar troop choices as me and vic. yet he can go so far. After my game with nick i also realise that i wasn't gd against him too. Although its true that i can give him a hard time, I realise that i cannot spot the game winning moments. Nick said that there is this time where i can break his infantry block. i remember the moment and although its true that the main thing that prevent me from charging was the prospect of facing the Gryphon banner, the inability to spot this also tells me that i still lack the skill involve. although now to think of it...its the knights that saved Veronia Darkspear. well we will never know...

Anyway i am hapy that Veronia Darkspear fought well and survive all 4 games. even when she can't make use of her magic...she is still gd enuff to fight. lol, in addition to magic, these r the stuff she did. Game 1 beat off pistoliers and run them down, Game 2...nothing but march block the treeman Game 3 chased down troops terrored off by manticore Game 4: Destroy warmachine and soaked up enemy fire and charges. Veronia is really a warrior magician although it isn't obvious.


De Dragon since Blackguards not here yet
Black guard
Acro Flaggelents
Penitent Engine

meanwhile test Tombkings/make new army list to fight PI.

Spend more time with Shermey :P