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Friday, September 09, 2005

Care and Share/Standing in Society

After reading Julia Wood's readings, I decide to try to social experiment she mentioned. I decide to evaluate my emotions, make out their components and tell my frens how i feel abt them
First person i sms is Xuemei. I have identify that i do not hate her but merely the way she make use of her frens. I spelled out clearly on how she ignore us and onli come to us when she is in trouble.
Then I saw Adel online. I decide not to lie and tell her how i feel. I did lots of sharing and i felt rather comfortable.
Next I saw Yixian, there was nothing much to share but i comment on her new look and my views on it.
Its an enriching experience.
I am a petite bourgeois.
My late father is a business man that barely make keeps his business alive, my mum is a petty clerk.
I had no toys, no treats and had to rely on the charity of others as a kid. But because of this I am very proud of myself.
I took the world with my bare hands all bloody and raw.
I am where I am because I work for it.
And I will continue to do so till the ends of my days.
today my newfound fren jenny showed me the blogs of wan-er and another lady. Apparently they were of high social standing. wan er's fren even knew the indonesian president. Oh so these r the so called "Aristocrats" haha the nobility of today.
Using them as a gauge, i realise that i am not in the upper or middle middle class as i thought. I was frm the middle middle, dropped to the lower middle but ever since bro got his job and got married, re-elevated to middle middle again. I used to be very proud coz i lived in a 5 room flat(despite barely rich enuff to pay for my meals in pri sch) but i realise that my clan do not own a single piece of land. We go out as a clan and had our reunion at Hai tian lou at pan pacific every Chinese New Yr. But dudes like Wan-er had these functions almost every weekend and at better restaurants. Her 21st Birthday is spent in fullerton...hmmm young adults spending Bdae's at fullerton. Now to think of it, the entire clan, my family and frens were all awed when Bro had his wedding held at Fullerton. and Bro got to wrk freaking4-5 yrs to finally got a wedding considered that he proposed damn long ago. wow this kid can have it so easily...yes its not as large scale as a wedding but its still fullerton. Where did i go...I spend a quiet day in prayer and treat myself to a simple movie that's all.
And I dun even know if Mum could ever have a birthday in fullerton. Her 60th birthday is two yr's time. By the time I would have graduated perhaps I can do something grand for her together with Bro.
I die die muz make it to the government agencies/owned companies.
Perhaps one day, like Napolean, Hitler(sadly), Lenin, and Stalin all sons of petite bourgeois
I would rise up in my country's social ladder
and have my name written down in the annals.
There is a battle with Derfel tomorrow...let's keep our blades sharp


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