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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hobby Direction Update

Let me give my friends just an update of my hobby so far.

Currently this are the status of my armies

Dark Elves - Done, collected in depth but still got 1k unpainted
Tomb Kings - Done with one or two units for redundancy (will talk abt it later)
Dwarves - Undone, once done it will achieve TK status

Witch Hunters - 2k force done. No more updates as I got no idea what direction that army is going
Eldar - Surprisingly it is done with a fair bit of redundancy. Once the hawks are completed, the army will stand at 2600-2700 points completed with abt 300 points of minis unpainted. It is actually bigger than Soo's painted collection if I am not mistaken. Nevertheless, I am very undecided on how I should go about with the remaining units and thus I decide to wait for the nxt codex before returning to them

Byzantines - Undone. Now standing at 1.2k but still illegal ruleswise (unless I use the Norman Knights are Crusader allies instead of Latinkoi).

After looking at the long list of armies long, and also a significant list of unpainted stuff I have decided to make several hard decisions. I will as quickly as possible finished the hawks and also the dwarves (at this point only 6 models are left). After which I will (finally) pay some attention to the dark elves as they are long time overdued and also I will return to my Byzantines. The Byzantine army is the one i most desire to work on at the moment but I know that I must be responsible and thus have held them back all this while. I have also made a decision on the tombkings. Despite having a new armybook coming out, I am not going to pay attention to them because as of now, having 3 armies for fantasy is unsustainable. So the tombking will still for the moment serve under "proxy duties" as WAB models (they are a great as proxies mind you, many a time the cavalry get 2+ saves and thundered through the byzantine lines).

I am writing all these down as a reminder. I know I had made some big plans weeks before but given my growing list of family commitments, I must be practical (and I say) responsible about how I spend my time and money.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Battle at Helsreach (Battle 1)

Pre Battle Reporting.

Author: Inqusitor Vondire

To my commanders of the Order of the Matyred Lady,

Today the Order of the Matyred Lady stand firm against the onslaught of the vile Orks, half sentient brutes who are a threat to the world of Armageddon.

Our army will lay a trap for them. We will give ground as the Orks advance and then sweep them from the flanks. Squad Adeline, Squad Yi and Squad Sophia will be in charge of holding the thin red line with two Exorcist launchers attached to them for anti tank duties while Canoness Katherine will lead a strike force to hit at the flank.

I personally will join the firebase once I secured the assistance of the Office of Assassin as I believe that the sisters need my inspiring presence of hold their ground.

Good luck ladies and death to the Alien.

Signing off

Inquisitor Vondire.

Post Battle Reporting

Author: Inquisitor Vondire

You have failed the Emperor my warriors.

I hereby ordered the Mechanicus team in charge of the maintenance of the Exorcist launchers to be executed, for their negligence had led to unsatisfactory performance of these relic weapon systems. As a result, the infantry had to bear the brunt of the fighting.

And WHO is in charge of the body armor of my troops. The equipment had proven to be of inferior quality, Priestess Bertha was downed by a single volley of Ork fire and many sisters also suffered likewise. THIS IS REDICULOUS!!! I WANT THE PERSONNEL INVOLVED TO BE EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY.

I am also very disappointed by the troops themselves. It was fortunate that not many were left or they will taste a shot from my plasma pistol. For your information, I have executed the Exorcist driver the moment we reached camp, for her incompetence in taking out the Orkish battle wagon.

I would have had you executed too Katherine, had you not held an entire Ork Mob by yourself and nearly destroyed it. I consider that you have made amends but I expect better performance from your troops next time.

Vondire signing off.