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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Veronia and Company had a great victory against Tsui's Necromancers

In my attempt to practise my tactics, i challenge Tsui into a game. I had no cold one troops but I take in a unit of BG. As an insurance I also used Veronia, Lilth and Tesela.

Tsui used the following 1 x Many Zombies
2 x 12 Skeletons(He will lose to victor in an evening game becoz of this setup)
2 x 5 B. Knights without Barding
2x 6 Ghouls
1 x 3 Bat Swarms
2 x 5 wolves
some fell bats
1 bbanshee who got chillwinded as usual
1 wolf thrall with wolves,
3 Necros in zombie block(i win becoz of this)

basically i won due to being successful in risk management. although my shooting is horrible, magic missles and some rbt shots manage to cut tsui's knights down in size. A series of battles with woodelves have taught me the way to destroy skirmishers, aligning my arc so that i will get out of trouble when the combat is over. My darkriders did very well. Cutting down his WS3 S3 T3 wolves and bats. his only unit of surviving knights went in a roundabout motion trying to chaase after my rxbmen who always flee and buy time for my rbts. in the final charge 3 knights final went in but he miss all his knights attacks and i pass both my saves against his horses...6's yes...light armor is enuff. anyway the main winning stroke is Spearmen who charge and trapped the swarms and weaken them(although my spearmenwere caught due to a fail panic test vs zombies, i seriously weaken his swarms so i can finish them with chillwind), their troubles gone, the blackguard charge into the skeleton infantry, slowly but surely despite losin g so often my black guard cut his units into size. the zombies were now exposed, especially when tsui sent all his surviving troops into the blackguard combat(in the end i onli lose 5 Blackguard). by turn 4 tsui is doom, with no scrolls left...his zombie block is vulnerable to soul stealer and dominion which i used to shut off his magic phase.

A sidenote...tesela has 4 wounds due to soul stealer, tsui's wounded wlf thrall charge tesela who slayed him. HAHa 1+ amor no use.

The Druchii Army had 20 darkriders flee off table, 60 Dr.riders, 60 harpies, 200 spearmen, 100 executioners and 50 blackguard killed. i had 1437 points left

Its a major victory and indeed a glorious day had not a calamity befall that night. Tsui, hungry for blood, fought victor. Victor nearly emerge victorious, his dragon and chariot punch thru tsui's skellie bodyguard and rammed into the zombie block. Tsui's general was in contact with vic's dragon but in tsui's turn he move that fella out of contact(frontage is big enuff to do tis stunt). This is ILLEGAL. upon seeing it i question tsui who said that he can do it...although others tell me to give him the benefit of the doubt, sumthing tells me that he is aware that he is wrong. in the end, victor got defeated, dragon fleeing rider killed and all. i am very disappointed with Tsui's conduct and i m tihnking that perhaps i shld boycott him also. He has been a great help all this while but i suppose this is going to be the last straw...


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